Rafael Nadal Ranks No. 2 In The 2017 ATP Points Race

The post Miami Masters rankings are up. Despite loss to Roger Federer in Miami, Rafael Nadal has jumped to fifth place in the ATP world singles rankings released on Monday.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Roger Federer has moved up to No. 4.

Andy Murray remained at the top of the ATP world singles rankings with 11,960 points. The 29-year-old Scot led the rankings for the first time in his career on November 7 and has kept the lead since.

Serbian Novak Djokovic came in second with 7,915 points.

The current ATP rankings and point scores are as follows:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Murray Andy United Kingdom 11960 17
2. Djokovic Novak Serbia 7915 16
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 5785 20
4. Federer Roger Switzerland 5305 16
5. Nadal Rafael Spain 4735 15
6. Raonic Milos Canada 4345 20
7. Nishikori Kei Japan 4310 20
8. Cilic Marin Croatia 3385 21
9. Thiem Dominic Austria 3385 29
10. Tsonga Jo-Wilfried France 3265 17

Race to London: Rafa is second in the year to date rankings. Having accumulated 4,045 Emirates ATP Rankings Points so far in 2017, Roger leads No. 2 Rafa by well over 1,500 points and has more than doubled the points of everyone else on the ATP World Tour. 

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Federer Roger Switzerland 4045 4
2. Nadal Rafael Spain 2235 5
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 1500 5
4. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 1365 6
5. Tsonga Jo-Wilfried France 1255 6
6. Thiem Dominic Austria 1140 9
7. Sock Jack USA 1130 6
8. Goffin David Belgium 1055 7
9. Carreno-Busta Pablo Spain 985 7
10. Kyrgios Nick Australia 855 5

Our champ is scheduled to play Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome. A title at two of those should put him past Federer going into the French Open.



  1. Rafa Nadal Fan Club, I would like an answer from you personally about this question about sending in photos. As I said, we understand you cannot publish many but are we welcome to send them? How do you decide which ones to choose? On the Internet of course we can print off photos of Rafa to put on the wall but certain photos may be of interest to other fans. Tennis Magazine in Paris do not print photos from fans for this same reason. They have a slot in the magazine for fans to show selfies taken with certain players at certain tournaments, that is all. Fiona in Paris

  2. Now watching Sergio Garcia, in his green jacket, on Live (@9:17am NYC).Was hoping to get a glance of Rafa, but nope.


  3. Rafa on his Twitter site has just congratulated Sergio Garcia the Spanish golfer on winning the Masters in Augusta USA. I too sent a message and asked if he would invite Sergio to the Pula Golf tournament in Majorca at the end of year which they do for the associations funds. Last year it was Olazabel. Rafa likes to play golf for leisure and wears his grey Nike wool hat. I said we learnt the Mediterranean climate in geography at grammar school as “hot dry summers, warm wet westerley winds in winter”. So, even in winter they can do things as well as having the advantage of the early summer to train under the sun. Fiona in Paris

  4. Rafa was enjoying some down time in the USA, busy congratulating his friend, Sergio Garcia, for winning the green jacket at the 2017 Masters.

    Good luck next week, Rafa. Monte Carlo is calling.


  5. To me it doesn’t matter if Rafa doesn’t win the year end World Tour Fnals or if he is not considered the GOAT. Andy Murray won the WTF but he could never be considered in the same conversation as Rafa, Roger or Novak. Rafa cemented his name in history some time ago as one of the greatest the game has ever seen and that is good enough for me. I recall Marcus Buckland in his SKY Sport commentary saying that Roger is respected but Rafa is loved! Remember Roger, the elder statesman, is five years older than Rafa and Novak has done tremendous things in winning loads of trophies over the past five years but he has 12 grand slams, not 14 or 18! I’m not ready to write Rafa off just yet! He is so hungry to add to his GS total that I know he will. He is destined to break loose from Pete Sampras’ total. Only time will tell where these three great champions will end up in terms of the amount of silverware. Let’s continue to enjoy this terrific era in tennis while it lasts 😀😀😀

  6. Awh!! Teresa thanks for the pic of Rafa that you posted. It’s so lovely, so heart warming ❤💕💕 His smile could light up any room! Have a great time at the Barcelona tournament. I pray that I am lucky enough to see him when I go to Roland Garros.

