Rafael Nadal: “I lost an opportunity to have a very good event here. I am sad for that”

Rafael Nadal, of Spain, rubs his eyes during play against Lucas Pouille, of France, during the fourth round of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In this incredibly long, tough match, what do you think the difference was?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I think he played a good match. He started so strong. I fight until the end with. There were things I could do better. Had the right attitude. I fighted right up to the last ball.

But I need something else, I need something more that was not there today. I going to keep working to try to find.

But, yes, was a very, very close match that anything could happen. Just congratulate the opponent that probably he played with better decision than me the last couple of points.

Q. You were a break up in the last set. You have so much experience…
RAFAEL NADAL: Experience, when you are 4-3 in the fifth, 30-Love, is not a question of experience, no? Is a question of play a little bit better than what I did. That’s it. A couple of mistakes there. Needed to play with a little bit more calm.

Is true that I don’t have lot of matches on my shoulders for the last three, four months, but even like this I lost an opportunity. That’s the real thing, no? That’s the true. I lost an opportunity to have a very good event here. I am sad for that.

But I fighted. I can play better. I can play worst. The only thing that cannot be bad is the attitude, no? Today the attitude was great. That’s it. 

When somebody does as much as you can, then you need to find another things. I need to keep improving the level of tennis to be back where I was before the injury.

But in terms of energy, in terms of motivation, I was great. In terms of tennis, I need more. I needed to serve better in some moments. I needed to create more pain on the opponent with my shots, no? That was something that I didn’t make it today.

He played well. That’s it. You know, I didn’t play bad, but I didn’t play enough well. He played well. That’s it.

Q. You say you need to keep improving to get to back to where your game was. Where do you see your situation now? How would you assess where you are relative to the Rafa that you want to be?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. Every day is a different story. I was happy the way that I was playing, practicing the last couple of days. Then a lose cannot change the overall situation, no?

I am not a person that when I am winning I’m like this, when I am losing I am like this. (Indicating up and down). My life is stable. Just accept that these kind of things happen and keep working, no? That’s the only thing.

I have the motivation to keep working. Took a long time, a lot of hours, a lot of spirit of sacrifice to be back where I was before the injury this year. Was tough. And now I need to come back there.

I don’t start from zero. That’s a positive thing. I am closer than last year to be where I want to be. I have a few months to finish the season, to try to be qualified for the World Tour Finals. That will be a good effort if I make that happen after two months and a half without competition. I going to fight for it. That’s all.

Q. Sometimes when you don’t have the results you would like to have it’s been physical problems; sometimes maybe more mental when you don’t have enough confidence on yourself because of some losses and so on. What do you think is right now more the moment? There were problems in the last few years.
RAFAEL NADAL: In the last few years? In the last few years — I played I think the quarterfinals last year in Australia; I played the quarterfinals in Roland Garros that I lost against Djokovic; I played a bad Wimbledon. I lost here a match with break up in the third and fourth and the fifth in the Grand Slam.

This year I played bad match in Australia, and I didn’t lose in Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Today I lost with a chance to be in the quarterfinals having a lot of chances.

You can see it or you can write the way that you want. I know what’s going on. I know what I have to do. When you are able to play semifinals of Masters 1000s, winning tournaments like Barcelona, playing good tournaments in the other events, is not a question of level to be in the final rounds of the Grand Slams, no?

Is just a couple of things that for some reasons didn’t happen, and you need to be ready to have the auto-critic. You need to be auto-critic. Is something that I believe really going to change.

Q. Mental or physical?
RAFAEL NADAL: Mental or physical doesn’t matter. I am out of the tournament. Physical, for sure no. I fight till the end. Of course was not a physical thing. Was not a mental thing. Was a terms of sport, and in sport you lose or you win. The opponent want to win the same like you.

When the opponent beat you, is not the time to find excuses is mental or physical. Doesn’t matter. The opponent was a little better than you. That’s it. You have to congratulate the opponent, go to the next tournament, the next practice, and try to be ready.

Q. You have had great results in the Olympics, Monte-Carlo, other tournaments. Do you feel it’s the pressure of Grand Slams, best-of-five, something that makes these tournaments tougher for you in the last couple years?
RAFAEL NADAL: After winning 14 and being in semifinals a lot of times, you feel that’s pressure?

Q. I’m asking you.
RAFAEL NADAL: I answered you. In 30 years old, after having the career that I have, is not a question of pressure.

