ATP Race to London: How close is Rafael Nadal to replacing Roger Federer as number one?

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

The post Barcelona rankings are up.

There’s no movement in the top ten from last week, but with titles in Barcelona and Monte-Carlo, Rafael Nadal continues to edge closer to No. 4 Roger Federer in the latest ATP rankings, while he also moves to within 300 points of his Swiss rival in the ATP Race to London.

ATP rankings as of May 1, 2017:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Andy Murray United Kingdom 11870 18
2. Novak Djokovic Serbia 8085 16
3. Stan Wawrinka Switzerland 5695 20
4. Roger Federer Switzerland 5125 15
5. Rafael Nadal  Spain 4735 15
6. Milos Raonic Canada 4165 19
7. Kei Nishikori Japan 4010 19
8. Marin Cilic Croatia 3565 22
9. Dominic Thiem Austria 3535 29
10. David Goffin Belgium 2975 25


  1. Well done Rafa!!!
    Hope for many more victories this year.

    Love you always!


  2. They are referred to as “The Big Four,” due to their dominance on the circuit for years, the amount of tournaments they have won among them, and so much more. Together they make up the “big four,” not individually, as each of these astounding athletes has made his own contribution to the moniker.

    I had to laugh when Rafa responded jokingly to a journalist’s question about the big four last year, “I don’t know, no. Is your name big four? Big one is your name, not my name. I really don’t care much about it.”

  3. There never was a big four, only the big three. Nadal,Fed.,Djoker! Murray accomplishments are nowhere near the other tHree.

  4. The race to London is highly irrelevant. Majors, majors and majors, that is what it is all about. Ask the players. Not once did I ever hear a player say “Yeah, I am so happy, I am no. 1 in the race to London, fantastic”. Never. Majors. Try to remember it.

    • Race to London means rankings — No. 1 in race to London will end the year as No. 1. When has No. 1 ranking not been relevant? 🙄

    • Jason, I would not call the race to London irrelevant. However I do not put much importance to it at this stage of the year.
      The race positions will change as the year goes by. Look at some of the top players now who are not as yet even in the top ten of the race. It is in some cases simply because they have not played very much this year as yet. Whereas others in good positions now will fall by the wayside as the better players start to play more.
      I do not know whether Rafa will maintain the spot he has now in the race but I hope, and expect, he will make the final eight. The same regarding Roger.
      But whether it is Rafa or Roger who is in the top spot now does not seem of any great significance . I would much rather see Rafa surpass Roger in the normal ATP rankings, and as soon as possible, as being seeded in the top four is advantageous in the draw. where one does not meet other top players until later in the matches.

    • It is anything but “highly irrelevant”.
      It tells you who is playing best at the moment, or since the year began–which is not the same thing at all as the regular rankings, which often have yet to catch up with present realities.

      There is a great example of this right now–Murray is ranked #1, yet he is nowhere near that in the Race. Djok is ranked #2, and he is also way down in the live race.
      Fed and Rafa are ranked #1 and #2 respectively, in the race, and are the true #s 1 & 2 at the moment.

      So Race to London actually tells you more than rankings as to who is the best right now.
      That can never be called irrelevant.

    • You are all missing the point. A tennis player’s resume is about majors. It is not about ranking. Marcelo Rios anyone? Case closed.

      • IMHO I think you missed the point. I don’t see where anyone said majors were not important. The comments were in response to your phrase “highly irrelevant.”

        The discussion was in defense of the race to London and the year’s-end ranking, not the importance of the race to London VERSUS the importance of the majors. It was not an either or discussion. Fans were explaining why they felt the race to London does have relevance. Have you asked Rafa about the importance of being included in the race? No. I thought so.

        RAFA ROCKS

  5. Rafa, wish you all the best of health and continue your wonderful journey! Vaaamos!

  6. Great to see Rafael and Roger receiving and enjoying their deserved accolades and having their moments of recognition and fun👏😜 They have contributed so much to tennis👍and still hunger to improve-what an incredible era🍾🎉👑🌟🏆❣️

  7. #10 in Monte Carlo, #10 in Barcelona..Amazing two weeks. Now take rest. Vamos Rafa ❤

  8. Very well done Rafa. Hopefully the confidence is sky high as he goes on into the clay season.
    Stay healthy!

  9. I want to see the awards ceremonies after Rafa wins the tournaments, not chit chat from tennis channel discussions.

    • Hi Betty, I feel the same way and sometimes the Tennis Channel does. I think they did not do so yesterday because the awards program was mainly in Spanish. The commentators covering the final were not able to translate. They did show most of the MC ceremony I believe. I am trying to find it on YouTube.

  10. After two such wonderful weeks, I am just so happy that Rafa is playing so well. His interviews yesterday and last Sunday are filled with joy. I am also happy that Rafa is once again being recognized as the great player he is. I am going to take it match by match, and continue to hope for no injuries. I do think that his confidence level has been restored. What a wonderful time for Rafa fans!

  11. CONGTRATS Rafa, I know you must be pleased with your push forward. You are staring the ATP Tour Race to London square in the face. Maybe a win in November is in your star? I hope so.


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