  7. I got the feeling that Rafa was already adapting his game for the clay court swing. Strange thought maybe but I got that feeling. He refused to return close to the baseline for example. It feels like if Rafa was not moving 100% while defending.

    In Grand Slams, you can see Rafa sliding even on Hard Courts. In these two tournaments Rafa is careful when he is defending. It feels like if he doesn’t want to injure himself before the clay-season starts.

    • Yeah nr 1 fan, he was already preparing for the clay season in the Aussie Open final. You are right. Better be ready and have the prios straight.

    • That thought did enter my mind. But then, I would have to believe that Rafa would risk losing the AO in order to practice a strategy in preparation for the FO.


      When one searches for an answer, the plausible as well as the implausible may present themselves.



  8. TERESA, I responded to Jason seeing his point about reaching the finals. You can read my point about the prize money. However, I do not wish him to retire for a long time. I have often typed a message to him personally that Roger is 5 years older yet still playing, I want him to do the same. Even if the player is no longer in the top 10 it pleases us to see them in real . For us women it is just as much to see the player as the match, as in Paris Bercy. I see that other people have rated my first comment agreeing with me. I have his book Rafa, the autobiography and read it with interest but it seems that they speak little about motivation in it. That seems to be the key factor at the moment. We understand it is not easy for them, often plagued with injuries but when they are in a good state they do not always seem determined to prove the public wrong. As in 2015 when I went to Roland Garros the 1/4 finals 3 June the public and media had already predicted that he would lose and there was no feeling that he was determined to win and go to the final. Fiona in Paris

    • Hi, yes I read your earlier comment. I know he is not motivated by money – I don’t see any of the top players are – they all play to win. I also want to see him playing live no matter what. I’m going to the Barcelona tournament at the end of the month so pray that nothing happens before this! There were some beautiful pictures of Rafa practising on clay today which have cheered me up.

      • Teresa, I like this photo, I did not know we can post photos on the site, there are so many I have printed to put on the wall, one in particular I would like to send, I shall try, I tried it for the Banco Sabadell comp to win a signed by Nadal tennis ball but did not win. Lucky to go to Barcelona, I am hoping still to go down to Monte Carlo this month, I am not in Barcelona until later this year. We got our Roland Garros tickets ordered for the first week. I am English, live in Paris, do you live in England or elsewhere? Fiona in Paris

    • Hello Fiona, I am a Londoner. RNF don’t seem to object when we post pictures. Videos and links to matches have also been posted and they seem OK with it. I’m sure they’d let us know if it is a problem. I may go to RG but I want to see how Rafa’s doing first (if I can still get tickets). I have some beautiful pictures from the internet that I am going to get printed but I do not know what sort of quality they will be. I tried to contact the photographer of this picture (who always photographs Rafa) but haven’t had a reply. I’m so happy for you going to RG – fingers crossed!

      • Teresa, I am going to see if I can post a photo of my visit to Manacor Mallorca. You are right, these sites do not object but they do not publish many because they must get inundated with photos from the fans. RG was the same day to order for everyone in Europe, you may be able to get last minute tickets on their site this month, again it is the same day for everyone. Last time in 2015 June 3rd I was sat next to some people from London, they said they also ordered on March 11th. They said Wimbledon now is on the ballot. If Rafa is playing this year, I would like to come in the first week on his first day of play, if you can get tickets I would be interested. Last year he dipped out one month before. I understand that you cannot specify the day like RG but can you ask for a preference? Like he is not in the Davis Cup this week, practising on the clay court in Mallorca, all the best to the Spanish Armada, I follow them all! Fiona in Paris

    • Hi Fiona, I have entered the Wimbledon ballot but have not heard anything yet. I don’t think there is much chance. It is very, very difficult to get tickets for Wimbledon. If Rafa does not play I am not interested anyway. I have got tickets for Queens. I will probably go to the qualifiers, I have centre court tickets for Monday and ground passes for Tuesday. I just hope he plays! I am planning to go to Majorca this year but can only go when the family have holidays so he will probably not be there. It will be nice to see the Academy anyway.

