Rio Olympics: Rafael Nadal misses out on bronze

Kei Nishikori defeated Rafael Nadal in three sets on Sunday to take bronze in men’s singles.

A tired-looking Rafa lacked the precision he had employed so often throughout the tournament, hitting shots into the net or sending them wide. Though he battled back from a 5-2 deficit to win the second set, he couldn’t sustain it into the third.

2008 champion was below his best, that three hour epic with Del Potro had really taken it out of him. Nishikori won 6-2, 6-7(1), 6-3.

Rafa said that he is satisfied with his performance during Rio Olympics:

I have given all and more.

He admitted that Nishikori was better player on the court today, but criticized his break.

In worrying news ahead of the US Open, Rafa said the injury was still a problem.

The wrist is not perfect. It bothers me when I hit the forehand. The serve, the backhand – nothing else bothers me.

The truth is, when I hit the forehand, I feel it bothering me a little bit, but without a doubt it’s been a positive week in all aspects. I’ve played for many hours and the wrist at least didn’t get worse.

We have many reasons to smile about – our champ is back and leaves Brazil with a gold medal in men’s doubles for Spain! VAMOS RAFA!

Sources: NBC, AP


  1. Rafa will ALWAYS be loved and respected because he ALWAYS does his best in ANY circumstances. HE might play with injuries, but we KNOW that a healthy Rafael Nadal can beat ANYONE, ANYWHERE!!! RAFA will ALWAYS be NUMBER ONE to those who have seen his fighting spirit and good sportsmanship over the years!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  2. From the press:

    ‘Of all the manifestations of any kind of joy, anger, sadness, which was given away by athletes in Rio, none of which we have seen have seemed so expressive, so sincere, so emotional as Rafa Nadal alone or in company his friend Marc Lopez.’

  3. I see our two misery guts/naysayers are back on line (you know who I mean). Can’t imagine what more they expect of Rafa. ‘Disappointing losses’? Not what I saw. A predictable loss from a man who’d run out of steam. A man who had no chance to prepare for this tournament at all. A man all the tennis world (except you two) praises to the heavens. Now Cinci. Those saying he shouldn’t play, but rest… Well, rest wouldn’t do a lot for his preparedness. He’d need to practice hard, so he might as well play.

    • Best ignored Susieq. It’s the deliberate and typical ‘wind-up’ rhetoric of trolls. Don’t feed them.

  4. The bronze medal men’s singles was only available online at NBCSports. They do have replays, but it was not Rafa’s best match. He looked and played exhausted until Kei was about to win the second set at 5-2. He then played better to win the second set. Then the craziest thing happened during the break. Kei disappeared for about 13 minutes. Rafa was furious. The rumors are that Kei took a shower! I have no idea if it is true, but he did look fresher. I really did not care about the bronze since Rafa got what he wanted which was the gold in doubles. He had an incredible Olympics and we are so proud of him.

  5. Rafa this has been a very positive Olympics for you I beleive you did the best you could under the circumstances but you had too many matches to play and this would have sapped all your energy Andy Kei and Delpotro didn’t have the doubles to contend with and you did win a Gold in the doubles and this is a great acheiivement for being off so long so well done to you
    It was so great to watch you play and see you back and we all look forward to se you a lot more on the tennis circuit
    However take a rest and take your time to get fully fit your fans only want to see you stay fit and healthy so you remain in tennis for a long time to come
    Vamos Rafa always the best

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