Welcome back to No. 1, Rafa!

The post Cincinnati rankings are up. Rafael Nadal has officially returned to the World No. 1 ranking for the first time since 2014.

Today is Rafa’s first week at No. 1 in 2017, but overall, our champ is celebrating his 142nd week and 995th day at the top spot. As far as hours, Rafa has enjoyed more than 23,860 hours at No. 1, ATP World Tour reports.

Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Rafa’s ascension to the top spot ends Andy Murray’s 37-week stay at No. 1, with Andy now trailing our champ by 495 points.

ATP rankings as of August 21, 2017:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Nadal Rafael Spain 7645 16
2. Murray Andy United Kingdom 7150 18
3. Federer Roger Switzerland 7145 16
4. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 5690 18
5. Djokovic Novak Serbia 5325 17
6. Zverev Alexander Germany 4470 24
7. Cilic Marin Croatia 4155 22
8. Thiem Dominic Austria 4030 28
9. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 3710 24
10. Nishikori Kei Japan 3195 21

Rafa will keep the place until at least September 11, with the US Open starting next week.

First time: Rafa’s debut at World No. 1 was 18 August 2008 and his stay there lasted almost a year, until 5 July 2009.

Second time: He reclaimed the throne on 7 June 2010, the day his longest streak started.

Third time around: In October 2013, Rafa again climbed to the top Emirates ATP Ranking a long injury layoff. It was a remarkable comeback during a year to remember.

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Welcome to NY, champ.

    Rafa, I hope you have shaken off the blahs and that the eclipse was a good omen for your OSO run.


  2. Grigor Dimitrov speaking about his week in Mallorca at Rafas’s Academy:

    Rafa’s always been one of my inspirations
    Sometimes when I’m down in the match, I’m, like, if I’m complaining or something, I was, like, Would Rafa do that? I don’t think so. Just to spend time with him, not even on the court. Even off the court. We were having dinners together and just going to the beach and stuff.

    So it was great. In the same time, like, the first half morning, we’re just practicing nonstop. I swear to God, nonstop from the early morning. I was, like, Whoa, can we have at least the afternoon off? The facility is great.

    Everybody is just so welcoming and just trying to make sure that everything is done for you. I mean, I don’t want to say he, but him and his team have done an unbelievable job with everything around. And again, it’s Rafa, in the end of the day, one of the greatest out there.

    I was more than thankful for him letting me have that opportunity. You don’t get opportunities like that. I think after today, I’m just going to text him, like, Let’s do that again at some point. So, yeah, I think there is only positive things I can take out of that week with him.’

    Grigor you spend time training with Rafa and then take your first Masters Title at Cincinnati
    A Coincidence! I think not.

    • What great comments about Rafa from Grigir! Thank you for sharing this, very interesting! I also saw that Diego Schwartzman from Argentina also practised with Rafa at the Academy a few months ago – and he also seems to have improved!!

    • Great stuff Maria. Grigor saying nice things about rafa has endeared him to me. I was rooting for Nick (bizarrely quite taken to him this year and thought that would never happen) but glad grigor won in the end as he really outplayed nick. Loving that rafa is no1 and wishing him a grest run at USO. Get ready for some long sleepless nights. Lol

  3. Congratulations, Rafa, for overcoming so much to rise to the very top again! We’re so happy and so proud of you! Best of luck in NYC!

    For one day, can we just celebrate Rafe’s achievements and greatness? He has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone, ever!

  4. Rafa should not get down on himself too much for not progressing as far as he would have liked in Cincinnati I don’t know any player that has won everything on the atp circuit..He must remember that he has won it once. Djokovic has never won Cincinnati. Murray has never won Indian Wells and he said the conditions ther don’t favour him. Federer has never won Monte Carlo, Rome or the Olympic singles and he will probably end his career not having done so.

    It’s onwards and upwards for Rafa. Cincinnati is history, so focus on winning the US Open, Rafa. Have a great tournament champ!

  5. No one deserves this more than Rafa. The fight he has put up on and off court, his dignity, passion, love, respect and ambassadorship for the sport. As well as his 10th French crown, he has been in more finals this year than any other player. His year has been phenomenal, I just hope he has something left for the US.

  6. Congratulations Rafa on your World no 1 ranking in Tennis again ! Very well deserved !!! Keep up the good work and the very best of Luck in the US open 👍

  7. Well i am happy you acknowledge that you have to play like a nr 1 in order to win the us open rafa. But adressing what you should do in order to win is one thing. Now you have to bring it into practice.