Q. The ball at 6-All, that forehand in the tiebreak.
RAFAEL NADAL: Was a big mistake, yeah. But you are 6-All in the tiebreak. I played the right point. I put me in a position to have the winner and I had the mistake. That’s it.

You cannot go crazy thinking about these kind of things, no? You have a mistake. The opponent played a good point in the match point, and that’s it.

The problem is arrive to 6-All on the tiebreak of the fifth. I should be winning before. When you have 4-3, 30-Love, when you are there, is 50%. This time again is not on my side.

Q. What are your thoughts on Pouille’s game and his future?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I said the other day, no, he’s young. He’s a player that has all the shots. He’s a potential top 10 and good fight for the big things the next couple of years. If he’s able to keep playing well, keep improving.

Always is the same. In the careers of everybody is the same: you need to keep improving all the time. If you are able to make that happen, then you’re going to have success.

Q. You played against so many great players. What level do you think he is at right now for his age?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I cannot predict the future today. He is 19 on the race of the year. That’s a great number. He’s in quarterfinals here. So probably he will be higher after here.

How old is he? 22?

Q. Yes.
RAFAEL NADAL: He’s in a good position. As I say, he’s in a good position to give him chances to be in the top 10 position fighting for bigger things. But everybody wants to do it. Not only Lucas going to have the motivation to do it. There is a lot of young players that want to do it, too.

I want to do it too, again. I believe that Roger will want to do it again. And Novak and Andy is still there. Nishikori. A lot of great players are still there, no?

Is a question of improving. For me the same. For everybody is the same, no? If you are able to keep improving, playing well the whole season with no injuries, you know, then you have a better chances.

Q. Are you at all surprised that he didn’t get tight in those last few points in the tiebreaker?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, no, no. He is a great player. Why you have to get tight? He’s 22. He has enough experience. He played for the last couple of years on the tour.

Q. This was a big moment.
RAFAEL NADAL: Is not to win Grand Slam. Is fourth round. If he wants to become a champion he cannot be tight in that moment. Especially when you are 22, when you are playing against a player that in theory you have nothing to lose, you have everything to win.

Is not a moment to be tight. Is a moment to play aggressive. I think he did, and he did very well.

Q. You just lost the match, but still is there a part of you that has pride and satisfaction that you were part of such a great event?
RAFAEL NADAL: Now I am not very satisfied, the real thing. (Smiling.) Losing in the fourth round after having a big chance to play a great event here, feeling myself ready for it, for sure I am not very satisfied, no? I am sad.

But that’s it. I give my best. I try my best. I fight until the last ball. I played with the right energy, and that’s it, no?

As I said before, when you give your best you can’t ask yourself more in terms of attitude, no? I need to improve in other things, but I going to do it.

Q. You played the Olympics with a bad wrist; had a troubled summer. You’ve come here and had some good games, but now unfortunately the tournament is over. Are you going to use this time to recover 100% the wrist, or are you going to be focusing more on your tennis because you believe that your wrist is okay?
RAFAEL NADAL: My wrist is improving a lot. I say that looks like the injury is at the end of the process. I am ready to keep playing. That’s what my body is asking me now.

Q. All losses are painful. This one, is it a bit less painful because of what you had to go through in the summer? It’s not excuses.
RAFAEL NADAL: Doesn’t matter if you go through injuries; doesn’t matter if you arrived with less preparation. At the end of the day, nobody remember that. You know, you lost in the fourth round and that’s it.

Q. But you do remember.
RAFAEL NADAL: For me, I don’t care. I lost an opportunity to play a great event. Doesn’t matter if I had the injuries or not, no? I didn’t play in Roland Garros; I didn’t play in Wimbledon. That’s an opportunities lost. Here again, another opportunity lost.

At the end of the day is not a moment, as I said before, to find excuses or to be less painful. Is a painful defeat because I believe myself, I feel myself ready for that match, ready for the tournament. That’s it.

We can find stories, but I lost. That’s the only thing that really matter now. I going to fight to change that. But is not less painful or more painful. Is a defeat. Is not the first one in my career; is not going to be for sure the last.

When you play sport, you accept that when you go on court you can lose, you can win. That’s part of the life. I’m happy to be playing again. That’s the most important thing. I’m happy that I feel myself again close to be hundred percent healthy.

If I am hundred percent healthy, I have the energy to keep going. I believe that I can have a couple of more good years.

