ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal moves up to No. 4 in the world

The post Roland Garros rankings are up.

ATP Rankings Rafael Nadal moves up to No. 4 in the world

Rafael Nadal, despite withdrawing before the Round of 32 with a wrist injury, rises into an all-important top four spot after Stan Wawrinka failed to defend his title, losing to Andy Murray in the semi-finals.

Rafa is now in the box seat to be seeded No. 4 at Wimbledon – if he recovers from injury in time.

Race to London: Rafa is #3 in the year to date rankings.

Race to London Rafael Nadal is No. 3 in the year to date rankings

Source: ATP World Tour, Live Tennis


  1. Have you ever heard an interview with uncle Toni ? He blows off all of Rafa’s Achievements like it’s no big deal…sure he was there for all those achievements but he spoke as though he would never guess he would be that successful…stated the Roger his a much better player and that Rafa wins while playing not the best tennis. Rafa became Rogers Nemesis and as far as I can see it was by playing better tennis then Roger. I read where Rafa ordered lobster after he won his first slam and Toni told him he should have order a hambuger that he didn’t have enough money to eat lobster… Why wouldn’t your uncle/coach be happy for him and not Criticize him choosing lobster over hamburger… Just don’t get it… Perhaps he just wanted to keep him grounded after all he just beat the most famous tennis player ever! I have watched all of Rafa’s matches and have seen his Uncle Toni overjoyed with pride…yelling vamos vamos… and it his Uncle who Rafa runs to when he wins… Just wonder if the is a kind of Ambivalent relationship they have… Rafa has all these tics and fears… Wonder if uncle Toni was a bit to tough on his newphew/prodigy. Rafa was born to be a champion, yes his Uncle helped him to achieve his success but without this born talent there would not be a Rafael Nadal… The undisputed king of clay!

  2. Plain and simple …Rafa needs to add a new coach to his team … His uncle Tony should insist upon it … Rafa will never initiate it because he will feel that he is being disloyal to his uncle. All the players switch and add new coaches to their team, It is nothing new. When you have an elite player like Rafa and he goes into slumps like he does, it’s best to seek professional outside advice. If you read his book then you would know that he was and still is terrified of his uncle. Like John McEnroe said “Get a new damn coach” i agree 100%!

    • To be honest, in my opinion, this is not going to happen anymore. The patterns of the Rafa/Toni collaboration/ relationship are already so deeply established in the history of the two guys that I guess it’s somehow just late for him to add a new coach. Probably it might confuse Rafa even more to get new inputs for his play to gain a “safer” way for his body than it might help him in his play… . He might play “safer” then, but would it help him to win matches? Would this be still effective? I might be wrong, of course. Not that I’m feeling good about what I’m writing and thinking… on the contrary, I feel very upset by my negative thoughts, and upset about this injury more than about any injury before, as this time it is the left wrist.
      When I was workng at the Basel- tournament last year, my dream became true: to see a final between Rafa and Roger in person. I hope and pray that it was not the last time that my all-time-tennis- heroes met in a final, but I’m so damn worried now, more for Rafa’s than for Roger’s career… I might be too pessimistic. I’m just worried a lot. It was so wonderful when he came back at such a high level in Monte Carlo, and now this happened to him.
      Anyway, I will be sooooo lucky to watch every single match again from the point when he comes back and I hope he does not force anything that might ruin his career.

  3. A little late to get John McEnroe’s help…. He is already signed up with Milos Raonic…. Andre Agassi would be very good for Rafa as well ,however don’t think it will ever happen. Milos hired Carlos Moya too (which Rafa should have done he would have been perfect ). Rafa is blaming himself … Claiming it’s his fault for his lack of confidents…Not his teams. I believe his uncle Toni should insist on adding a new voice as I don’t think Rafa ever will … Think he would feel that he is being disloyal. Maybe we have seen the best of Rafa …he is no longer unbeatable or feared in the locker room …he needs to add a new coach to help him revamp his game … He can do it but keeping everything the same will not work. That is my opinion and many Commentators an Analyst as well. Please don’t take this wrong, I will always be an ardent Rafa fan and wish him all the best,,,Just wish he wouldn’t be so stubborn ! Vamos Rafa … Get well soon! ( and hire a new coach ! )

    • Agree.
      I admire Rafa but he needs to change soon. Time flies! He would hurt himself more if he keeps his old time style. Further more, the game has changed nowaday which Toni admitted. Rafa is nowhere challenging Djokovic with a poor service game and return of serve. Agassi would be the right answer as he could help Rafa with his amazing return of serve. I know it’s difficult but Agassi is willing to help Rafa. It’s just about Toni who has the biggest voice. If Rafa finds it too difficult to ditch Toni like Djokovic with Marian Vajda then Rafa can always choose to ADD another professional to his team.

