PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Nicolas Mahut to reach last eight in Miami

Rafael Nadal advanced to the quarter-finals of the Miami Open following a routine straight set win over Nicolas Mahut on Tuesday.

Rafa was simply too good for Mahut, taking never facing a breakpoint in his 6-4, 7-6(4) win on the hard courts of Miami.

Rafa put together a near perfect display, notching up 26 winners and just 11 unforced errors and was easily able to counter Mahut’s serve and volley game plan.

The opening set was a tight one, with neither earning a breakpoint until the ninth game, where an error gave Rafa an opportunity. Rafa did not need a second invitation and broke to go 5-4 up, after which he served out the set in dominant fashion.

The second set unfolded in a similar vein, with the duo swapping service games until the tiebreaker. But as per usual, Rafa was superb in the big moments and moved to a 5-2 lead before taking the set and the match.

Rafa will face rising star Jack Sock in the quarter-finals.

Source: Fox News


  1. There is an interesting article on Rafa in by Steve Flink. What I most liked about it is what he says about Rafa the man. It is very complimentary. We Rafa fans are not surprised, but it is nice to hear. Flink is a well known tennis writer. I thought that Roger showed yesterday that playing two days in a row in hot weather is challenging. I still think Roger having an extra day of rest played a role in the 5th set. Was it enough to have Rafa lose? I would not go that far. I still am puzzled by Rafa’s loss at IW. I never upset when Rafa loses as long as he competes. That was not the case in IW, but just think how much better Rafa is playing now than in the last two years.

    • Very nicely written nuanced article about “Rafa the man,” something I always strive for without repeating the same old same old. It isn’t easy because we all know of Rafa’s wonderful attributes. I truly hope Rafa’s publicist showed him this article.

      Thanks for highlighting the fact that the fair reporting is not drowned out by the negative nonsense some of the media put out there to appease their base. Wish I could see more of this on RNF. Great choice, va4favre.

    • I also read that article today. Nice one indeed. Steve Stignor used to be one of the best, if not *the* best, Rafa writer as well. He’s supported Rafa from the early days, which I really appreciate since he has a considerable audience.

  2. well done you rafa it great that you are up to speed and the next match is another mile stone,l know you will put your best into the match,will be watching you vamos rafa.lts so nice that all your family are all there by for now.

  3. Sock it to him Rafa! GOOD LUCK🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀😘😘👏👏👏🍀👍😘👏😉😀

  4. Well done Rafa and all the best for your game against Sock,

    love and prayers,


  5. I have never ever read or listened to anything that Rafa has ever addressed without feeling pride in his open, honest self-appraisals. Today’s road down memory lane was no different; I felt the usual warmth that comes from sincere admiration when you read/hear a very free and open assessment of an athlete’s answers to the pointed questions posed by a professional journalist. It is THIS quality that Rafa never fails to show. It is THIS characteristic, (as well as his fighting spirit and work ethic), that his millions of fans all over the world respect and love. Once again, KUDOS, Rafa!!!!! May you live long and prosper!!!!

  6. Rafa played a very high class game against Mahut who also played very well.
    Hopefully Rafa will play as well against Sock as the young American is a big server and has the ground strokes to go with it.
    Rafa seems to be playing with confidence and a confident Nadal should get him through the quarter finals.

  7. Well done Rafa!! 😃 Congrats and good luck for the next round 😘🍀❤️
    VAMOS!! 🎾💪🏼

    • Rafantastic, thanks for that video recommendation. Instead of “Nadal’s Top 10….” it could be named “Down Memory Lane w/Rafa Nadal.” Now you know why I have been a fan from Day 1.


      • You’re very welcome Margo. I sure do and great new name for the video 😊👍🏻
        He’s a very admirably and lovable man 😍🤗😘

        RAFA ROCKS!! 😃
        Good luck champ. – You can do it 🍀❤️ VAMOS!! 🎾💪🏼

        The match is on at 3.00 to night here i DK 🕒🌙✨😜😴☕️😉

      • I have to admit that with its current title, I searched for the video with trepidation. 😱I was pleasantly surprised. 😀

        Yes, as of now, that’s Rafa’s schedule. I hope it’s not much later. I may fall asleep.

        RAFA ROCKS

  8. Good confident play by Rafa. The match stats said it all. As long as he remains aggressive and takes his game to Sock, he will come out on top. 💪👍❤

    • No Lorna, the stats actually didn’t say it all.

      Rafa wasn’t *that* dominating against Mahut. He wasn’t having a hard time obviously but also wasn’t playing well enough to overwhelm Mahut for the most part of the match. He was playing well enough to win over Mahut today.

      It’s the kind of matches when no player could *really* trouble their opponent, except for some points which, of course, are often good enough for one player to win the match if he can grasp them.

      All the champions play like that in matches like that. So it’s not something to be disappointed about, but also not something to get too hyped up either.

      At least that’s the way I see the match. Pls feel free to disagree. 🙂

      Congrats to Rafa on the good win. (I’ve said this several times already :p.)


    • I agree Lorna. Rafa of old would have buckled and lost the second set, if not the match, in a decider. He persevered and played a winning tiebreaker. HE FOUGHT. As Rafa has said so many times, matches are won or lost by a matter of a point or two. Rafa won by much more. Rafa beat the world doubles number one. It could have gone either way in a decider. Thank goodness it went Rafa’s in straights.


  9. bonne chance à notre champion 👍👌on y va on y est presque sur le podium👑👑vamos rafa❤❤

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