ATP Rankings: Rafa, Roger Battle for No. 1

Photo: REUTERS/Issei Kato

The post Wimbledon rankings are up.

Andy Murray remains top of the rankings but is now just 308 points ahead of Rafael Nadal. Roger Federer’s eighth Wimbledon title pushed him back up to No. 3.

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Murray Andy United Kingdom 7750 18
2. Nadal Rafael Spain 7465 15
3. Federer Roger Switzerland 6545 14
4. Djokovic Novak Serbia 6325 17
5. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 6140 20
6. Cilic Marin Croatia 5075 23
7. Thiem Dominic Austria 4030 28
8. Nishikori Kei Japan 3740 20
9. Raonic Milos Canada 3310 21
10. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 3160 24

According to ATP, Federer has no points to defend for the remainder of the season, while Rafa has 370 points and Murray has a whopping 5,460 points to defend following his incredible run at the end of the 2016 season.

Rafa  is scheduled to play eight tournaments through the remainder of 2017. If our champ stays healthy and keeps playing good, he should comfortably take the top spot from Murray. Federer will have to do better than Rafa at pretty much every tournament that they contest to become world No.1 again.

Race to London: Rafa is  still No. 1 in the 2017 points race with 7,095 points ahead of Roger who has 6,545 points. Nobody else is close.

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Nadal Rafael Spain 7095 11
2. Federer Roger Switzerland 6545 9
3. Thiem Dominic Austria 3345 17
4. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 3150 12
5. Cilic Marin Croatia 2905 15
6. Zverev Alexander Germany 2710 15
7. Djokovic Novak Serbia 2585 10
8. Murray Andy United Kingdom 2290 11
9. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 1925 14
10. Berdych Tomas Czech Republic 1905 14


Sources: ATP World Tour, AP


  1. Hi guys!
    Excellent decision from Rafa and his team to skip Hamburg bcz we all want that vintage Rafa after blip in Wimbledon back as he has done many times after one bad loss he always comes back even harder……..I surely believe that we would see Harder version of Rafa at Us open than 2010 & 2013
    We believe in you Rafa
    Vamosssssss Rafa 😎😍
    What are your thoughts guys????

  2. Nole, who retired from Wimbledon, has been diagnosed with a bone bruise from excessive play. He has struggled with elbow and shoulder problems all year. This elbow injury requires between six weeks and three months of rest. Nole consulted both a Serbian and a Toronto doctor.
    He is expected to pull out of the US Open.
    [Ricky, TheGrandstand]

    I hope he follows doctors’ orders and gets well.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%👻

  3. Rafa on Rafa, a peek at Rafa’s mindset:

    “I always work with a goal, and the goal is to improve as a player and as a person.”

    “Losing is not my enemy. Fear of losing is my enemy.”
    As Billy Jean King said, “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

    “If you don’t lose, you can’t enjoy the victories. So I have to accept both things.”

    “Competing or just for fun, whatever, simply enjoy and try your best.”

    “Work hard, have fun and make it happen.”

    “Humility is recognition of your limitations.”

    “The only way of finding a solution is to fight back, to move, to run, and to control that pressure.”

    “It’s not the time to look for excuses.”

    “Enduring means accepting. Accepting things as they are and not as you wish them to be. And then looking ahead. And not behind.”

    “I learned during all my career to enjoy suffering.”

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  4. @va4favre [Missing reply link]

    Yes, even now there is still disagreement among different articles about Federer playing Montreal even though he is listed after Stan among those playing.

    According to SportingNews, both Andy and Nole will skip the remaining 2017 ATP events. This may be a little premature because I haven’t seen any reports about Andy’s hip test results.

    And Rafa turned down almost 300,000USD just to play Hamburg. He’s busy practicing with Dmitrov on hard courts in Spain. Good for him.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  5. It is confirmed now that Rafa has rejected Hamburg wildcard…good thinking for the upcoming us open..he will the win the flushing Meadows for sure…

    • We need Rafa in the US Open final and we need him to beat Federer in it. That would make it a balanced year.

  6. It seems Alexander Zverev will have his very own former world No. 1 in Spaniard Juan Carlos Ferrero. According to a tweet, Ferrero, who has his own tennis academy, will join Zverev’s team for the US hard-court swing.