  9. Time is a harsh mistress. Nadal’s overall performance looks to be diminishing. That extra step is no more, which is why so many of Federer winners flew by as Rafa watched helplessly. This is sad to watch.

    Also, that explosive power is no longer on tap for Rafa to rain down those forehand winners of his own. Most of what he offers, get sent back with interest nowadays.

    I love Rafa. I’m starting to accept that the ravages of time and the Stresses on his body have caught up with him. Same with that other great sportsman stuck on 14 Majors, one Tiger Woods.

    Maybe Rafa will find the key to revitalization, as Federer did, and squeeze a few more years of his special brand of tennis that we’ve come to love.

    As for that GOAT stuff, I never had Nadal in there just due to the fact that he’s never won the Year End Finals. It’s always been Federer, and he’s cemented his status even further now with his stellar 2017 so far. But Rafa will always be my sweetie, and he’ll always be my #1 of all time.

    Just win something though! Put our minds at ease Rafa and shut us up:)

    • The reason why Rafa never won ATF FINALS is bcoz it is always on hard court n since hard court is more to Tog’s advantage, of course Rafa can only try his best on hard court. But for Rafa to win a lot on hard courts n be in the finals often enough is already great.

    • Hi Mac, I don’t think you can give Fed goat status based purely on Rafa never winning the World Tour Finals. There are too many other factors to consider – which are too numerous to go into. Just on example, the transition from clay to hard is the most difficult. Rafa has done this more successfully than anyone in history. Note Fed has only 1 RG and has never won MC. Rafa’s record on grass is effectively matched or better than Fed’s on clay. Fed has had over 300+ more matches to achieve 1 more masters than Rafa and Novak. That equates to a third of their entire careers. The slams and masters they won were in a much shorter time period and in a far more competitive field. What Fed is gifted with is longevity. But he was outplayed by Rafa in his prime.

    • Yes, Rafa is a fan of Tiger Woods, he plays golf in his spare time in Majorca, may have met him. Of course I prayed for him in Australia Open to win the 15th, Fed could have let him win for our pleasure. You may have seen my last comment about his age and urging him to continue but of course the players often prefer to go out on a rosy pink cloud. He knows that we want him so much. Now he has the Academy where he is now practising, he said in another videoclip that he wishes to be always involved in sport after a playing career and that is ideal now. I hope to visit the Aca this year. If Roger may continue until 40 then Rafa can too, on his heels. Fiona in Paris

    • MAC, Yes, stresses on his body take their toll. This hair loss which started gradually a while ago and the hair graft done in Madrid is often linked to that, stress brought on by the deep concentration on the match. When I saw him close up in Paris Bercy in 2015 he looked frowning and not in a good mood but that is obvious that the concentration means he cannot smile. Since age 30 the brow is more furroughed, also a sign of concentration. His beautiful set of teeth is still there however, to bite the trophy. Fiona in Paris

  10. There is nothing with being critical on nadal. In my opinion you shouldnt sugercoate his performances. There should be room on this site to critize rafa when he is playing very bad. That doesnt make you less fan then others.

    • mjus, Criticism is fine so long as it is constructive and delivered without malice.
      Unfortunately this is not always the case.
      eg.” clay goat my -ss.” Not very constructive to my way of thinking.from one so-called fan.
      No doubt this fan was very upset about Rafa’s loss in Miami and felt he should have changed various key areas in his play. I can understand that, it is a sentiment expressed by many, but there are more adult ways to deal with it than the comment above.which refers to the clay season anyway which hasn’t even started yet.
      Rafa has a lot of points to protect prior to the French Open.. He may or may not protect them all. If he doesn’t I can only hope any criticism from any discontented ” fans” will be constructive and free from derogatory remarks
      I think I need to take a break from this site for a while . Too much negativity from some areas.
      Fortunately there were a lot of positives to read and they were not all ” sugarcoated “. Many were balanced opinions just expressing the good as well as the disappointing, which is what you did on seeing things from a different perspective a few days after the final. Thank you.
      So long for now, Rafa fans. See you in Monte Carlo. Only two weeks to go. !!

