PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Dominic Thiem for record 10th Barcelona title

Rafael Nadal won the Barcelona Open for a record-breaking 10th time with a 6-4, 6-1 defeat Dominic Thiem on Sunday afternoon.

Rafa took a while to impose himself on Thiem on an overcast day in Barcelona with the cold weather slowing down the court. Thiem earned the first breakpoint of the match but Rafa recovered and eventually took the first set by breaking his opponent in the 10th game. There was no let-up in the second set from Rafa, who broke the 23-year-old Austrian twice in a row before serving for the championship.

It was Rafa’s 51st tournament title on clay and 71st career trophy overall.


Source: Reuters


  1. Thank you, Rafa, for giving the tennis fans the joy of watching exceptional sports talent and athleticism with the courage of a gallant warrior! And thank you for giving us, your loyal fans, the happiness every time we see you play and victorious despite the odds and obstacles you have to surmount.

    Thank you to all my fellow Rafa fans all over the world, for not giving up, for continuously believing, for the well wishes to Rafa, and for supporting and inspiring one another.

    Thank you for this fan website, for keeping us together, in one spirit, for the love of Rafa.

  2. Loved the comments below and am sharing the joy all Rafa fans are feeling today. I know that many of us wish that Rafa would skip Madrid or Rome to rest before RG, but it looks unlikely. Rafa loves playing on clay and these tournaments are the highlights of his season. I too remember that Rafa won the first two last year so I do not want to look ahead. I am just hoping that Rafa can enjoy some good luck for a change since he certainly has had bad luck with injuries. Lastly, I too was surprised at how Thiem fell apart in the second set. Rafa was playing at such a high level, that the air just went out of Thiem in the second. It was so wonderful to see Rafa play so well again!

  3. Fantastic performance by Rafa.
    I thought Thiem would be a difficult opponent and was amazed at how well Rafa handled him–the first set was very close–incredible tennis really, perhaps one of the best sets I’ve seen on clay–but Thiem had nothing left after playing that well and still losing.
    I like Thiem a lot; his game reminds me in some ways of Rafa’s; and i think Thiem has the best clay game by far of all the young ones.

    Anyway, the fact that Rafa could shut him down so easily in the 2nd bodes well for Rafa.
    I think he has hit top form on clay and should win the FO. Period. Maybe one of the two Masters as well–probably Rome, if history is any indication.

    The only fear now is injuries. Please please no injuries for awhile!!!

  4. Rafa, if you are committed to play Madrid and Rome, PLEASE rest as much as possible. I want you as healthy as possible for the FO. Are you hoping for a Masters-Clay Slam? If yes, I wish that you fulfill that dream. If your answer is no, please rest. Either way, it’s your decision and yes, I am with you either way.


  5. I’ve been thinking, and of course I could be wrong, but by looking at Rafa’s schedule I am hypothesizing that Rafa is going for a Masters-Clay Slam; Monte-Carlo [Won]; Madrid [next week]; Rome [ May 10-21]. Then on to a Grand Slam, the French Open. I wonder if Rafa feels a clay slam is more important than the FO, or as I am guessing he may give them equal billing [clay slam+FO]. Your thoughts, anyone?

    I am still searching to see if he already has done the above. Not too proud to say I’m still learning about Rafa.


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