    I wonder if any of the cognoscenti here on RNF has applied to be a consultant on Rafa’s team.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  7. It’s gonna be crazy to watch Rafa playing Hamburg. Come on! You’re already the G.O.A.T of clay. Adding 1 cheap 500 title on clay doesn’t change anything. Do you really even want to erase “clay” and become just “G.O.A.T”?
    He should instead spent the time with Moya to practice more on disguising the serve and returning the opponnent’s second serve without standing 10000 miles behind baseline as i bet he will meet Federer many times for the rest of season.

    As for world num 1 spot, it’s not that important. The number of slam is more important. Playing on clay and getting injured before US Open is the worst case that can happen.

    • According to v4favre, Rafa turned down a WC to play in Hamburg 😔. I suppose we won’t know for sure until the draw comes out.

      • I hope he won’t play Lorna. Better rest up and get in shape for the US series. Even if Rafa wants to play that bad, there is a 500 event held at DC if i remember correctly.

      • Thus far, four of the world top ten male players will play the Citi Open.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

    • Wow. It seems that Rafa just turned down WC to Hamburg. Smart move! Stay healthy and practice more on the serve and returning of serve with Moya and Roig. It’s very likely that Andy Murray will skip many tournaments due to a hip injury so world num 1 spot is gonna be Rafa for the matter of time.

      Lol. After reading some comments, i have already seen someone gets obssessed.

  8. Rolling back the years!! Just seen that today is a day of vintage tennis match highlights on Sky Sports Action, many of which feature Rafa. Awh! So nice 😃

  9. On balance, Rafa doesn’t have much to lose if he has elected not to play in Hamburg. Although, in theory, I would have liked to watch him playing there, in reality, he has chosen the best option for his body. Obviously, he’s decided to get as much hard court practice as possible, going into Montreal. Even though Djokovic, Murray and Federer won’t be there, Rafa will still be up against a strong field of players, so he’s well aware of the need to be super sharp.

    Rafa, stay confident, focused and aggressive for battles ahead! 🤞🏼👍😄

    • Lorna, It is not clear that Roger won’t be there. Some of the experts are saying that he will skip, but Roger said he was playing them all. We will have to wait and see.

  10. A friend in Germany just said that Rafa has turned down the WC for Hamburg. I have mixed feelings since it is always great to see Rafa play, especially on clay. I am not sure, however, that this is not the better decision. He needs to practice on HC. Roger is not playing Montreal, and with both Andy and Novak ailing, maybe Rafa thinks his chances are better there? We all know he wants to do well at the US Open too. Other comments?

    • No point in playing on clay..prepare well nd get the usopen..hating to see FedEx win the titles easy..Rafa needs slams and slams need rafa

      • What a Gr8 sentence: “Rafa needs slams and slams need Rafa.”

        SLAM IT, RAFA

    • I think it’s a wise decision. Playing one tournament on clay before switching it to hard is probably not good for his body (especially his knees).

  11. Whatever you think Rafa and feel it is best for you to go fo Rafa.

    Love and Prayers,


  12. With so much banter about Andy in previous comments, and so many female fans here, I am surprised not one Murray supporter commended him on his retort made to a reporter after his Wimby loss to Sam Querry.

    Reporter: “Andy, Sam is the first U.S. player to reach a major semi-final since 2009. How would you describe the…?”

    Andy: “Male player.”

    Reporter: “I beg your pardon?”

    Andy: “Male player, right?”

    You see, Serena Williams has won 12 Grand Slam tournaments since 2009. TWELVE. The reporter tried to laugh this one off but Murray, currently the No. 1 male player in the world was taking none of it. Social media praised Murray for refusing to allow “casual sexism.” Mother, Judy tweeted, “That’s my boy.”


    • Margo, You were right to highlight this, but as you stated, this is not new for Andy. He has done this before. His Mother definitely raised him right.

      • Yes she did [raise them right] and look at what both Andy and Jaimie have accomplished.
        There is a great profile of her written by Alison Boshoff, July 8,2012, in case there is any interest.

        She has faced much sexism as has Serena. Judy is a pit bull when it comes to her boys. Her tenacity is indefatigable.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

  13. Rafa, as you said, if you play well your ranking will follow. Well said.

    I didn’t start worrying about Wimbledon until your fifth set because so many times you were down two sets and came back to win the match. I can’t say why you lost against Müller, only you and your team can answer that. I have to ask if it was a lapse of concentration; a lack of confidence, bad positioning, too much of over thinking your shots, tentative play, or a combination of things. Find the answer Rafa and come back to be where you want to be. Needless to say, I am so very happy with your 2017 performance after your many heartbreaking loses. You make me smile.