    • I hope FanLove is reading your comments.

      But as always, we’d see…………………hmmmnn

    • Mjus, I agree about when the player is playing bad, I have been reading the Wikipedia account of his career year by year and it is always disappointing for us when he loses against a player much lower in the ranking, like Kyrgios 145 th in Wimbledon 2014 8th round or Darcis 1st round 2013.He should have won Wimbledon twice more to defend his super titles in 2008 and 2010. We always think he should have had an easy win but the other one may have had a strong day. You may have read my earlier comments about motivation. I get the impression that motivation is not always there even when he is in good form physically. I have sent messages to him saying that we would like him to always win in Madrid and Barcelona, en su tierra as they say in Spanish. Leave London Queens for Andy Murray, after winning Rome several times leave it to an Italian etc. Each in his country, for the Grand Slams, having won US Open and Aus Open twice, leave them for the others and every year continue to carry off Roland Garros and Wimbledon, that would be logical , what do you others think ? Fiona in Paris

  11. It has everything to go with confidence and selfbelief. It is an mental thing because why is it that he is scared of going for his shots especially the forehand and backhand down the line. Carlos moya has a very big task to help nadal to overcome this issue. But i will be patient

    • This is a good point mjus. When Rafa play the Fast4 Exhibition match again Kyrgios this year, he played with so much freedom because he was not nervous. Rafa is always talking about playing with confidence making a difference… so this is obviously something he himself believes in.

  12. Beverley Budnichenko

    i did not say that nadal should retire. But i think that people like jason and others are frustrated with nadal. I am a nadal supporter since 2007 before that i was a supporter of pete sampras. I dont mind him losing he is human but he is not trying to do things differently. I was upset on sunday but am putting it more in perspective.

    Compare with the last two years nadal has a better start reaching three hardcourtfinals before claycourt season. I dont remember him doing it the last time. He is has not lose against a low player like the previous years.

    Now the clay season coming up. This will be important for him. I consider nadal greatest player of all time more then roger.. He needs to stop being humble and become more positive arrogant. Perhaps he can take a good look at this trophies and accomplishment and then look in the mirror: I AM RAFAEL NADAL THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME AND NOBODY CAN BEAT ME

    Furthermore what he needs to do is this: Go for your shots play the ball not your opponent and play agressive inside the court.

    Use more the forehand and backhand down the line that creates openings especially against federer.

    Stay closer to the baseline and take the ball earlier also return earlier and hit the ball flatter. He has shown that he is capable of doing this. And if he returns dont return crosscourt. He did that a lot of times against federer try to return down the line and return earlier so he can take time away from federer

  13. Theresa,
    jason is a nadal supporter wo found it difficult to remain a nadal supporter and i think a lot of nadal supporters like myself are frustrated that nadal keeps Ilosing without doing something about it. With that i am talking about doing the things differently. It is now two days since he lost to federer but i am starting to put the things a bit into perspective:

    – nadal has a good season if you compare it with the last two years. He reached three hardcourt finals before the claycourt season. I dont remember him doing that the last time
    – he has not lost against a lower tennisplayer this yeard which he did the last two years
    – federer will not play like this the whole year. That is impossible at some point his level will drop

    Now the clay court season is coming up. This part of the season will determine where the spaniard is.

    Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time. What he needs to do is take a good look at the trophies and the things he accomplished and the players he has beaten. Then as a form of therapy take a couple times a good look in the mirror and say loud to yourself I AM RAFAEL NADAL THE GREATEST TENNISPLAYER OF ALL TIME AND NOBODY CAN BEAT ME !!!!!!!! and take this attitude with him to the court.