      • Rafa played Djoker close in Rome this year, so I don’t agree he’s “nowhere near” challenging him.

        Like I said, before his injury Rafa wasn’t playing badly, so I don’t see the need for all this panic over the state of his game.

      • That was the worst Djoker since Monte Carlo who was bageled by Belluci, taken one set by Nishikori, and easily murderer by Andy Murray. And still Rafa wasn’t able to beat him just once set.
        You watched the matched? Rafa was raising the momentum very well. He got the early break but eventually failed to play consistently in the last moment and got broken back.
        Rafa’s game is really catched. Now he has to play 50-50 with Djoker, change the direction by his down the line shot to make Novak run for a weak reply. Whenever Rafa feels good with his down the line shot, he can still cause damage to Djoker. But you see, when you’re 30 it’s difficult to keep that level throughout a set!

        That’s the reason why Rafa should consider hire Andrei Agassi. Rafa is a right handed guy but his backhand is not really a “weapon”. He should upgrade his backhand to actually “attack” Djokovic’s forehand which is his only weakness. Rafa actually did that in the final set of the epic semi final in RG 2013. That would also save his knee from running so much for the forehand.

    • Rafa’s confidence isn’t the issue – he’s being playing at a high level for months now. He didn’t get injured due to lack of confidence.

    • I agree with everything you’ve said..I’m a Rafa fan to the core..but I’m so disappointed with his stubbornness to hire anyone or try anything new..perhaps he’s happy to see the rest of his career go down the tubes..working hard is not enough its not changing anything..and why the hell wasn’t he advised to give Madrid and Rome a miss instead he sacrificed The French Open..madness..the way things are I can’t see him winning another GS which makes me mad and sad because in the right hands he still has it in him..put your ego away Tony Nadal and DO something

  4. RAFA, and his team will make decisions taking every factor into account,
    what is best for Rafa, and I pray that his wrist heals strongly, and that he gets great advice and professional help from his medical team.The main thing is that he waits util the wrist is strongly healed.
    Praying for you Rafa,

  5. Something is wrong with the ranking table shown here. It is impossible to have 16,950 points.




    ANYWAY YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR HEALTH 🍅 🍇 🍈 🍉 🍐 🍑 🍒 🍓 🍍 🍎 🍏 🍊 🍋.



  7. Agree with you all. I wasn’t a big tennis fan before Rafa so can take it or leave it when he’s not around.

  8. Well deserved Rafa. I hardly watched RG this year as tennis tournaments are not the same without our Champ. Vamos Rafa!

  9. I watched the Final, fell asleep after the third Set, n woke up suddenly to the beginning of a previous final between Rafa n Roger F., which was really exciting. I live in Perth, WesternAustralia, so it was early hours of the morning! In my opinion Rafa, I think you would have won that Cup. Djokovic did not play that well n Murray played worse. I am remembering you in my prayers Rafa n askingGod to let you be 100 percent fit for Wimbledon. I am glad you had a great time on your Birthday. God bless you. Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abuela. 😇😀😊

    • Same here. With sadness in my heart, I too watched the finals or at least, tried to watch the finals. Because, just like you, I fell asleep after the third set. Ho-hum match really. Oh how I miss Rafa. Warm regards, Madam Shirley — Rafa’s abuela from Australia. Greetings from Rafa’s abuela in Manila.

  10. How I agree with all your comments. Without Rafa it’s not the same. I too have followed him since he was a youngster and have so many hours of sheer joy. Vamos Rafa.

  11. I agree with most comments posted, tennis, whatever the tournament is simply not the same when Rafa is not there, I have followed him since he was about 17 or 18 and was hooked!!!

