Rafa’s 2017 calendar


While 2016 may still be a ways off, it’s never to early to start planning–especially when that involves investing in a Rafael Nadal calendar.

You can grab yourself a copy of Rafa’s official 2017 calendar over at  www.rafaelnadal-shop.com.

The official Rafa Nadal Calendar 2017 features the most beautiful and exciting moments of 2016. Full color pictures to remember the season. The best gift for any Rafa true fan.

What do you think of Rafa’s calendar? Will you buy it? Let us know in the comment box below.


  1. Who needs hair Rafa , when you have such a winning smile and twinkling eyes . Long or short your still a handsome champ😘

  2. RAFA…..your most recent haircut has been outed!! ¿Now how long did you think you could keep it a secreto? Nothing to brush back with your hand. Will you cut it again when it starts to grow?

    Tu eres todavía guapo! Olé mi campeón!!!!!


  3. And another WWWwweeee for Rafa.

    The #RafaelNadalAcademy tweeted that one of its students, Christian Garin, won the ATP Lima Challenger. I know Rafa is proud.

    RAFA ROCKS, HAIR OR NO HAIR (I hope he is not related to Samson.)

    • Sorry if my comment was confusing. I didn’t say anything about Rafa’s hair post wtf (World Tour Finals). He will not play at the O2.

    • Has he any hair left??? Will he ever take that hat off so we can see?? Rafa had lovely naturally wavy hair, although balding . But he still looked great. Oh, well, I suppose he is still Rafa , hair or not.

      • Still Rafa, still such a hunk, still a champion and warrior, still humble, still the best, and sooo SMOOCHABLE!!!!

        RAFA ROCKS

  4. WOWWeeeeeeThere is a wealth of new info about Rafa on FB but I don’t know if it was posted by RNF or a different club with a similar name because there are spaces in the name.

    GO RAFA!

  5. Hi! I have tried several times to click on the link to Rafa’s shop (to buy the calendar 2017), but each time my antivirus software blocks me. Do you had the same problem or not? Thank you for your help.

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