Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic in same half of draw at Shanghai Masters

The draw for the Shanghai Rolex Masters has been released and Rafael Nadal has a bye in the first round. In the second round our champ will play either Viktor Troicki or a qualifier.

Top seed Novak Djokovic is joined by fourth seed Rafa in the top half of the draw, with second seed Andy Murray projected to face off against third seed Stan Wawrinka in the other semifinal.

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Rafa’s potential route to the final:

  • 1st round: Bye
  • 2nd round: Viktor Troicki
  • 3rd round: Roberto Bautista Agut
  • Quarter-final: Marin Cilic
  • Semi-final: Novak Djokovic
  • Final: Andy Murray

Projected quarterfinals:

  • Novak Djokovic vs Tomas Berdych
  • Rafael Nadal vs Marin Cilic
  • Milos Raonic vs Stan Wawrinka
  • Gael Monfils vs Andy Murray

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Shanghai Masters tennis is live from Shanghai from 9 October.

All the best of luck in the world to you, Rafa!


  1. Rafa and his team’s mantra has always been work hard and nothing more. Rafa has always worked hard, and he was a big winner. The mantra is the same but Rafa is not winning as he is used to winning. This disconnect could be a reason for his current mental worries. He claims to know what is wrong and is working on fixing it. Toni is still saying that, “we can make good things again.” Unknowingly they may just be lying to themselves.
    I don’t care if Rafa never wins another GS. I simply want him to play with confidence.

    Rafa emphatically stated that there is no pressure on him. In fact, he was irritated by the question.

  2. Beverley, I think your comments in yr first post re Rafa v. Djoko are spot on. Rafa led their head to head for a long time, which people forget. And as you say, Rafa’s career is not going to be defined by his matches with Djok, just as Fed’s career is a major achievment despite his losing record to Rafa.

    What concerns me is that nothing is ever enough for some critics. Yes, his form is up and down now, but that does not nullify the brilliant triumphs he had when he was fit and healthy. He’s achieved everything, including Olympic gold, and whatever else happens, his record remains as testimony to a great player, who is loved throughout the world.

    You don’t lose respect and admiration for someone just because he’s going through a hard time now. We remember all the glorious times, true Rafa fans love all of him, not just the wins.

    Thanks, Beverley for what you said, I’m sure Rafa fans everywhere felt what good points you made.

  3. I will be very interested to see how Djokovic plays in Shanghai. His recent comments have been very candid. The only down side of winning as many tournaments as he did last year is that he has a ton of points to defend. I think that even if Novak’s injuries have healed, the one thing that he has lost is his aura of invincibility. Young players who did not believe they could win last year will now think of Querrey, Vesely, and Wawrinka. Shanghai should be exciting.

  4. I agree with several posts that we Rafa fans need to be realistic about where he is in his career. I don’t mind that this article lists Djokovic is the head of the draw. It could have been Murray’s name if the draw was different. I want to see Rafa play six months without injuries. Hard courts have not been Rafa’s strength either. I am glad that Rafa still is competitive and is enjoying himself. I just loved the joy on his face when he won the doubles. If Rafa should decide just to play doubles at some point, that would be fine with me. I am just not ready for him to retire!

  5. We have to stop making a big deal of Novak and Rafa being in the same side of the draw. Rafa is no longer Novak’s biggest rival. This comparison is pressure on Rafa that he doesn’t need right now. I agree with Beverley, Novak is not a measure of Rafa’s achievements going forward. I like to keep in mind that Rafa had the edge on Novak for a much larger part of their careers than the other way round.

  6. I think it’s time that the authors grade down and mention in whose ‘last 16’ part of the draw rafa is. For sf’s are rare and what happens in case he ever faces djoko is no question mark anymore. Fognini fans dont aim so high either and it’s his level that rafa is comparable with nowadays. A competent player who can be beaten by anyone.

  7. Rafa and Djokovic are both on the same side of the draw but we need to keep in mind that they will never meet unless both of them get to the final.
    There seems to be a feeling among many fans ( not necessarily on this site but in general) to see Rafa’s success as a player only in relation to Djokovic . Certainly Djokovic is number 1 but is it essential that Rafa beat him to be seen as successful?

    What about Rafa and Federer and their matches? Rafa has over the years beaten Roger twice as many times as Roger has beaten Rafa. But Roger’s fans did not seem to obsess over this whenever the two were scheduled to play one another. They were able to stress that Roger had won more grand slams bu in reality that did not change the fact of Rafa’s domination over Roger when they played each other.

    If Rafa gets to the final in Shanghai and plays Djokovic the chances are that Djokovic will probably( but not definitely) win but in my eyes that does not mark Rafa as a failure. Lots of very good players have lost to Djokovic but do their fans rate them only in relation to their results against Djokovic?

    I repeat I am speaking in general here and not exclusively to contributors to this site.

    • Beverley, what are you talking about? If Rafa and Djoko are in the same half of the draw, how can they both get to the final?

      • Sorry Michele. I slipped up there. Of course they would meet in the semi-finals if they both reach that far.
        The thing that really irritates me is that the moment a draw comes out the immediate information for Rafa fans is where Novak and Rafa are in relation to one another as though Rafa has to be judged against Novak all the time. I am not particularly pointing to this site’s information but to all Nadal sites when draws are announced.
        Thanks for pointing out my silly error re. when or if Rafa and Novak will meet in Shanghai.

  8. Rafa and Pablo you did VERY well, and I trust you do very well in the finals.

    Look forward to hearing about you in Shanghai,

    love and prayers,


  9. YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) I just came downstairs to watch your DOUBLES LIVE and my husband said ” THEY WON”!
    WOW……..VERY HAPPY FOR YOU & P …….CONGRATULATIONS sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) That is beautiful!!!!!! : ) A swift victory and you took them to the cleaners in 2 SOLID SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Can’t wait to watch a replay on you tube….hopefully the entire match will be posted. YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) ; ) : ) VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Enjoy everything & have lots & lots ^ lots of double fun time playing the final!!!! : ) : ) : ) ci….ci…..ci…..ci….ci….& ci…… Even though I haven’t watch the game yet I am sure it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Lots of love & happiness sweetheart and have a great day!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  10. Good luck rafa


    Remeber U r the ultimate champion player
    u r there its just matter of time

    Play like china open

  11. Congrats to Rafa and Pablo for their win today in doubles! I hope Rafa can go deep in Shanghai, but it is even more important to me that he stays happy and healthy. Rafa has given us so many memorable moments.

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