Rafael Nadal cooks and plays virtual tennis ahead of the 2016 US Open

After playing virtual tennis on the Nintendo Wii, Rafael Nadal showed off his cooking skills at the Taste Of Tennis event in New York on Thursday night. Here are a few photos.


  1. Very beautifull! I want him cooking at my house some time! He is my Idol!!!!!!!

    Em 26 de ago de 2016 2:05 AM, “Rafael Nadal Fans” escreveu:

    > Rafael Nadal Fans posted: “After playing virtual tennis on the Nintendo > Wii, Rafael Nadal showed off his cooking skills at the Taste Of Tennis > event in New York on Thursday night. Here are a few photos. ” >

  2. Rafa . . . Buena suerte at The US Open!!! It’s great to have you back!!!! You bring your special sportsmanlike, regal integrity to the sport of tennis and everywhere you go.
    Muchisimas gracias!!!

  3. Sorry Serena I spelled your name wrong… Thought you and Venus looked so pretty and Rafa looked very happy between the two of you !

  4. Rafa is a wonderful person in every way; can’t think of ANYONE who holds a candle to him. I’m a New Yorker, now living in VA, more’s the pity, because a knee injury keeps me from visiting NY while Rafa is appearing at the USOPEN! I wish him the BEST for the tournament and the rest of the year!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  5. Rafa good luck in New York .this time I’m going to see you .vamossssssssssss you can do it.🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍

  6. It’s just a saying, usually a joke when a women is stood in between two men . It’s said as friendly banter not in a mean way . I swapped it around with Rafa in between two women they could have been anyone no offence rewards Serena and Venus .

    • Thank you for explaining. I hope you can understand my being perplexed as I don’t ever recall having heard that expression. We here in the states usually associate a rose with things feminine.

      I learned a new expression today.


    • Not at all. In no way would I intentionally insult a fellow member. I always give credit when credit is due and I give an opposing opinion when I disagree with a comment. Please don’t think for a moment that I see a target on your back.

      I just thought that comparing the Williams sisters to “two thorns” was not nice at all. You did say it was a joke but I failed to see humor in that characterization. I am not familiar with that expression so I figured you would supply an explanation for the uninitiated me. To be clear, I am no Serena or Venus fan but I fail to see how they could be compared to thorns when thorns are never referred to in a positive light.

  7. Rafa you look like your having a great time in New York before the hard work begins next week in the US Open. Do those William sisters realise how lucky they are , a rose between two thorns (only joking) . The older Rafa gets the more handsome he gets, if that’s possible

    • I was truly taken aback by your joke. “A rose between two thorns?” I don’t get the comedy in that.

      • Margo… It’s British humor, it comes off sarcastic at times… Don’t think Maria meant to hurt anyone’s feelings! ( have an english father so I know how it can be misunderstood!) Serna looked so pretty…love her hair straightened, I know the William sisters are very fond of Rafa…as most women are!

      • Hiiii Souix, missed ya on this post…

        I am a BIG fan of British humor and before questioning the humor of Rafa being “a rose between two thorns” I did try to make sense of it. I mean who doesn’t like a good laugh.


  8. Rafa looking amazing and he is a truly great ambassador for the sport and a great role play for any young persons coming into tennis
    Good luck in US Open
    Rafa fan forever

  9. Rafa how great you look with your new hair cut.

    What a GREAT ambassador for all that Rafa represents.

    Rafa always smiling no matter what the function.

    Love you Rafa, and all the best for the US Open and step by step progress in every maqtch.
    Love and prayers,


  10. Lovely to see Rafael having such fun. Always draws the crowds. Looking well with his New York haircut. Looking handsome as ever, now to the serious business.

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