US Open R1: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Dusan Lajovic in New York?

On Tuesday, Rafael Nadal will begin his US Open campaign against world No.84 Dusan Lajovic.

This is their second meeting on the tour. The 27-year-old Serb was well-beaten by our champ three years ago at the French Open, 6-1, 6-2, 6-1.

Date: 29 August 2017

Match time: Rafa is third on Ashe. Around 3 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 8 PM BST – United Kingdom / 9 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Wednesday 5 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website

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Rafa’s two US Open titles came in 2010 and 2013, but his best result since them has been last season’s fourth round loss to Lucas Pouille. He is still without a hard court title since Doha 2014.



  1. At last, an interviewer decided to ask Rafa a question about something other than tennis.

    Before Rafa’s match today, Lara Robello of InStyle, caught up with Rafa to talk about his shorts. She noted that Rafa’s shorts have become shorter. He no longer wears the capri-style shorts. Rafa explained why he made the change. “They [the capris] were very comfortable, but not for my age [now]. When I was 18-19-20 they were ok. I decided to change the style in 2009. You never know what can happen in the future, but playing again in those long pants, I’m too old for that.”

    At least now he’s not hiding those beautiful legs of his.


  2. Rafa, yes again I am counting down the hours to see you on the world’s biggest stage. All the best for a win.


    • YES! Count down for watching Rafa -can’t wait 😍👏🏻
      The best of luck Champ 🎾💪🏼🍀😘

  3. Go Rafa
    Play hard, believe, & know we’re all going 2 be cheering for you the whole tournament !!’

  4. Cilic was moved up to seed 2 to fill the vacancy left by Andy, Querry moves up to Cilic’s #5, and Kohlschreiber, who was #33 [unseeded] moves up to Sam’s #17.

    The above movements reflect the rule governing what to do in case one of the top 4 seeds withdraws prior to OOP. Cilic was number 5 so he was the first one moved up. This is done to maintain a balance within the quarters.

    There are other players who have moved up but are not listed above. If 2 of the top 4 withdraw, there’s a different rule for that.🤗

    It wouldn’t be a Grand Slam without 128 players in the first round. One-hundred-and-four players automatically qualify for a slam. The qualifiers are there to fill spots left open for withdrawals and injuries. There are players who are allowed to play even though they don’t qualify; this is a tournament decision. I don’t know if they are included in the 104. Maybe someone here can add info.


    • Those who don’t qualify but are invited by the tournament to play are given wild cards. Sorry for the omission.


    • CORRECTION TO @jas_uk

      Error on my part. No excuses.

      Cilic will play T. Sandgren who Andy was scheduled to play. So that right there shows that it is Cilic who is in place of Andy.

      Lacko, because of the upward movement, was able to make it into the main draw and was paired with B. Paire.


      • It sure has, Margo 😄👏🏻🌸
        By the way, have you ever seen Rafa play live? – I mean could’ve been when he was/is in NY perhaps? – Just currious to know 😉😊
        It sure was a dream come true and a huge experience for me to see him and his team in DK playing at The Davis Cup 2015 😍 Hope I can get the opertunity sometime again 😃🤞🏻


      • That must have been wonderfully splendiferous and exciting to see him in action. So happy for you. No, I have not seen him play live because I eschew crowds at all cost.


      • Thx. Margo 🤗🌼 Oh Yes, it sure was wonderfully splendiferous and exiting (in your words 😉) to see the champ in action 😍
        I know what you mean, a crowded place is not my favorite either… Luckily it wasn’t that bad, when Rafa visited DK 😊
        At the US Open, I bet there will be a “gazillion” people 😳😜 – But then again, wow! Must be an huge experience to witness 👏🏻😃

        RAFA ROCKS AS #1 🎾💪🏼❤️

      • I don’t know if “wonderfully splendiferous and exciting” is even legal. LOL Sounds good though to express a great experience.

        Yes, a gazzillion or more people and to top it off, this is tourist season so you can just imagine the “sea of humanity” just visiting plus those coming for the USO. YIKES.. Thank goodness for 📡📺.


      • It sounds great, Margo – legal or not 😄 LOL

        Yes, looking forward watching USO, especially our Champ – will be cherring for him in front of the TV 😍

        VAMOOSS RAFA – YOU ROCK! 🎾💪🏼🍀❤️

      • Gr8. When the grammar police come looking for me, I will invite them in to watch Rafa playing and I will sneak a call to my lawyer, Rafantastic.

        I am always super pumped when Rafa is going to play, no matter the outcome of his previous match. I am lucky in that I don’t dwell on his loses but I do grieve for him for his losses. I don’t know of any Fed fans, and only one or two Nole fans. NYers luv their Rafa.