Q. You said you feel better this year compared to last year. What is the biggest difference between last year and this year?
RAFAEL NADAL: This year I didn’t have no one mental problem. I was able to enjoy every practice. I was able to enjoy every match. Last year not. Last year for seven, eight months happened something strange in my mind. I was playing with stress. I was anxious. I didn’t enjoy.

When you are not enjoying doing what you do, then you have a problem. The problems in my mental part didn’t allow me to enjoy, and this year I’m enjoying. I’m enjoying every moment. The only thing that was a negative thing is I couldn’t compete in a moment that I was playing great.


  1. every one speak about rafa serve , yes it needs to get it right on top priority
    but what about returns, he needs to find a solution to it and everything will be fine

  2. Mary, well spoken, I agree with all you say! Jaybeer, I agree with you for once, only difference, n this is coming from Rafa, is that he suffers with a nervous condition when it comes to the final point or points, which has lost him big matches! Yes, history repeats itself, outsiders always lose the next match after beating Rafa by luck! Uncle Tony needs to bring in someone who can only assist Rafa in improving his Serve to match those ACES his opponents are winning games on. Rafa beats them in every other area. Rafa’s critics must accept that Rafa is a Legend n a Champ as is Roger Federer, n I hope Rafa will continue to play n Win as he still has that Tiger in his Tank n he still has heaps of love n Joy for the Game. Vamos Rafa. I pray for your continued success. You are a loving n caring soul. Olay. God bless you. Love from your Aussie Abuela. 👑👑😇😊😀

    P.S. I wish Del Potro all the luck in winning the U.S. Open.

    • Let’s not forget either that Nadal could have easily been considered unanimously as the Greatest Player of All Times if two things had not bothered him so much during his career: 1) nerves 2) injuries. Point 2 is clear, he missed out on at least 6 major appearances, would have won more slams had he not missed so many. Point 1) He lost the 2007 Wimbledon final because of nerves (as admitted in his autobio), he lost Australian Open 2012 final because of nerves (remember that choke backhand, leading a break and 30-15?) and he has wasted now more than two years of his career because of nerves. “Blind” fans here keep applauding Rafa, the 14 major winner. I remain frustrated by the fact that a player who has had all the opportunities to be the most successful tennis player of all time, does not maximize his chances. Tunnel visioned mass media keep applauding Federer for having won 17. Well Rafa could have easily won 18 majors by the age 30. That is what bothers me most. It’s almost as frustrating as Agassi who has won 8, while he could have won 12 at least, taking at least 3 from Sampras by being a real pro, and being the greatest player of that era for sure (it is for a reason that 80% serious Agassi has the golden career grand slam whilst Pete never even came close to that).

      • Very valid points! What do you think that he needs to do before 2017 to be able to challenge for the majors. At least this year has been an improvement compared to 2015.

      • Well, this is the first time JB, you haven’t sounded like a troll, but every point you have made here has been made scores of times by so called ‘blind’ fans. We know about the lost potential for majors, we know about the anxiety issues, we know that RF has been put on a pedestal by the media. We know about the pattern in his losses – you missed one, the fact that he does not like playing against someone he has not played before, and a commentator (sorry don’t remember which one) predicted his loss because of this reason. All these things, especially Rafa’s mental issues have been discussed at length here and elsewhere. It has been merely expressed in a more generous way than you do.

      • Yea Jaybeer, you finally made some good points! Most of the time you seem to gloat on Rafa’s losses and enjoy antagonizing his fans in order to provoke hostel reaction from them. Your analogy this time seems that you’re so what of a fan of Rafa’s…However I feel as though your lacking a bit of compassion with everything that Rafa has accomplished, I 100% agree with you that Rafa should be considered the GOAT and if you add up all of his Achievements… 14 grand slams, 28 masters, on and off number one in the world, two gold medals, several Davis cups… He far surpasses Federer (all except the number of slams)! If it weren’t for all his injuries he would have surpassed Federer. The only thing I can come up with is fate…what is meant to be is meant to be… I still will not give up on him and I still feel like he has more in him… He is a spectacular player and I do not want to put him out to pasture just quite yet!

  3. And guess what, the “amazing Pouille” now lost in straight sets to Monfils. Rosol, Darcis, Brown, Verdasco, Fognini, they all played “the matches of their lives” when they rolled Rafa. Well I don’t think so. Rafa looked in each of these matches as if he wanted to say “I’m ready to lose, please don’t beat me too hard” and guess what, he lost all of these matches. He could have easily won all of them. But he never believed he could. Insecurity is his worst enemy.

