PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Dominic Thiem to set up French Open final against Stan Wawrinka

Rafael Nadal is going for No. 10 at the French Open, and the only man that can stop him is Stan Wawrinka.

Rafa reached the final by beating Austrian Dominic Thiem 6-3, 6-4, 6-0 earlier today on Court Philippe Chatrier, the stadium Rafa calls his favorite place to play. He has dropped only 29 games to reach the final – surpassing his previous best of 35 in 2012.

Wawrinka defeated world No.1 Andy Murray 6-7, 6-3, 5-7, 7-6, 6-1 in the first semifinal.

Rafa on facing Stan:

I have been playing a great event but Stan has been playing unbelievable.

I saw him play earlier and he hit the ball super hard. I need to be at my best.

  • Rafa is only the third man to reach a 10th final at one Grand Slam
  • Rafa has never lost in the semi-finals at Roland Garros


  1. I also like Thiem and I can understand his desires to win his 1st grand slam but at the moment I want Rafa first to win his 3rd La Decima. I want Rafa to be back as World’s No. 1. Thiem, you’re still young and I know you will soon reach your goal.

    Am still praying for our dear Rafa to also win the Wimbledon and US open and where there’s grand slam. Maybe next year’s Australia Open.

    Congrats Rafa and all the best this coming Sunday, 11 June 2017 being the French Open final.

    VAMOS RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    May God bless you always.

  2. I praise and thank God for answering my prayers day and night and even at work I kept murmuring for God to obtain for our dear Rafa his 3rd La Decima. I’d love Rafa to be listed in the Book of Guinness as the first male tennis player in the world to get a 3 La Decima for same events ( Monte Carlo, Barcelona and now French Open). Ever since I admire Rafa’s talent, skills and passion for tennis and keeps on winning I become so obsessed of him to always take home the trophy and be a consistent World No. 1 until he retires.

    Am so truly extremely happy for our dear Rafa and congratulate him for making it through the semis. Congrats Rafa and all the best this Sunday, 11 June 2017 for the final. Will keep on praying for you.

    VAMOS RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know you can make it. Cheers 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • So sweet Melly….Rafa was surrounded in your love & prayers! Trust me I did my share of praying and I’m sure most of the people here on this site did as well… He is very very special!

  3. Rafa congrats you are the best player on Clay vamosssssssssssssss and good luck on Sunday. Lo e your fans for ever🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍🇺🇸❤️

  4. You hit another home run, Beverley; a farewell gift for Toni, and a great welcome to Carlos.

    As for Rafa, La Decima would truly be his just rewards for the blood, sweat, and tears he has shed for the sport he loves.

    Yes, I am just repeating and paraphrasing what you said because it’s just so good.


  5. Rafa I am sooooooooo proud of you and couldn’t wait to get the results this morning here in Sydney.

    All the best for the final, and go your very hardest,

    Love and prayers,



  6. The way in which Rafa demolished Thiem truly points to what some have been saying for some time – he is unstoppable.
    I certainly expected a much tougher match against Thiem . I still expect a tough match against Wawrinka but if Rafa keeps up his current form he should be holding up that trophy .
    Rafa has a good team but Moya seems to have brought in a new perspective while at the same time working in harmony with Uncle Toni who has helped Rafa to win so many tournaments over many years.
    This is Uncle Toni’s last year travelling with Rafa. To see his nephew win at Roland Garros for the tenth time would be a wonderful farewell present for him. It would also be a wonderful ” welcome to the team” for Moya.
    As for Rafa, it would be the realisation of a dream and just rewards for all his hard work and dedication to the sport he loves.
    Only one more to go. Rafa !!! You can do it. !!

  7. Everybody was giving Rafa a hard time because of his coach and now the players change their coaches like dirty laundry!

    • No no … Rafa’s fans did not want him to get rid of his team … We all just thought it would be a good idea to add a new voice along with his team… Rafa would never fire his uncle… he is much too loyal. They added Moya and the results are pretty Obvious! !

      • Thanks for clarifying that Sioux. It was to add another voice as you say. My response doesn’t reflect that.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Hi Margo… I think he is gone, have you read any post from him recently? Anyway I don’t know who Marieta is but I was just trying to Clarify the difference between Rafa and the others who are flipping coaches like Hotcakes! I am Perplexed on why Novak fired his whole team… I never even knew why he hired Boris in the first place. He was at the peak of his career winning and dominating every player out there then he hires Boris and he still on top for awhile, then he starts to go into a slump & fires his whole team … Now he has hired Agassi and he lost anyway! I have a friend in Canada and it was rumored that Novak and Jeannie Bouchard had an affair and that was why he was having marital problems which was effecting his game. I hate gossip so I don’t believe it until I read it in The National Enquirer (hehe). Anyway how about our boy…what a show… He restore order and that was quite one sided Now what is your thoughts about Stan the man & our Rafa? Should I be nervous? Stan has not played the new revamped Moyafied Rafa! Rafa was quite Adorable speaking French… Mary Carrillo asked is he speaking Spanish of french… It was French with a Spanish accent!

      • You are just too funny…I am sitting here laughing my arse off….LOL…The National Enquirer no less. Never read it but I hear it’s almost as bad as the Brit tabloids.

        JBeer and some others of his ilk have been gone since we hit 2017. RNF cleaned house it seems.

        This is a Rafa fan site and I can understand debate about Rafa, but some people are just ugly. The comments he made were just unbelievable.