    • and theresa :

      There are so many things can rafa can do differently. I would give you some examples:

      – he needs to go for his shots and play aggressive (this is a really mental thing nadal is affraid of going for his shots) Especially the forehand and backhand down the line. Accept that you will hit some errors

      – he needs to play close to the baseline. He did that at the us open 2010 and in 2013. He did that also during the quarterfinal against raonic at this year australian open. By doing that you are dictating the rally

      – return differently. I noticed during nadal matches especially the one against roger most of the time he is returning cross court instead of down the line. Since his opponents know that rafa likes stay far behind the baseline almost all of them like to use the kickservice then stepping in and put the ball away. Thats why also on the return he has to learn to stay close to the baseline. I believe he can do that its matter of practicing

      – take the ball early also with your return. Nadal was succesfull with that during his match with raonic at this year australian open. He took time away from raonic by doing that.

      – Why is he not using the ball down the line forehand or backhand to create opening. Federer felt very comfortable on sunday especially now with his improved backhand.

      WHY IS CARLOS MOYA AND FRANCISCO ROIG NOT SEEING THIS???????????????????????????????????

      • Mjus, I am sure both Moya and Roig can see what changes Rafa should make but for reasons known only to Rafa he seems unwilling, or unable, to make. Moya has only been on Rafa’s team a couple of months. His influence is already showing in some areas. For example, his serve, whjch I felt was an improvement in Miami. There will be others who deny this since they only see things in relation to winning the trophy.
        I know you were not the one who said Rafa should retire and yes, you are putting things into more perspective now Miami is over.
        Unfortunately there are those who will never be able to do that . All they can see is win, win, and the answer to being the runner-up is to retire. An attitude lacking sadly in sportsmanship from one who has been a Rafa fan for some years. But evidently a fan only when he is winning.

      • Mjus, that is a brilliant point about Rafa not being positive arrogant. This is something that Roger (and Novak) have that he doesn’t. He never sells himself and has undermined himself his entire career – always conceding that others are better than him. Some of his own words are used against him. People believe in people that have self-belief. But I wouldn’t change Rafa’s personality for the world.

    • Rafa nadal is my very favorite player! an incredible legend who will go down in history but he is not the greatest of all time, no, that would be the Swiss master, his friend, Roger Federer

      • No sorry nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time.Nadal won his grandslam titles in a stronger field then federer. Plus nadal still has a positive advantage over federer and murray which federer doesnt have and nadal won more hardcourt titles then federer winning clay court titles. Maybe that is the problem nadal needs to be positive arrogant

      • I disagree – I would give equal credit to Roger, Rafa and Novak. They simply have different strengths on different surfaces. They have also been dominant (the greatest) at different times.

  14. I’m a Rafa die hard fan… I can not stand to see him losing!!! But I’m frustrated,on how he had lost to Federer this year… I hope he find the solution to roger problem… I hope moya, feel this way too.

  15. Rafa is the GOAT on clay period!!! Now nobody can claim otherwise. As for you Jason, you keep
    drubbing the positive posts here with your stupid comments. Why dont you just go to a Krygios fan page instead? Comprende?? Bamanos!

  16. Whats with you Jason? if you dont have much positive to pinch in better keep it to yourself. Rafa the goat on clay..

    • Jason is being Jason. He’s been a lot nastier. I guess he has been practicing self control…until Rafa’s Miami loss.


    • This alone tells the tale. RAFA CLAY GOAT would upset Nadal fans in the past. It is offensive. Nadal was about to claim his spot as clear GOAT player just three years ago (about to win a double career grand slam at 27). But then things took a very dramatic turn. Clay goat, my #ss.

      • Ahhh Jason, I feel for you, you’re probably angry and upset like the rest of us – who can blame you. Tennis.com and the like are full of crap and change like the wind for a story. They need an audience and that audience right now are Fed fans. I don’t read them anymore (particularly commentaries) and stick to fan sites where Rafa is celebrated and people post positive articles. When the media storm has died down, things will be put back into perspective. The truth of the unbiased is that Fed has been outplayed and matched in his prime by at least 3 other players. Both Rafa and Novak, have actually surpassed Roger in both slams and masters if you take into account how much longer he has been playing. Fed is gifted with longevity and has had the luck of a certain amount of biased media. We all lament the slams Rafa would have won had he not been injured – we cannot change that. But remember, had he won 20 slams people would still argue Fed is better because, because, because…. Fed played through a 5 year drought – it did not alter his legacy. So retirement is not the answer. That’s the cowards way out and Rafa, as you know is not a quitter but a fighter and, for this, he will be remembered.