    I said many times that in order for you to be compete on other surfaces besides clay you should improve your game:

    – Improve your return, hit it deeper, mix it up like federer is doing sometimes
    – Improve your courtposition
    – Be more agressive, your groundstrokes needs to be a lot deeper
    – But foremost work on your nerves. You have the money to hire people. Why not hiring someone who can help you to calm down in tense moments in a match. You have lost matches because of that. Because you couldnt keep your composure and couldnt play your best tennis in tough moments. The matches against federer, muller and shapolov are coming into my mind

    Without these points rafa its hard for me to believe that you can win in new york. Now I have to say that you have suprise me many times this year. So it will be up to you one more time to prove that you critics are wrong in doubting you.

    One last thing champ. Carlos is your coach you should let go your politness and demand that he will be there for you at the important tournaments. I think you need carlos more then over to give you the confidence you need in order to win big things.

    I am going to cheer for you this us open champ. Please proof to me and your critics that they were wrong again and win that trophy. I now it will be not easy but play match for match

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mjus, I agree with everything you have said, but these are things I and many fans have said time and time again. It’s up to Rafa to execute! The most important thing now, is for him to think strategically and not get flustered by big hitters and big servers. He would do well by studying Grigor Dimitrov’s approach against Kyrgios last week.

  8. Rafaaaaa!!!! You eclipsed the sun!!!! Returning to #1!!!!

    Play relaxed in NY!! You are the best ever!!!!


  9. Rafa has been in the top 10 for a decade. That is a great achievement on its own and in that decade he has been number 1 four times. Yet there are those ( not on this site, I hope ) but on other sites I have visited where people are only too happy to tear him down and say he didn’t really win it, only by default. They forget, or ignore, the fact that others won number 1 by default when Rafa lost it through injuries.
    It seems people remember only what they want to remember.
    I hope Rafa does not get too tense at the US Open trying to prove why he is number 1 . He has nothing to prove. He is a legend in his own lifetime.
    Please Carlos Moya get to New York quickly and give him a confidence booster and please stop these three hours a day practice routines .Rafa said in interview he was going to practice starting from today. Has he never heard of overkill ?
    Of course he must practice but Moya focuses on specific skills or tactics in each session and doesn’t make it all seem like a tournament match.

    • All true, I can’t agree with you more. We don’t need to bother with haters. They’ll hate anyone successful in tennis or in any activity. I don’t use social media. It is where cowards hide. They are people to be pity for. They are very unhappy. Rafa is above all that! He doesn’t need to prove or explain anything. And I am most grateful to him and Roger to have brought to tennis sportsmanship and good manners that was lost in the Connors/Mc Enroe area. Players today are very respectful except for one or two that don’t count, and that is because Rafa and Roger showed the way.

    • Sadly, yes, on this site too re default. As I said, Rafa started the year at No. 9 and worked his way up to get in position to fill the No. 1 spot. Good for him.


  10. Congratulations on rising to No. 1- 👑🍾😍Enjoy the moment. All the best at
    the USO🗽Be confident and stay healthy❤️

  11. What an auspicious day Rafa; a total solar eclipse and your return to World No. 1. I said at the beginning of 2017 that the best is yet to come: you don’t disappoint. The best for the remainder of the season.


  12. Congrats to our Champ on becoming World no.1 again….Joy comes back on our faces after 2 and half painful years… Thank you Rafa to keep reminding us that you are the best once again… Vamos and Thank you Rafa….!!!!😎😍😘🤗😎😍😘🤗😚😙

  13. Congratulations on winning the tennis version of Game of Thrones Rafa:) May your rule last… well, not forever obviously, but for a very long time!!

    And boy, you totally deserve to sit on that throne. Enjoy it Rafa, but beware, now there’s a target on your back and everybody will be trying to bring you down. STAY STRONG!

  14. I’m so proud of him – It’s just disgusting how much ppl think he don’t deserve it ! I hope he will be back at the USO to prove them how they are wrong ! But as long he is healthy and motivated, it’s okay ❤️

  15. CONGRATULATIONS RAFA, nobody deserves the number 1⃣ ranking more you 👈 enjoy every moment of it , also congrats to your fellow Spaniard and friend Garbine Muguruza who took the title in Cincinnati. keep flying the Flag for Spain🇪🇸.
    Good luck in the USO next week.

  16. Congratulations Rafa on your World No. 1 ranking, again. The only thing missing is the jewel-encrusted gold crown. That throne is something else though, but I am happy it is color coördinated with your shirt, no clashing here LOL. Enjoy your spot at the top. HOLD ON AND DON’T LET GO.


  17. Back to no.1! Well done Rafa! 👍Your fourth time at the top in 9 years, which just shows your talent and longevity! Relax and enjoy this moment and good luck in New York where the conditions will be more favourable.

    • It brings back to my mind that tennis-ball yellow Mercedes he won in 2015. He didn’t know what to make of it. LOL


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