This is how Rafael Nadal will celebrate his 31st birthday [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal turns 31 tomorrow. His plans are already set for the big day. Well, for the evening at least…

Tomorrow is a special day because it’s my birthday.

The good news is that I’m going to have my birthday here in Roland Garros.

Tomorrow at 8:45 I am going to be in front of the TV for sure, supporting my team [in the Champions League final]. I hope Real Madrid are going to win another time, but it’s going to be tough!

Source: Roland Garros, Video: stroppa777


  1. Rafa, you are the birthday boy here, but as I do every year, I am also making a wish for you to be happy and healthy🎂🍷🍾👑🎉🎈
    Everything else will follow.


  2. Rafa, may you have many, many more wonderful birthdays🍾🍾🍾 at Roland-Garros. That will assure us all that you will still be in the game and doing what you love🎾🎾🎾👍👏🤗😄😘🍀.


  3. Happy happy birthday! Have a fantastic celebrations and many more surprises to come … enjoy celebrating life and love …. 🎶🎂🎁🍸🍾🥂

  4. Dear Rafa,
    i wish you happy birthday today, and thank you for oll the ours of good tennis, of humanity, of sympaty you give as oll! You really are a great sportsman and i even wish you, to continue so a great tournament in Roland Garros! Happy 31 🎉🎉🎉

  5. Happy Birthday Rafa. LIve long and present us wonderful tennis for years to com,

  6. Happiest birthday to dear Rafa may all your wishes come true! My 102 year old morher who lives with me and her caregiver are also avid fans.We just love watching you wether in victory or defeat.God bless you with many many more years of good health and many answered prayers!Enjoy your day with a RM win Vamos!hugs and lots of love from the Philippines!

  7. I was listening to a Brit commentator who I do not know. After he sang Rafa’s praises, he said that he is also a delightful man. A print reporter was also repeating all of Rafa’s records and said that he is good looking too. But you can’t hate this man because he is so nice to everyone. Rafa said the only thing he wants for his birthday is good health (and a Real Madrid win)!

  8. Have a wonderful birthday & enjoy every precious moment – you are an amazing person! Tell your mother she did a great job raising her son 😄 and thank you for sharing him (you) with the world. I am sure it’s not easy sometimes.

    I hope your birthday wishes come true.

  9. Ven Ayya, Rafa loves the simple things in life and will be relaxing in front of the tv watching his beloved Real Madrid. What’s wrong with that? He’s really happy with where he’s at right now and I’m sure the best present he could have would be to win RG. That would be the time for real celebration!
    Best wishes for a very happy birthday, Rafa 🎂🖥 🍰😀😘❤️

  10. Sending you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you win your matches. I root for you all the time.

  11. Happy Birthday Rafa! I hope that you win Roland Garros!!
    Have a stellar day!! 🙂


  13. Happy Birthday Rafa…….having good feelings about your season. See you in NY in September!

  14. My 6 year old great granddaughter watches you on tv with me. I never miss any of your games. Yesterday after watching you win at RG. Gabriella, my granddaughter wanted to,write you a letter and she did . She mailed it to Rafa Nadel, Tennis Player in Mallorca Spain. Sure hope you receive it. She just loves watching you play and she cheers you on so loudly you could probably hear her wherever you are. Keep winning. P.S. She even wrote her return address.

  15. Happy Birthday Rafa and Happy Birthday to me too hope we have a wonderful day and please God you will be champion again Sun week june

  16. Happy birthday Rafa
    Enjoy your day with your family and team

  17. He is so funny about hitting 31.

    ENJOY your special day, Rafa. Have a wonderful birthday.


  18. Happy Birthday Rafa, good luck for the rest of the tournament. Hope you do make it to the final and win Roland Garros for the 10th time.

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