  17. Fantastic, let’s hope we have many more runner up places to celebrate. I really do not understand people who celebrate 2nd place. It has no place in sport, and it has no place in pro tennis for sure. A loss is a loss.

    • Yes, Jason, I see your point. I am a great fan of Rafa and of course prayed for him to win all the finals this year. To arrive at the final is an achievement but at their level like you say, a loss is a loss. I thought at the time of the Australian Open the player would have the offer of the prize money before him, if he was offered 5000 euros to win the final or 4 times that to be runner up he would choose the first choice, the former. At that level, money takes second place. Other motivations take over. I have wished him a good rest in Majorca and hoping first place for Monte Carlo and after. I live on Paris and hope to go down there. Hope for another response from you to me. Fiona in Paris

      • I hope for two things: Rafa wins RG (or any other major in the next 12 months). If that does not happen, or if he does not even come close, he should retire. And this is – luckily – what his approach is. He said so himself, he does not want another year like 2015, for 2 years. Well, 2016 was worse. 2017 started promising, but has not delivered at all. A very big downer is that with Djoko and Murray temporarily at a slower gear, Rafa’s not able to come out on top. Clay season will be crucial. No masters titles would signal the beginning of the end.

    • Hi Jason, I disagree with your point about reaching finals. In other sports maybe but in tennis a major achievement for many players is getting to the quarters, semis etc for the first time. However, standards for Rafa are higher and all that counts are trophies. 2016 was only worse because of injury – he won Monte Carlo and Barca and was playing well. If he’d given up, we wouldn’t have seen Olympic Gold. I feel the same now, it doesn’t matter how much he dips, he is such a great champion – he can squeeze something out. I agree, this clay court season will be very telling but knowing Rafa, if he fails, he will come back in 2018 if his body permits. I can see the irony and frustration, we get a reprieve from Djokovic and now Fed re-emerges. Fed had a 5 year drought and many thought he should retire (not that I see Rafa playing at 35) but so long as he stays relatively fit and wants to play then we should be with him.

      • Rafa, sweet Rafa, if anything is keeping you from the trophies, fix it. If it can’t be fixed, for whatever reason, I’ll take you as you are. Keep up the good fight.

        May you have an exciting and joyous time on your beloved clay.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Yes, Teresa, we certainly should be with him. Most fans fortunately see Rafa as more than a winning machine. We remember his wonderful victories in the past and would love to see them repeated but if this is not to be, we are loyal to him. We do not condemn and toss him aside because the years may be catching up with him..

    • Your 2nd comment about if Rafa doesn’t do this or that he should retire:
      How audacious and rude and totally absurd of you or any fan telling a player when he should retire.

      Anyone who doesn’t recognize 2nd place in a feild of thousands as an incredible achievement is a fool, an ignoramous.

      You should learn not to project your own feelings of inadequacy onto Rafa, expecting him to fix them for you.

      I had hoped to stay polite on this site , which is pretty new for me, but your comment puts an end to that. There is no polite response to Rafa should retire from a disgruntled and immature fan.

      But you can retire any time and you will not be missed. Rafa would be missed by millions.

      • In your long and hysterical rant, you fail to recognize the positive aspect of retirement: Nadal would protect his legacy, similar to how Sampras did that (he went put in style, no longer standing potential dry spells), Becker (retired 3 years after his last major win, won at 28 too) and so many more. Nadal is not on the tour to lose to opponents he could beat easily in the past. History will not be kind with all these defeats. Look at the horror that tennis.com is already writing about Federer – Nadal rivalry, as if things are put into place. It disgusts me.

      • Rafalite, It is hard to be polite all the time with the attitude of some so-called fans. I always like to be polite but am shocked at the posts made by someone aptly described by you as an “disgruntled and immature fan.” How true.
        If winning is the only result we should celebrate all other top players who reach only semi and quarter finals should retire with Rafa, it seems. An attitude which shows a lack of understanding of the game of tennis , especially since in spite of losing the final, Rafa has risen to number 5 in the rankings and is still number 2 in the Race.

