Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot against Novak Djokovic in Madrid Open semifinal

Watch Rafael Nadal nail the no-look backhand overhead smash on Saturday against Novak Djokovic at the Mutua Madrid Open.


  1. Rafa must have been pleased to have Real Madrid stars Raúl, and Cristiano Renaldo, retired and current player respectively, in attendance at the MM Open to witness the end of Rafa’s almost three-year losing streak to Nole.

    [Rafa explains the second set]
    “I knew I’d have to play very well and I thought I did very well in the first set. In the second [set], I got the typical nerves from playing Djokovic….I couldn’t be happier. To reach another final in Madrid means everything to me.”

    “It’s a great result. To win against Novak by that score you have to be playing very well, otherwise it’s impossible.

    “It was an important match for me. I lost a lot of times in a row. To break that means there are always nerves.”

    “The circumstances nowadays are completely different compared to those seven matches that occurred before.”

    “I think that the last two years perhaps haven’t been my best two years. For Novak, they were really good years.”

    WOW Rafa, I had no idea but I am happy that you overcame your nerves to add to your total wins over Nole.👏🎾🤗 Just keep doing it should you meet up with him again.


  2. Novak on Rafas’s performance – Rafa was obviously a better player today. He deserved to win. He was controlling the game from beginning to the end,”. “His quality was very high and he managed to do whatever he wanted, especially in the first set. He did get the better of me in most of the stats today, most of the shots.”All in all, I did try my best. It wasn’t a very high quality of tennis from my side. I made a lot of unforced errors, especially in the first set. Thank you Novak for stating the obvious.
    Rafa view – What’s important to me is to make it to another final,” said Nadal. “As time goes by, what is important is the titles, not the opponents that you have beaten. It’s just the titles that you have won.
    Good luck tomorrow Rafa , whoever your opponent is .

  3. Also, could not help noticing today:
    I have never seen Rafa with so much stubble, i.e. like he’s growing a beard.

    What do other Rafa fans think is up? A good luck thing? (lots of athletes do this for good luck, stop shaving).

    I will be watching tomorrow to see if Rafa is clean shaven.

    • Hi rafalite I noticed the same towards the end of barcelona. If it’s a good luck thing for rafa it reminds me of b. borg who didn’t shave throughout the 2 weeks of Wimbledon every time he played and that was for luck too. If it works for rafa then why not!

    • Wasn’t he sporting a beard during his injury time out in 2016? Also, RNF has pics of him visiting the Mallorca Open with a lot of beard. Rafa has said he is not superstitious so perhaps he just wants to forget about having to shave every day. Maybe a reporter will ask him about it.


  4. Yeah, I loved that one.
    Rafa has the best BH overhead in the business, and the BH overhead is the hardest shot there is.
    Syas so much about Rafa’s abilities.

  5. Wow just totally over the moon! So well deserved. Routing for you Rafael now and until the end of time! Pls be No 1 again before I die 🙏

  6. Fabulous! Going from strength to strength Rafa. You’re in a very happy place right now. Long may it last 😃

  7. It was my perfect prediction of straight 2 set win commented just few hrs. back. Keep it up Rafa! You are on right track for your 10th RG championship

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