Rafael Nadal’s outfit for Wimbledon 2017

15-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal will compete in all white outfit on grass at All England Club. Check it out below!

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below!



  1. Rafa is the epitome of the professional no matter what he wears. I am looking forward to his performance at Wimbledon this year, especially because he has made such an amazing comeback this season. COME ON RAFA – You can do it!


  2. He needs to bring the Sleeveless and Capris gear back. He needs to look mean and scare people into losing again. They need to do something about the plain white t’s and shorts. If I wanted plain white t’s, I’ll go get some Hanes. They should put a Rafa logo on it, then it’s not just a regular T-Shirt, it’s a Vamos-Shirt. Nike is STUPID. Why can’t they think of things like that??? I’m looking for a job at Nike, if you like that Idea.


  3. An inspiration, a role model, phenomenal ball player and forever my number 1, I am looking forward to watching Rafa win Wimbledon in this outfit. Blessings for strength and good health for this tournament and the rest of the season. ❤ to Rafa!!


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