    • You obviously are not a diehard,passionate Rafa fan…You are just hanging here to get reaction from Rafa’s unconditional fans. Most of us here on this site are well aware that Rafa is on the decline but we don’t want people like you to rub it in. You seemed to be eager to put Rafa out to pasture and feed in glory on his decline. I myself thought it was a hell of a match…I also saw thousands of fans in Arthur Ashe thrilled and screaming with excitement…I felt their sadness when our champion lost by only two points. Most of us here on this site also believe that Rafa will revamp and he will return to vintage Nadal…he has done it many times before! So for all you skeptics go find yourself another place to blog…Rafa is a global icon..loved,admired and respected by fellow players and millions of people all over the world… He doesn’t need you !

      • Rafa is a tennis player not an entertainer. he goes to the court to play tennis not to please the spectators. there was no need for such a lengthy 5 setters game against pouille for very obvious reasons. Rafa’s career has gone south since 3 years ago, he could have won 20-22 GSs and prevent those frequent injuries if he had a smart coaching team and his anxiety had been taken cared of. There’s no reason for the Rafa to be on the declining path. Djoker and Murray are one year younger than Rafa but are smart to seek the professional help.

  4. The only person to win now is delpo – he deserves it after playing so well and for not giving up after 3 years of trials and tribulations. Cant bear novak and struggle actually liking andy and after his smarmy, foul mouthed and quite racist wife abused poor thomas in ao 2015 with no remorse – screw the whole team. No-one has rafa’s class it seems

  5. Rafa is just unfortunately having a blip at the moment. he will return stronger than ever. He is an exceptional tennis player and any doubters of his ability need to shut up. He is a very gracious loser, polite and always signs autographs for his fans no matter what, unlike some of the tennis players. Rafa Nadal is a true gentleman, long may you continue Rafa you are indeed a unique individual tennis player and a joy to watch you always give 110%.

  6. Rafa needs to rest, then get help with his serve. That is all he needs, a few free points from his serve should make the difference between winning and losing matches like this. Scrambling and running all over the place won’t do much good these days against these younger guys who will just mirror Rafa’s movement.

    If Rafa don’t improve his serve to become a potent weapon, then I’m afraid it’ll be just more of the same… he will lose to those who dare stand up to him.

    But I’m with you no matter what, Rafa baby!

    Anyhow, Pouille just lost to Monfils. The curse of Rafa continues:)

    Monfils and Murray have been superb so far. Let’s see how Djoker does agaist Tsonga tonight!

  7. Maria: Apparently the word “education” has reopened an old and deep would in your psyche. plus this site is not your property. instead get some treatment for your chronic allergy to education.

  8. Sosa there’s only one person that needs to be kicked out and that’s YOU off this site. ( Educated lady LOL)

    • apparently the word ” education” has reopened a deep and old wound in your psyche. this site is not your property. instead get some treatment for your allergy to education.

    • Sosa…You just don’t understand this site… The majority of fans here have been with Rafa from the beginning of his career… We are diehard, passionate fans that are not ready to toss him aside like a thoroughbred racing horse that has stopped winning every race. You have every right to analyze and critique Rafa’s present form, but you will get negative feedback! I don’t know what match you watched but Rafa did not deserve to be KICKED OUT of the US OPEN…Pouille played the match of his life which lasted over four hours…Rafa only lost by two points…plus his wrist is not a 100%. As always Rafa gave his all and the fans were treated to one hell of a match…I know I was entertained and the thousands at Arthur Ashe seemed to be as well. Rafa does need to ramp up his serve so he can get more free points but other than that I think he is almost back to the 14 grand slam champion that he is! So Sosa you can back off… Since you are ready to give up on Rafa; maybe you should find another player and site to blog on!

      • I’ve been watching Rafa since he was 17 years old. regarding Rafa’s match in the 4th round, he should have won in 3 straight sets. His team should have come with a game plan to defeat pouille. going to the court keep doing the same old game which is quite predictable has one consequence and we all saw it. No pouille didn’t play the match of his life. in face Rafa made him to play well by feeding him shor balls specially his second weak serves that pouille turned them into the winners. defensive lengthy shot exchanges are not working anymore. every coach with a decent level of IQ would have been realised it a long time ago.

