WATCH: Hot shot of the day goes to Rafael Nadal (Barcelona Open R2)

Watch Hot Shot as Rafael Nadal and Rogerio Dutra Silva cover plenty of ground at the 2017 Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.



  1. All I can say is Rafa means business. GOOD TENNIS in your quarterfinal vs H. Chung who I don’t envy. YIKES!!!!


    • thank you tennis channel for not have mary carillo commentate on tennis matches since nadal played goffin at monte carlo. She was RIDICULOUS in her statements; even her fellow co-workers tried to be respectful in disagreeing with her but she did not take the hint and responded again after the match. KEEP HER FROM EVER COMMENTATING ON A TENNIS MATCH AGAIN.

  2. Rafa has defeated Kevin Anderson 6-3, 6-4. On to the quarter finals . He is looking very confident . The rain delay did not appear to affect him in any way.
    It’s great to see him playing like the Rafa of old.

  3. Another great match Rafa, there’s just no stopping you. One step closer to the final , where again you will have people gasping in amazement at what they are witnessing you achieve in 2017🌞

  4. Play underway at last. Rafa you have come out firing on all cylinders . Good luck and hopefully the rain will hold off until you finish you’re match at least . Seems like Spain is experiencing some British weather Lol

  5. I’ve just checked the BBC weather for barcelona and it looks like a washout for the whole day except about 8pm local time when there’s a bit of sunshine mixed with showers. Hope they got it wrong and we will get some play

  6. Awesome exhibition style shots from Rafa yesterday. Just shows how comfortable he was. Just got home and disappointed to find that there’s no live play, but gonna be patient 😃

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