PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal celebrates his 30th birthday with girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello and their friends

Rafael Nadal showed off his impressive form on a yacht, celebrating his 30th birthday in style with his lovely girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello in Formentera, Spain.

Their holiday evidently wasn’t hindered by Rafa’s ailment, which he kept protective with a bright blue wrist support; a contrast to his vibrant pink swimming shorts.

Here are a few photos.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Dear Rafa, I’m so glad you are resting your wrist, ensuring your tennis future to be whatever you wish it to be. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, together with Maria, your family and friends, and I look forward to seeing you play when you return to the tennis courts. VAMOS RAFA!!!!!

  2. I have watched you play for 12 years straight,you are an amazing human being and one of the greatest tennis players.Happy Birthday and take time being instead of overdoing. Wish radiant health🌞

  3. So glad to see him having a good time with Maria. Although Rafa won’t be attending Wimbledon, I’m sure he is setting his sights on representing his country at the Olympics and that is his main goal. There is still 2 months left before that happens, so I wish the best recovery for him so he will be 100% fit when he returns to the court. Vamos Rafa!

  4. I wonder what Rafa thinks of Sharapova’s two-year suspension. Not long enough?


  5. Some words of wisdom from Rafa’s buddy, DelPo, who won his round one match handily at Stuttgart today:
    “Take your time, that’s my suggestion. Do not be in a rush and do not take risks. Wrist suffers when you play and practice. If you do not feel at 100% then you have to wait. Rafa is a big fighter, I am sure he wants to comeback on the court in a short time.”
    Rafa, take it from someone who knows. DO NOT TAKE RISKS!!!


  6. Dear rafa wish you all best for recovery and future warm regards David chait Cape town

  7. Nobody can get close to Novak when he’s on his A game. And after being beaten by Stan last year there was no way Novak was letting it go for a second time.But what a song and dance at the end (totally embarrassing) It’s a clay court not the stage for Novak’s less than convincing acting performance. Andy played well not a joke at all , and as for the whole Uncle Toni thing again Sosa your like a dog with a bone , let it go

    • Here we go again. Do I comment on your nonsense? Dog and a bone is more resemblance of you and my comment. chill out, you don’t have to go into the attacking mode every time I post a comment. Djoker is beatable. Andy played 3 sets of craps.

  8. Rafa 9 FO’S, Novak 1 FO. that says it all,If Rafa hadn’t been injured and the way he was playing he would have stood a good chance of No 10 FO this year, Novak and Andy had an easy ride to the final without Rafa.
    Hope to see him at Wimbledon…

    • Undisputed GOAT? Any first year social sciences student would learn the statistically impossibility of deciding who the GOAT is. Number of wins/trophies is a seriously limited and distorted view. There are too many variables: age, illness, injury, opponents, hours played, strength of field, training, diet, coaches etc etc etc. It’s as impossible as comparing two eras. 12 of Novak’s 26 wins over Rafa are from 2013 onwards (almost half!). 7 have been in 2015/16. Novak did not overtake Rafa in wins until this year 2016! He had to wait for a dilapidated Nadal to gain significantly. Novak is a great player but in a weak field. The fact that Murray is No2 says alot – I really don’t believe he has upped his game at 29. Novak’s body (and mind) has outlasted Rafa’s and to some that may make him a better player. Numbers of wins/trophies are all we have but who the GOAT is is purely subjective.

  9. Hi 😃
    I’m currious – do you know whether Rafa reads the posts from his fans on this great site? Hope so 😊👍 Another question. Does anyone here knows where to write for Rafa’s autograph? Thx. and have a nice day ☀️☺️

    RAFA ROCKS 💖👑🎾💪😘

  10. Lovely pics ❤️ Happy 30 th. 🔆🎂😘Get well soon dear Rafa 😊🍀 Miss seeing you play and am looking forward to your comeback 😍😃 Take care and VAMOS champ 🎾💪💖

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