  18. Rafa as said above you are


    and I too trust you have some relaxation and REST

    before going to Monte Carlo, there at home in Mallorca.

    Love and prayers,


      • Jason,
        Being a respectful and nice guy is not going to bring your majors. But after being angry about that loss on sunday i am putting the things more into perspective. Nadal has a great season compare with 2015 and 2016

        – He has reached three harcourtfinals before clay court season. Cant remember him doing that the last time
        – He has not lost against a lower tennis player which happend the last two years.
        – Roger federer run will end. You can not play like this the whole season. I compare his run with that of djokovic in 2011. At some point his level will drop. This tournament in miami federer was vulnerable. He almost lost against berdych and if krygios kept his head together he might have won. And dont forget nadal was unlucky the first. If he had converted his breakpoints and he had won the first set we might have had another winner due to fatigue of federer

    • Another one gone off the deep end.

      Rafa will retire when Rafa feels like retiring. Rafa surely will not take the lead from any fan who lives vicariously through him.


      • Could not agree more with you Margo. There are those who just want to live through the reflected glory of their hero’s wins and those who respect all that their hero has achieved in the past and will continue to support and admire him through how ever many years He chooses to play.
        Of course we want him to win more trophies but if for some reason he is unable to achieve this we know it is not because of not trying.
        I do agree with his detractors that there are some things he should do even if he is a creature of habit and stays with the familiar which is not working any more. But even if he makes these changes we cannot be sure that will be enough to win trophies.To win games, yes, but trophies that is still a question mark. His ( justified ) fears of injuries probably holds him back at times.,
        I feel it was Carlos Moya who persuaded Rafa to play closer to the baseline when he won against Raonic and Rafa himself said in interview he felt comfortable playing there in that match, but he did this in only that match. But I am sure Moya will try to get him to work on that.
        However having said that I am sadly disappointed with fans who condemn him as some kind of failure because he lost to Fed and even think he should retire.!! Winning two runner-up trophies already this year does not seem grounds for retirement to me. There are top players who have not got to any finals this year as yet but when Rafa gets there it is not enough for some fans who want a return to past glories. Don’t we all but some of us are more realistic and accept that Rafa is not some kind of machine that will turn out victories for ever. .

      • Beverley, we all want him to win and he’s been been winning for years, in between injuries and their attendant pain, and personal matters. I, personally, am happy that he is back on the circuit and playing well enough to reach finals. Happy to have him back. I am still in waiting mode to see how he handles the clay season. I truly hope it goes fantastic for him. Wishing him all the best.

        I did consider the possibility that he is worried about injuring himself. That would surely hinder him.

        Was it Roger who said, “play the shot, not the man?” That’s what Rafa needs to do.

        RAFA ROCKS

  19. These are truly remarkable results for Rafa considering his last 2 seasons. With the addition of Moya to his team, I feel he has performed exceedingly well on hard courts which adds the most
    pressure on his knees. I see all positives as he advances into the clay court season.

    Each player has their own journey. I honestly can’t wait to see what comes next for Rafa!
    In the meantime I hope he can enjoy some downtime, rest and relaxation with family, and friends before Monte Carlo!

    Best wishes, Rafa!

      • Thank you, YB for your sweet comment. I always try to be mindful, sensitive, honest and considerate with my comments and strike the right balance when weighing in. After all Rafa is
        a human being first before being an outstanding athlete. He has feelings and he is under enough pressure to produce great results day in and day out which isn’t always possible. It’s indeed my pleasure to support Rafa. It’s so easy for fans to connect with him because he is so humble, sincere and nice. Always with Rafa. .

      • Hi Diane, do you have anymore positives to ad to this maybe? “I always try to be mindful, sensitive, honest and considerate with my comments and strike the right balance when weighing in.”? Congratulations to you!

    • Yes, we hope him to carry off Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Roland Garros of course. In Paris I went to the R Garros Open Day end of Sept. and it was interesting to see the court empty. There is a good videoclip by Movistar Informe Robinson of 1st Jan 2016 which is the sponser of his Academy, where he goes for a walk in winter round the Central Court. That may interest you fans. It lasts about an hour. Fiona in Paris

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