VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Kevin Anderson highlights – US Open 2017 final

Rafael Nadal beats Kevin Anderson in straight sets to win his third US Open title.



  1. Rafa Roars! My favourite sportsperson of all time. I love to watch you. Alarm set for 3am (New Zealand) time. You were stunning today and in the Semi final. As good as 2013. I am travelling to see you in Brisbane on my own. I don’t care#bucketlist watch Rafa in person. So appreciate your brilliance.


  2. Vaya con Dios, Rafa in all your undertakings. You give so much joy to your millions of fans like me and my family. Congrats to your 16th (and more in the future) great accomplishments.


  3. Congratulations Rafa you deserve all the accolades I can give so proud of you we watch all your games from New Zealand which means getting up about 3/30 in the morning but enjoy watching you


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