LOOK: Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear during the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony

Joma is the official sponsor of Spain’s National Olympic Committee and has designed both the clothes for the opening ceremony and the sports uniforms. It is the first time in the history of Spain’s participation in the Olympic Games that its female athletes will be wearing pants when they enter the arena.


  1. Wow USA colors for Spain? thought they would Coordinate their outfits more with their flag….. Oh well got to see Rafa carry the flag; I’m Content now! He looked adorable and so happy! He got a big applause from the crowd … He is a rockstar wherever he goes! As Margo would say, “Rafa Rocks!” ( the plagiarism cops will get me again, Margo! )

  2. Rafa, I am very proud of you and your great country.

    I am sure all you fellow arhletes are proud to wear the outfit, not matter what combination of colours to be in the team and represent their country.

    I didn’t see the Opening Ceremony here in Australia, but hope it gets repeted soemtime through the day.

    ALl the best to Rafa and Marc, and all the teams,

    Love and Prayers,


  3. Oh yeah !! Viva rafa in Rio ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Margo hi yes sorry I did read that I was just looking at the outfit and it just reminded me of Tommy Hilfiger . Looking at the other countries Spain’s outfit is looking quite good and to be honest Rafa could wear a paper bag and still look gorgeous. In 2012 the Spanish team had orange and yellow outfits they were terrible and they got ridiculed for it ,even the Spanish athletes slated them saying they looked like Luchador meets McDonald’s employee, so this outfit must be a blessing in disguise

    • Hiya…absolutely no need to say sorry. Got you now.

      I was getting dizzy trying to figure out which outfit goes with which country. I thought you were asking if TH was involved with the design of the outfit because I admit I was confused. I would love to see the dress guidelines, maybe then the outfits may make more sense to me.

      I guess the US is the victim this year with the colors in the wrong order. If we were a dictatorship, Ralph Lauren would be in prison right now (or worse), on a diet of bread and water.

      And TH made a print faux pas with a Rafa campaign earlier this year which was plastered on the internet whenever I googled his name. The wording was most likely done in another language and then translated to English.


  5. @Maria (England) I was looking for (more) yellow in the Spanish team’s uniform. Instead it’s got red, white, and blue; the same colors of the Union Jack, the US flag, Russian, etc.

    Tommy Hilfiger, an American company with a red, white, and blue logo, and one of Rafa’s sponsors, had no hand in design. The Spanish sportswear firm JOMA is the guilty party.





  7. I dont like the colours they clash terribly, they should be yellow top, black pants, hats ok.

  8. So nice to see that Rafa and Andy are both flag bearer’s at this Olympics, I know they have been on the court’s practising together I wonder if they have been given each other tips on carrying the flag as Andy nearly took out Princess Anne’s eye out the fist time he held it. Does anyone Know if Novak is flag bearer for his country?

    • Djokovic carried the flag for Serbia in 2012. He is quoted saying someone else should have the honor this time. Roger carried the Swiss flag in the last two Olympics.

    • One article I read had Andy actually poking the princess in the eye. I hate crappy and inaccurate reporting.

      I will go with how it actually happened during practice as poor Andy was being blamed for the near mishap. When questioned about it, Andy said, “I will have to blame the photographers for what happened. They were giving me direction and then I ended up putting the flag in front of Princess Anne’s face. I think she said, ‘Make sure you don’t poke my eye out!'”

  9. The ones I’ve seen all verge on the nautical, and look more like they are going yachting. Perhaps Rafa has invited them for a day on the H2O.

  10. Have just looked at some of the other countries outfits , many seem to be going with Navy, red and white and now i have to backtrack and say that Spain certainly has one of the most stylish and up to date outfit others are looking a bit office like

  11. Not liking the hat although it does look better on the females. The female’s jackets look like a much better fit than the male boxy look. I hope they custom fitted Rafa’s outfit considering his muscle bound arms and physique. These guys just look sloppy.

    Sloppy, however, is not as embarrassing as the U.S. outfit that has its shirt colors in the order of a Russian flag. Instead of the American flag of red, white, and blue, the shirt is the Russian horizontal white, blue and red. Did Lauren leave the US design to a neophyte. Incomprehensible! No wonder the Ralph Lauren trademark has lost its appeal. Shameful that there was no expert oversight.


  12. The outfit reminds me of something can’t put my finger on it though. I would have preferred to see them in orange’s or yellows so you could tell straight away they were the Spanish team . Looking at the outfit it looks like something team GB would wear especially as it sporting the UK’s colours. But it is the colours of Tommy Hilfiger I think?

  13. Counting down the hours , can’t wait, will sit through it tonight just to see Rafa and Andy carry the flag for their countries

  14. WOW not sure about it , the girls look good not really liking the men’s and I’m certainly not digging the hat , but saying that Rafa can pull anything off and at least I will be able to spot the Spanish team in the ceremony !

    • I feel the same way. The women’s is more attractive. Maybe they don’t have to wear the hat? Rafa does look good in anything, however. Can’t wait until tonight!

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