    He never disappoints in his attitude to the game, chasing down every ball from beginning to end of match. That said, If not for Wimbledon then would hope he will be for Rio to carry the flag for Spain would be absolutely perfect for him having missed in 2012 due to injury. So every best wish for your speedy recovery. Vamos a million times

  12. Agree with most of the comments, Rafa is certainly missed from any tournament weather it be a 250 event to the grand slams, such is his aura and charisma. Would love to see him well for Wimbledon but more importantly for Rio. Get well soon Rafa. 🐥🐧🐂

  13. I agree when Rafa is not in the tournament the thrill is gone for me as well.

    I did watch the men’s final. Congrats to Novak and also Andy for making his first
    FO final but there was no passion, drama or excitement. Just another day at the office.

    However, the Men’s double final was just spectacular. Congrats to Marc and Feliciano
    for winning their very first Grand-slam title. Also congrats to Garbine for winning the women’s title. What a great day for Spanish tennis. Way to go!!!

  14. I agree with all of your comments. I was just thinking about the fact that Rafa wants to be able to go to the Olympics this time as it may be his last opportunity for this honor so he may not make it to or through Wimbledon in that regard. He is also my favorite and I do lose interest to an extent when he is not in a tournament. I am still enjoying watching tennis but it’s not the same without him. My sister and I have attended the Western Southern Open for the past two years and have been disappointed because Rafa was not there the first year, last year we just missed seeing him play by a day but did see him practice a few times, and this year we bought the whole week of the tournament because we figured this was a good comeback year for him. Keeping our fingers crossed! We love the whole experience of going to a tournament but without Rafa’s passionate play, it won’t be the same. Get well Rafa!

  15. I would like to see Rafa at Wimbledon even if he doesn’t go all the way,mens tennis just isnt the same without him, in fact its boring.

  16. Rafael will do what is best for him. Enjoy the time; he has often said that tennis is a sport, but it does not supersede life. What a difference in atmosphere
    and emotion in yesterday’s final compared with any Federer/Nadal match! This has been a golden era, and Roger and Rafa’s charisma is unmatchable. While the athletic talent is there, it is , at times, painful to witness Murray’s angst, and Djokovic’s wild- eyed stare. The French Open has lost its elegance without Roger
    and Rafael, top women players complaining, and even Sharapova’s screeching
    presence. We look forward to a better 2017!👑🏆❤️

  17. Rafa needs to consider adding a professional to his team like Agassi or John McEnroe to challenge Djokovic and reduce injuries as well.
    His game is no longer fit to his age. His footwork becomes much slower compared to his prime. Also whenever Rafa is feeling good with his flat shot like in 2014 and 2016, his wrist has problem again and again. I don’t think it’s just bad luck, it’s like a technical problem.
    If Agassi joined his team, Rafa’s return of serve would become more dangerous and with Rafa’s speed, he would be able to challenge Djokovic to win more slams again.

    Rafa is 30 now. He doesn’t have much time left. If he continues like this with Toni, i don’t think we-fans can see him last long like Roger Federer.

      • With all due respect Sosa you do not appear to know anything about Tony or Rafa Nadal. Their thoughts and feelings are on this matter they have made clear – you should check them out. Tony is very open so is the rest of the team – Rafa is not. If Tony Nadal stopped coaching Rafa the tennis world would be foaming at the mouth to have him as a coach – believe me!

        As for who is the GOAT it is purely subjective because it cannot really be measured by number of wins or trophies.

  18. Rafael’ s focus is being fit and well for the Olympics. He missed out 4 years ago and wants to carry the flag for Spain. He would be unwise to risk further injury in the meantime. I was in Roland Garros and so dull without him. it is not up to any of us to tell him what to do. I hope to see him back being competitive again. Lovely to see Gabrine and Lopez winning.

  19. That’s great news for Rafa , but if he’s out of the game for a while I wonder how long he will stay at that position

  20. I fear that it is highly unlikely Rafa will play Wimbledon, as much as we would all love to see him. He does not want to risk missing the Olympics again. We all know life is unfair, and certainly the same is true of tennis. While Rafa has had more than his share of injuries, I always then think of Del Potro, who has suffered much more. I am just grateful whenever I can see Rafa play.

  21. The way I see it Rafa won’t play at Wimbledon. He is my all time favourite tennis player but I think he should stop playing tennis as much as I want him to compete and win again I dont think it will happen.

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