VIDEO: Rafael Nadal’s shock exit to Denis Shapovalov – highlights

Watch highlights as top seed Rafael Nadal loses to 18-year-old Denis Shapovalov in three sets – a match in which he appears to struggle with his serve and many other things.


  1. Hw is tired. (cut down the 3 hour practice time), He has a lot of responsibilities and distractions; people wanting to take selfies with him, autographs, his tennis Academy, etc., etc., etc… Rafa is such a good person and a very hard worker. He should save his energy a little more.
    Where are his “people”? No one in the stands to support him. I’m sure they all make a good living off him.. Get there to support him!!

  2. Rafa, my heart breaks for you – because I love you so much and you are such a tremendous tennis player for so many years but I know how strong and positive you can be so keep going and win. GO RAFA

  3. Just watched a few minutes of the highlights and was struck by how short Rafa’s balls were mainly landing. So not like the French, or even Wimb.

    Those short balls are the death of his game.

    • I totally agree with Rafalite: I was just surprised at how short Rafa’s balls were going SO MANY TIMES and watching it, I knew that Rafa will lose if he does not place the balls deep into the court. Also, in my opinion, Rafa stays too far back when he receives serves and this gives the opponent an opportunity to place the ball short and forces Rafa to run forward to hit the ball. This is what he did before 2017 and that is one reason he had a dismal 2016 year in tennis. So it was not that his opponent played too well, it is that Rafa played so poorly as he himself admits. Despite this, I am still a strong fan of Rafa and I know he will become number 1 this year. Shapovalov will not win the tournament and will go the way of Rosol, Muller and others who beat Rafa but did not win the tournament.

      • I agree with some of what you say but not all.
        Shap won’t win the tournament but why would he? It was already too much to expect to beat nadal. When players other than Djok beat Nadal they always lose to the next opponent. He’s the single best player of his age in the world right now, and when you beat Delpo in straight sets and then Nadal it is no accident.
        I know this player well.

        Second, Rafa stands back to receive because he needs the time for his backswing, I don’t recall him receiving that much closer to the baseline in 2017, but the point is he needs to get the return deeper. Shap was attacking all short balls, very effectively.
        The short balls have always been Rafa’s undoing, he overtops and they land short and it’s when he’s not feeling confident, or just not feeling his strokes, that he does that.

        I’m not the type of fan that would ever abandon Rafa and I had way too many arguments with idiotic Rafa fans calling for his retirement in the bad years. 2017 started so well, then the losses to Fed in the US were not so good, then RG was the best FO Rafa ever played, then Wimb was better than most recent Wimbs but not good enough. He was just a hair’s length from beating Mueller.


        Nerves last night too. Rafa still has to master them. Others are saying the same. But also I think Rafa will always be a different player on clay. Don’t expect HC to be as good, though 2010 and 2013 were exceptions.

  4. I don’t know what to make of this loss. If anything, I had my eye on Diego Scwartzman who ousted del Potro.

    My mind keeps going back to when a reporter asked Rafa what he would do once he retires. Rafa said he would buy a boat. Not long after that Rafa bought a yacht. I was VERY surprised.

    In a recent interview, posted here, Rafa refused to really answer a question about mental toughness. He skirted the issue. It is my thinking that Rafa does not believe he has any mental weaknesses. Can the presence or absence of Moya be the key? Perhaps only la terre battue can save him. If that is the case, and he is happy, I am no one to argue about what a winning formula for Rafa should be.

    I hope yesterday was just an off day for Rafa.

    The very best to you Rafa for the remainder of the season.


  5. Just like the Muller match, Rafa can be ashamed of himself. Win or lose, always with Rafa, sure. But being hard on him would not hurt at this stage. The soft method does not work, clearly.


  7. Why winning over Nadal is like a trophy? I hope he (Shapovalov) wins the tournament. Otherwise, he’s gonna be like Soderling, Darcis, Rosol, Kygios, Brown, and Muller who never won the tournament where they beat Nadal. Anyway, Shapovalov will be lining up as one of the young guns, the future of tennis!

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