    Carlos mentioned scheduling as an aspect of your new regimen. You found out the hard way you were not ready for Rome. Please learn from your errors.

    Only play Hamburg if your heart is in it. If you do play Hamburg, you have a week to prepare for the hard-court season. However, you MUST be prepared whether you get a good draw or a really tough draw.

    With you I am, whether I agree or disagree with your choices. Wishing you a great hard-court season. A Rafan through and through.


  14. Rafa has 405 points to defend until the end of the season , Roger has no points to defend and has said he would love to be number one again and it looks like his sights have changed . ‘Roger said “Im playing for titles at this stage in my career; rankings not so much unless I’m as close as I am right now. So I just have to check the situation – if it’s worth it to run after it or not.
    Rafa I really hope you play in Hamburg next week and get your grip firmly on the number one spot.
    UK times Monday 10 am on SkyMainEvt and SkySpArena

    • Maria, The ATP article said Rafa had 360 or 370 points to defend. I don’t remember which. Roger has 0 points.
      The Hamburg tournament director said that he is talking to three top players about being added to the tournament. Everyone thinks Rafa is one of the three. If he is going to play, we should hear very soon.

      • Hi Va4favre, thank you that is probably more accurate then, I have also just checked Andy’s and those are not tying up either with the ATP stating 100 points less.

      • Maria, Roger is not scheduled to,play again until the middle of August. He is playing Cincy, but is skipping the Rogers Cup, as of now. I can’t imagine his playing Hamburg which is a clay tournament.

      • I stated below that Roger was skipping Montreal, but that may be incorrect. I read some articles that assumed that, but it has not been confirmed. Roger himself said that he was not skipping tournaments, but will that tire him out?

  15. No 1 would be good but personally I would like Rafa to win as many tournaments as he can including grand slams – regardless of who his opponent is. It he gets wins against the top players like Federer, Andy, Novak etc. and the tricky ones then no. 1 will be achieved automatically.

    Maria (snake …..) talked about Rafa changing his style – she was right to a certain extent but that too needs self confidence and belief in himself. When he regains all of his self confidence etc. he’ll have the courage to make the changes and improvements that he needs to.

    Cmon Rafa we all believe in you!!! You can do it.

    VAMOS !!!

  16. Mac, your comment has cheered me up no end. As long as Rafa feels good, he should go for it next week in Hamburg. If he secures the no.1 spot again, it should give him a big psychological boost, going into Montreal. Although there will be only one week in between the two tournaments, I’m confident that Rafa will be fine.

  17. The problem with playing Hamburg is that it would take time from his preparation for the hard court season. Long term outcome.

  18. Hi Va4favre, with Roger breathing down his neck I think it’s a must that Rafa plays Hamburg if he wants the number one ranking. With all that Rafa has achieved in the first half of 2017 nobody deserves it more than him, and if reaching the final in Hamburg results in that, why wouldn’t he. Good luck Rafa , I would love nothing more than to see you end the year with the number one spot , and what a lovely way for Uncle Toni to hang up his hat as your coach on tour.

  19. I read that Rafa is considering playing Hamburg next week. If he does and reaches the final, he would be number one again. It is a clay tournament. What do others think?

    • If he feels good, why not? I’m just excited at the prospect of Rafa becoming number 1 again. It will be a reflection of so much hard work.

      Health considerations first, obviously. I have a feeling there are some wonderful achievements yet ahead for our Rafa.

      • Of course we are all hoping for Rafa no 1 again ☺ That is why Wim was a shame for us, he had a harder opponent than Roger to bypass. Also Aus Open, Acapulco and Rome would have been ideal. See the photos of him relaxing under the sun in Majorca on this site, if he is training too, so much the better. Fi in Paris

    • Interesting. I’d been eyeing that tournament and wondering if Rafa should go for it. If you’re the best clay court player of all time, there’s 500 points on offer, plus a good chance of a confdence-boosting win, then provided it doesn’t interfere with his preparation for the hard court season, I’d say yes. That’s separate from the rankings situation btw. Rafa deserves the number 1 for his success in the first half of the season, even if the year end number 1 goes to someone else. It would be great if he could win either Montreal or Cinci and beat Novak’s number of ATP 1000s. And yeah, to keep Fed at bay for bit longer. Number 1 or 2 seed at US Open would be good.

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