  9. nowadays everyone is able to defeat Rafa. other players are getting smart coming with a game plan to defeat Rafa. the only player that lives in the past is Rafa that keep playing the same old game style. Pouille didn’t play that good, it was rafa that makes his opponent’s play like # 1.
    It hurts but we should accept that Rafa doesn’t belong to the top 10 of ATP anymore. he deserved to be kicked out of the US open.
    and BACK OFF Maria and her friends. We heard more enough of you.

  10. Not sure if I’m reading this right but if Mongols and Warwinka win their next matches, Rafa slips out if the top 8 for race to London. If anyone can shed light on this please do.

    • Hi Teresa I believe Rafa is 7th in the race now and only Stan can overtake him. There’s a great app called Live Tennis Rankings that updates with every match. Still a few tournaments left for our lovely Rafa to gain more points before O2. Looking forward to seeing him there. Vamos Rafa.

      • Thanks Leigh, I’ll check the site out. I usually look at the ATP Race to London site. I’ve booked tickets for the O2. Obviously there is no way to pick who you see but would be happy just to see him practice. Lets hope he picks up some points!

  11. Rafa has put his body through a lot then most players. I don’t need to see Rafa win a GS just as long he keeps playing. I enjoy watching him put so much effort into his game that you just had watch it at the edge of your seat. I would like to see few more years of Rafa and Roger playing but who really knows now! The press is hard on Rafa maybe because he’s just a star and they want to know everything in his head. I do wish they leave him alone! Rafa is such a great player it was him that I return to watch tennis. I will not watch tennis without Rafa or Roger after the facts!

  12. Marileena, you are one lucky lady I am very jealous. As Rafa has said he knows what he has to do , and will go away and work on it. It just wasn’t to be this time but I’m in no doubt Rafa will find his game again and come back stronger or as you said kicking ass.

  13. I was at the OPEN every day… I saw all of Rafa’s matches…was at all of Rafa’s practices… He looked good, no question and yet in this match against Pouille, he allowed himself to get behind and lose the first set 6-1… This only elevated Pouille mentally in thinking he can beat Rafa.. I never thought throughout the match that Rafa was not mentally tough.. This was all about his play… His serve, his down the line shots, we’re not there… Too many critical shots he lost… It went to 5 sets… That’s crazy!! And when he had his opportunity at 4-2 he couldn’t do it…then 6-6 tiebreak.. Couldn’t do it… I was crushed when he lost and so were the 30,000 people inside Arthur Ashe and the 30,000 outside watching the big screen… We adore Rafa Nadal… He knows the parts of his game that he needs to work on… He never gives up, that’s not in his DNA… Work hard my friend, and hope to see you on the court real soon kicking ass once again…

  14. Rafa is such an iconic player. He burst on the scene looking and playing like no other. He has changed tennis immensely. Now the younger players have followed and they, too, chase down every ball – Rafa started that. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do when Rafa goes as I love tennis but he changed everything and all the rest seem so ordinary now.

    Vamos Rafa and I hope and pray you manage to get another French at least.

  15. It is painful to see Rafael lose when he is obviously working very hard, and savouring every victory to this point. However, the game is ever evolving and changing. Just as Roger is changing tactics, every player must do so in order to win and remain relevant. Every challenger
    would like a win against Rafael on his resume-his team is fully aware of this. Time and the physical ravages excuse no one, but a warrior will find a way to achieve his goal. There is no one with more passion than Rafael; so even with such a painful loss, the fight goes on…….we remain equally as patient-vamos!👊💪😠👺🏆👑♥️

    • working very hard doesn’t solve the problem. playing smart, having a smart coach to work on his weaknesses especially on those pathetic serves maybe save Rafa from more embarrassments.

      • Well coach Sosa,if you ever listened to Rafa’s interviews you would know that he does care about his fans. It is very important to him that they enjoy the match. It sounds like you’re angry that Rafa lost… I myself was sad almost heartbroken as millions of his real fans were!

  16. Oh! Rafa my boy how I miss seeing you on the TV Screen. I watched the replay n I can’t believe you lost – you had it in the bag!!! I believe there is an element of luck in any sport no matter how good you are. The other 3 of the Top 4 have had Byes, Retirements n long seeded opponents. What did you have Rafa – “No Such Luck”! We need news of you Rafael to keep us going. Vamos Rafa. Love n God Bless. Your Aussie Abuela. 🏆👑😀😊😇

  17. Thank you Beverly, likewise, I know what I want to say but not that good at this text business , so it comes off a bit long winded. Having to settle for my second choice now Andy who just about to play Diimitriv . Could be a tricky match. Will keep me going until we see Rafa in his next tournament and hopefully a welcome return of Roger although no one comes close or ever will to Rafa.