        I did appreciate you clarifying the new coach business. Marietta was wrong on that one but I didn’t help by not clarifying the “new voice” aspect. I have to find the article in which Moyà was quoted as saying he knew what Rafa was going through. That sentence meant so much to me because at times I wanted to strangle Toni for the things he would tell Rafa. I think Rafa is in better physical condition which will certainly help.

        I think Moyà is a calming influence on Rafa and just a gentler person. I think he is more in tuned to what Rafa needs with respect to his sensitivities. His targeted training and nutritional guidelines, whatever they may be, are also a big plus.

        As far as Nole is concerned, I hope he finds himself. He seems somewhat in a state of confusion. Or maybe just depressed. I don’t know. I hope he has a close wise friend to help guide him.

        Moyafied Rafa…that’s a REALLY GREAT description of our rejuvenated Rafa. I had no worries about ANY of his previous opponents this FO. Stan may take him to four sets but not if Rafa plays like he really wants the Coupe des Mouquetaires.

        Yes, his French has his Spanish accent. And he talks so fast in French. I had to replay the French LOL. I love the Romance Languages. They are so closely intertwined but French pronunciation is in a league all by itself.

        To answer your question, Moyafied Rafa will prevail.

        RAFA ROCKS

  8. Good Job Rafael,
    You and Uncle​Tony had to take these guys back to school before Uncle Tony’s exit🎾

    Keep your sweet, sweet spirit and Uncle Tony on Redail. I know you’ll be around for years to come🎾

    And, God willing I’ll be around to watch!!!

    1 of God’s own



    LOVE YOU ALWAYS. 💚💟💓💞💝💕💛❤💖💔💘💗

    • Do we all – including rhe ones, among them the moderators who kept bashing commentators like The Truth, J Beer, etc for saying BRING IN A NEW COACH for three years! – now acknowledge that it is mostly the coaching change that brought us two GS finals after.a drought of almost 3 years? Apologize already!!!!! Really, the hatred was so foul. And these folks were completely right.

      • Almost everyone was crying for a new coach for Rafa, including me until I gave up. JBeer was a Rafa basher who demeaned Rafa and threw insult-upon-insult Rafa’s way. I don’t know why he is banned. Do you?

      • Jason, It wasn’t that J Beer was asking for a new coach that was the reason for his unpopularity. It was the nasty, demeaning, spiteful things he said as well. Being right does not excuse his behaviour. Apologise???? Not likely.

      • Yes Beverley, it was the nasty….ummm no….it was the VERY nasty. Thanks for having the courage to say so.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Really Jason … I never comment on your post but I enjoy reading them & repect your knowledge of Rafa. If you remember correctly J beer was really nasty and mean… He said that Rafa was washed up and that adding a new coach now would be too late … It seems as though he was very wrong and it has helped… Look at Rafa he is confident secure and playing better then ever. I’m not arguing with you I just want you to go back, if you can and read his post… He was always bickering with someone and what came out of his mouth was really hateful. We should all be very very happy and pleased with the way that Rafa bulldozed Thiem today … I really like Thiem and wish him all the best, I do believe he will be number 1 in the future but let’s just hope and pray that Rafa can win this just one more time… It will be such an achievement and it will be etched in tennis history forever!

  10. Oh my garsh. I am so tank excited. Great game rafa. Listening to the match on my phone. From the app. Jumping up down. Just one more . Go get Stan the man. One game left. For number 10. My favorite number. My birthday is 10/10.

  11. YES this is sooo great – very happy for you Rafa 🤗❤️ Now on to the final and bite that trophy 🤞🏻🏆👑🇪🇸
    VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS❣️🎾💪🏼😘 The best of luck sweet Champ 🍀🌟

  12. HAHAHA In the first two sets, Rafa was like, “Open your mouth boy!!”…

    And in the third set, Rafa forced Thiem to swallow the same pill Thiem had fed Djoker two days go. What goes around comes around Dominic!

    What a performance to silence all the naysayers and doubters. Go Rafa? Rafa went!

    Just like Thiem found out that Rafa is no Djokovic, so shall Wawrinka find out come Sunday- with all due respect.

    Ugh… Rafa was just mean! I don’t like him so much:) Vamos baby!

    • OMG…. They just took off the French Open on NBC because Trump is making speach… Again I will refrain from a comment because I do not want to be bumped off again! I found it on TC channel so all is good!

      • I have never known you to be nasty like some other fans here. Most of them are gone as of 2017. Thank goodness.

        I think as long as you stay “on topic,” as RNF has stated on several occasions, you shouldn’t have a problem. Don’t want you nervous about posting innocuous comments. We have Roger and Nole bashers here. While you were gone Nick Kyrgios and Alex Zverev were being bashed. Alex was bashed because someone here started basing him on misinformation and then the peanut gallery chimed in. Just be your own person. This is a great site to discuss all things Rafa. Enjoy it.

  13. Vamoooos! So happy for you. Now against Wawrinka..will be a tough match. Play aggressive and go for it. YOU CAN DO IT, believe in it. Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  14. ENHORABUENA!!!!!!!….sin palabras…un perfecto partido…en facebook dije k tenia plena confianza en ti d k ganarias…del partido d Roma aprendiste…eres EL REY D LA TIERRA BATIDA…
    Suerte para el Domingo y sigo confuando en ti k te llevaras el 10

      • Your getting the hang of that “Rafa art”, Margo – Looking good 😁👍🏻😉👩🏼‍🎨🎨

      • Sweet of you but no one beats your art. I’m working on it….am just so wired right now and too excited to do anything. I knew Rafa would win today but not by such a wide margin. Thrilled for him, I am.

        RAFA ROCKS

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