        I am just thrilled for Rafa about his clay season; La Décima, Pista Rafa Nadal, 10th Monte-Carlo, coming back from two sets down at Wimby, making it to the AO final, his fifth Madrid title, his tenth Barcelona. I hope he has success here at the USO.


      • 😂👍🏻

        Agree with you Margo – what Rafa has achieved are unbelivable and now he’s back at #1 spot in the world – Wauw! – Simply amazing 💖🍀☀️


      • Right now it’s pretty dark outside instead of nice and sunny. Rain and winds are on the way. Rafa may have to play under the roof which I hope doesn’t bother him.


  5. I agree with Rafa, he said,,”he doesn’t go with draws, he has to play well to stay in the game,”,

    so all the best Rafa.

    Love and prayers,


  6. Sorry to hear that Andy has withdrawn but I am not surprised. I thought he would have done it sooner. Best to pull out on the side of caution. His mom Judy has been hankering for him to rest as she feels his body needs a longer rest after his grueling 2016 season.

    Get better Andy.

    Nole said his days are filled with projects with his children, therapy and learning the saxophone. His elbow problem was a long recurring one.

    Stan had knee surgery [the second one]. As soon as he is able, he will be back to practicing and getting fit for 2018.


    • I wish Andy had withdrawn earlier. We could have had a potential Rafa and Federer final, instead of a semi-final.

      • A Rafa-Fed final would have been my dream match. I can only speculate that Andy honestly believed he could compete competitively or deluded himself into thinking so.


  7. Sad for Murray that he had to withdraw, but I suppose he has to look at what’s best for him in the long term.

    Rafa has the best opportunity he’s had in years to win this US Open, so if he is to prevail, he must find the perfect blend of good strategy, accuracy, aggression and confidence. If only he could reproduce the form he had to win it in 2010, when all aspects of his game were working in harmony and his serving was excellent.

    There are still plenty of players in the draw who are serious contenders, so shake out those nerves and swing with freedom Rafa!

  8. breaking news

    Murray has withdraw from the us open. That means again a competitor less for nadal. Figure out a strategy with carlos on how to play your opponents. Work on you weak points. Every match for nadal will be a final in my opinion for the simple reason he lost two years in a row against opponents he normally beats.

    And because nadal normally doesnt do well in second half of the season.

    • Just been reading about that, very upset to hear about Andy, I was watching videos earlier of him practising and he looked ok. It’s not clear to me whether he’s called a halt to his season, but effectively his 2017 is over 🙁
      Andy would only be ‘a competitor less for Nadal’ if both he and Rafa were to reach the final. Rafa has a long way to go before that, and I wish him every success, whoever he ends up playing.
      I read a comment suggesting the draw for the USO will be changed because of Andy’s withdrawal, but I don’t think that’s true? Andy’s place will go to a qualifier/lucky loser, won’t it?

      • Jas_uk, in reply to your question, in the event of a withdrawal at the start of a tournament, the lucky loser from the latest round of qualifying takes the place of the person who has withdrawn. ATP has announced that Lucas Lacko will enter the main draw in place of Andy Murray.

      • As you probably know by now, Cilic was moved to Andy’s two seed. Lacko is the Lucky Loser, but he does not get Andy’s place. The rules allow this change only before the OOP is set. If it had been announced, then the LL takes Andy’s place.

      • Yes, of course Lucas Lacko would not get Andy’s seeding as that wouldn’t make sense. He has been included to make up the numbers to 128.

      • @jas_uk
        I find the list of ATP rules daunting so I am only trying to make things clear[er] for you. Va4favre was also very helpful with this.
        Lucas Lacko is not in place of Andy as you were advised. Cilic is in place of Andy and needed an opponent. Since Lacko was the top lucky loser, he was paired with Cilic. I hope this clears things up for you. I know what it is to be confused about things tennis.


    • @mjus Not so, Rafa still has to play seven matches to win the tournament. Just because Murray withdrew doesn’t lessen the number of competitors Rafa has to beat.

      RAFA ROCKS 150%

  9. Denis Shapolov started 2017 ranked 250. Today, seven months later, he is ranked 69.

    AZ has just won TWO Masters.

    Grigor has just won a Masters.

    All of the above are playing the US Open. As far as I am concerned, it depends on who [all players] lands where, and how they all play against their opponent will determine who wins the trophy.


  10. Rafa has three more days for him and his team to figure out a winning strategy. I hope they all do their due diligence because Rafa’s performance, or non-performance, at Cincy is just not cutting it.

    There is a new crop of young and capable athletes more than willing to replace our currently venerated players. Don’t let 2017 be the year they do it.

    No predictions here as I will wait to see how Rafa and others are playing. Rafa said he doesn’t worry about draws, only that he has to play well to stay in the game. I agree.

    Best to you CHAMPION

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

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