Rafael Nadal celebrates 31st birthday at Roland Garros

Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal celebrated his 31st birthday on Saturday, and the French Tennis Federation had a nice cake in store for the nine-time French Open champion.


  1. Being a fellow Gemini Rafa, We all stick together! It’s Amazing you and Borg B Ds 3 days apart!
    May this year bring you #10 in PARIS!
    Aloha from Honolulu,

  2. Wow Rafa what a complete human being you are, and you

    teach us all so much.i am soooooooooo glad you had a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY,

    and ALL the best for next match.

    Love and prayers,



  3. Rafa was totally delightful in that video. He has a natural, unaffected charm with no hint of self importance. With all his fame and wealth he just comes across as a normal happy guy. His charisma is something that cannot be copied – he just has it naturally. Congratulations to his parents whose upbringing is reflected in the man he is to-day and to Uncle Toni, who always endeavoured to keep his nephew’s feet on the ground.

    • Yes Beverley…Rafa is special! Our boy is all grown up now! I can’t believe all those years have past…I just remember this thin but muscular teenager with flowing hair, flying around the courts making jaw-dropping shots…Those were magical times and I miss them… However I’m so proud of the man that he has become, he truly is the gentleman of tennis and if he can pull this “La Decima” off he will no doubt be the most decorated tennis player of all times! I have to say it has not always been easy being such a ardent Rafa fan… There has been ups and downs with the injuries but with his resilience he has been able to bounce back to thrill us over & over again! I’m feeling very nervous tonight but I have sent my prayers and best wishes to him… He has so much love from all of us here on this site that I hope it glides him right through to the finish line! VAMOS RAFA! You can do this!

  4. It looks as if Rafa had a lovely birthday, Roland Garros always plays a nice part in ensuring that. Tennis Channel too added to the day. He had a lot of fun. Rafa looks so happy and relaxed. Away from tennis, he obviously shared time and celebrations with family and friends. Then Real Madrid’s victory was the perfect ending to the day for him.
    Back to work to morrow, Vamos Rafa

  5. Happy Birthday Rafa!!! Blessings today and always🍰🍰🍹🍹🎉🎉🎁🎁🙏🏾🙏🏾😘😘

  6. Andy says he doesn’t think about his birthday because it’s always when he’s away from home, on tour… Rafa thinks it’s special to celebrate his birthday at Roland Garros.. Who has the outlook on life that will make them happy? Rafa is such an inspiration, so wise without ever preaching or making it a cliché, just being him. 💗

    • Jas, What a lovely way to point out what makes Rafa so special. I like Andy along with several other players, but Rafa is a special person. I admire him on and off the court. I urge everyone to check the TC interview above. He is so adorable! How can anyone not love him?

    • Matches had to be rescheduled because of the rain today and not fair to move Gasquet/Monfils. It can’t be helped, and at least Rafa has already played on Suzanne Lenglen in the tournament this year, and he’ll probably have a practice on it early tomorrow as well. Hope the court has dried out and the weather is better tomorrow – no heavy wet courts for Rafa please! 😰

    • As Jas points out below, the two Frenchmen had to continue on the same court where their match was interrupted. Rafa has never lost on Lenglen and seems happy to play on both, but I too would have preferred Chatrier.

    • Nah, putting Rafa on PC court means he would have to wait for Monfils/Gasquet to finish their match, which may take ages, going by Monfils record there in the past!

      I certainly won’t want any rain delay for Rafa, so getting the SL court and playing the second match there will at least give Rafa a better chance of completing his match before any rain delay, or at least completing his match within the same day!

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