  18. I know , Rafa’s body has been put through more than most people will ever be their lifetime. Life’s a funny thing, you have David Ferrer who couldn’t give any more on the court but has never won a grandslam ,and then you have Nick Kyrios who apparently has the talent but doesn’t seem that interested half the time. John McEnroe in the last few days has slated Nick and said if his heart isn’t in it then he should find something else to do. Nick has admitted he dosent love the game and his heart is with basketball , and it shows. I was quite naive and it wasn’t until I got sky sport that i realised that they played one tournament after another throughout the year ,you have to be dedicated to do the training , travelling , special diet, lack of social life and being away from loved ones constantly and no amount of money make up for that.I hear commentator’s saying Nick Kyrios is the future of tennis ,well I better find another sport to watch ,because personality wise he’s not for me. Rafa is loved so much not only because of his game but his whole personality . Rafa and Roger are tennis to me and as I have said before if I want to watch Nick’s antics I will go to a football match. GOD I’m sounding old

  19. Rafa must have the patience of a saint to have to sit through another tedious interview with the same questions asked over and over. Badgering him constantly ( did Raonic get the same treatment when he made an early exit) , they don’t seem to listen to his reply anyway , for Rafa it is black and white but the interviewer seem to want to dig and make more of the situation . Rafa must know that they like to make a mountain out of a mole hill by his response “you can See it or you can write the way you want ,I know what’s going on”. Why don’t they ask him something like” How do you manage to be so gracious in defeat?”. “When you are frustrated out on the court how do you manage to keep so calm and not take it out on your racket/ umpire or ball boy like many of the other players?” Or ” After a defeat how do you still manage to stand there signing autographs when you must be feeling devastated”.

    I would have loved to have seen Rafa playing in the second week but it’s not to be. It was only a few weeks ago that Rafa had said if it wasn’t the Olympics he wouldn’t have been playing ,so who would have expected him to put in some great performances there and in the US Open. I think we have to move on and realise that Rafa’s best years are probably behind him but that he can still play exceptional tennis and give us enjoyment. Many players may well play into their middle thirties but they haven’t put there body through what Rafa has ,or reached the heights he has so they can play without be scrutinised every time they lose a match.

    Thanks to Rafa I love tennis and so I will continue to watch the US Open and now pray that Andy can take the title. Someday we will all have to watch tennis post Rafa , Roger ,Novak and Andy and I am struggling to see any player on tour that can come close to any of them . They give 100% and more , are so dedicated and love the game . I dont see that type of dedication or work ethic in many of them . Maybe we have to move with the times but even in tennis now i can see player who want the money and fame but don’t want to put in the effort . If only the Rafa/Roger era could last forever. (Sorry for waffling)

    • Far from waffle – many of us feel just as you do. Rafa, as you say, has hit insurmountable heights and his body (and mind) have more years on the clock than most in his age. He has done this against two of the best players the tennis world has ever seen – Federer at the front and Djokovic at the rear and dominated them both for the longest time. Rafa without injury would have at least a few more SLaM’s in the bag: his final with Ferrer likely, against Warwinka a strong possibility and 2004 RG also comes to mind as strong possibilities. Not to mention the time out of competition due to injury. We are looking at, at least, a 17 GS winner. Saying that his longevity was projected at around 25 and he is still playing well. But now I’m waffling:)

  20. Rafa you play very good it was so clouse .in the tie breaker .you are the best human persons your FANS love you🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🎾🎾🎾

  21. What a great story. You win you lose. You go on. I was cheering for you so hard. But your my tennis guy. I love to watch. But onto the next match .hopefully better outcome. Never girls up just great a little harder. I am such big fan. As always wish you The best.GoRafa.

  22. Vamos Rafael!!! Nice game i can see dat u are improving on ur game, I hope to see more of u cos u are d only tennis player dat make to feel tennis game hope to see you bak to ur best like be, i love you.

  23. I think Rafa played well but needs to get up to the net more where he was he was winning points. The power game from the baseline is not working for him anymore. Get another coach liike McEnroe or Conners who were very good at serve and volley. Just my opinion.

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