PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal eases into second round at US Open

No. 4 seed Rafael Nadal, who took the title in 2010 and 2013, opened his US Open campaign with a solid 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 victory over Denis Istomin of Uzbekistan on Monday.

Rafa, who hit 21 winners and made 27 unforced errors, now plays Andreas Seppi of Italy in round two.

After the match, Rafa said:

I played a solid match for a lot of time. There was a tough moment in the second set but I think I resisted well and I am very happy for the victory. He is always a dangerous player. (via Eurosport)

The most important thing is that I am here in New York. My wrist is improving, and that’s good news. (via ESPN)


  1. Congratulations champ 👍🌟👑😘

    You look so amazing 😍 Luv the outfit 💙😊

    All the best of luck forward in the US O.
    VAMOS RAFA!! 🎾💪🍀😅❤️

  2. Hi Rafa, i watched first 2 sets beford heading off to work this morning. The match started 6 am new zealand time. I missed the 3rd set. All the very best for rest of the tournament. Ill try anf watch your matches as much as possoble live. You were extremely attacking in the first set so i was very happy that you won the first round. Our support continues and may GOD bless ypu eoth good health through out. Cheers

  3. Rafa I didn’t wee the match but it sounds from everyone here it went well.

    I trust that if you do have a cold it improves by Wednesday and that you are on full throttle.

    Love and prayers,


  4. Vamosssssssss Rafa you can do it .play like in Rio.good luck your fans for ever.

  5. Fedallica , I use to worry and in the last year I will admit I wouldn’t watch Rafa’s match live but would record it and watch it once I knew the results .If he list I would just delete without seeing it as I couldn’t bear to watch him lose , but not now. Rafa is thirty and who knows how much longer he will play for but I don’t want to look back and wish I had enjoyed his final years of tennis but instead was constantly worrying about what might or might not happen. Just enjoy every match no matter what the end result is and remember tennis is only a small part of Rafa’s life and take comfort in knowing what a loving family he has and what a wonderful life he has waiting for him after his tennis career has finished. On a lighter note oh dear! Tsonga please see Rafa for some fashion advice pronto.I M not digging that look at all

    • That’s what I always intend to do, just enjoy every single match and point played by Rafa (and Roger) because I know very clearly that this wonderful time and era won’t last forever.
      Losses, though, have never been my real issue of worry. Never. Even if my heart is racing so often (even today it did, for a while), my nails are off and my level of dissappointment sometimes is very high after losses, I can always “get over” after at least some days. I could not once turn off my tv during those extreme matches, even it sometimes would have been better for me and my nerves if I did. Unfortunately I seem to be unable to stop worrying when it comes to health issues. maybe because I’m so scared to lose him on the tour too soon, and maybe because I cannot bear to see him suffering. I’m aware, sadly, there won’t be a Rafa without suffer, though).
      But yes, I will try again hard not to think about if for once in the next match on wednesday and not observe every single Thing… I hope I will learn, step by step…

      • It’s funny how much Rafa’s fans feel the same way…it’s better for my health if I don’t watch the match until I know the out come…if he losses I don’t watch it. Today I turned on ESPN a bit late and I read it wrong 6 1, but I thought Rafa lost the first set…my heart started to race and I could feel the blood drain out of my face… It took awhile for me to see that it was Rafa winning! Trust me it is always a nail biter, nerve racking time for me with Rafa ! However I would not have it any other way.. I love this guy and I can’t understand how anyone can say he has a boring game! VAMOS RAFA …

  6. Already nicely said by Maria in the older topic….
    Just glad that this match turned out to be a more or less easy win for Rafa. He absolutely did not look 100% to me today as well and I was slightly nervous that there would be a fourth or even fifth set to come. Guess it would not have been a good thing today for Rafa who is obviousely still suffering from a cold. In this glowing oven of Arthure Ash it would have costed him a lot of energy to play a harder match, I guess. What I also thought by listening to that lovely court intereview, (“music” in my Fedal- ears – he also wished Roger to get well soon ;)) ,was that he did not sound very convincing to me regarding the wrist. Would be better if I could stop myself from painting black as I’m always worried very quickly by watching some unexceptional agitations or answers.

    For now, most of all, I hope he is not feeling sick and caughing will get better until Wednesday. Good luck, champ!

  7. I knew that Nadal was going to be the Winner! He can dued! Let’s go Rafa to the next part!GoGoGo!!!!!!!!!!

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