Laver Cup 2017: Rafael Nadal loses to John Isner, Fedal could play doubles tonight in shock match

The Laver Cup will go down to the final match after John Isner beat Rafael Nadal for the first time in his career, 7-5, 7-6 (1). Isner’s win made the overall score 12-9 to Europe with just one rubber (Roger Federer v Nick Kyrgios) to play.

Team Europe can lift the trophy if Roger beats Kyrgios, but if it doesn’t happen then we might see Fedal playing doubles together again in Prague to decide the winner of the Laver Cup.


  1. I want to see Rafa win every match he plays. 🙂 But John played out of his mind yesterday! It’s also fitting that Roger got to fight really hard to win for Europe, as he was part of the brain trust behind the tournament.

    I watched almost all the matches. Other than the two singles matches by Sam Querrey, all the other match were well contested, high level and high intensity! The doubles team of Rafa/Roger lived up to the incredible expectation. Love the camaraderie/friendship between the two greatest ever!

  2. Rafa as always did his best under the circumstances of being tired with a big big server.

    All the best for safe trips back to their countries and homes,

    love and prayers,

    Alaine XXSydneyXXAustraliaXX

  3. Well done to Roger and certainly to team Europe, what a magnificent tournament we have witnessed over the past three days. The players from both teams should be very proud of themselves, and the comradery between them was a joy to watch. Nick played great and to see him in tears at the end shows me how much he loves the game , even if sometimes he doesn’t show it, saying that he certainly thrives more in a team environment than on his own.
    Let’s hope the Laver Cup will become a yearly event.
    WELL DONE BOYS you are all inspirations

      • The plan is for LC to be annually except in Olympic years. They already announced Chicago for next year. 2019 it returns to Europe. Maybe Australia in 2021.

      • Hi Maria. Yes its on every year now except in an olympic year. In chicago in 2018 so team world can host – very similar dates too. The Chicago mayor sent a video message – did you get to see that? Had a brilliant time and celebrated tonight. Flying back from prague on thurs and we’ll have to get ready for the next one.

      • Hi Susie , you certainly witnessed something very special over the last three days, Mark Petchey couldn’t praise it enough and said it was the best atmosphere he had ever encountered at an event. The tennis was great and I enjoyed watching the players interaction with each other, and the friendship between Rafa and Roger was clear to see , so happy that you were part of it. I didn’t see the video message from the Mayor but I can’t wait for this tournament to come around again and would love to see Rafa and Andy play doubles together next time . Enjoy your last few days in Prague and then get yourself back to Raffy 🐈 he’s waiting for your cuddles

  4. I feel too much heavy duty being called upon Rafa; I mean he had to play on three consecutive days and had to play twice in day 2. He would be physically drained esp after that singles match vs Sock. Rafa wasn’t hitting his FH as well and as hard during his match vs Isner, a little bit drained physically?

    To me a wiser choice is to let Rafa play in the doubles with Thiem (or Verdasco if he’s allowed to play); and has Cilic to play against Isner, as Cilic is also a big server. I do believe Rafa has better chances in a doubles than Cilic or Berdych, and doubles may be less physically demanding.

    I feel it’s a poor selection done by the captain Borg. Borg doesn’t look too invested in all these matches, unlike John Mac; perhaps his team is much more experienced and accomplished that there’s no need for further input from Borg?

    • Hi luckystar. Borg has always been known as the iceman and is the complete opposite of jonny mac. He has done alright and if rafa didnt want to play some matches, borg gave all his team a voice. Everyone involved was invested and it was a great tournament.

  5. Rafa has been the workhorse for Europe. I have never seen Isner play better, and Rafa was a bit tired. I have loved every minute of the LC.

  6. I don’t know what is the problem with the Blue Team. Rafa lost and Roger is struggling with Nick. I think all the tennis players are so tired. Let them rest too.
    Vamos blue team. A ganar

  7. Rafa, you were superb!👍😘
    Isner served very good! But you did a good job!☝️
    Vamos Europe! Win the Laver cup!👍🏆

  8. Rafa que te paso. Tu eres un gran jugador y perdiste contra uno de menor categoria. Se tienen que poner las pilas porque van a perder la copa. Tengo miedo ahora de Federer contra Nick. Yo quiero que Rafa y Federer y su equipo ganen. Me imagino estan super cansandos. Ya descansen un poco y lo major para mis dos favoritos.

  9. I’m hoping now that nick Kyrgios wins the match because then Rafa won’t feel so bad and we also get to see Fedal play again and that can’t be bad

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