[PHOTOS] Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear on court at the 2016 Roland Garros

For the past few weeks we have been asking ourselves, “What will Rafael Nadal be wearing for the French Open?” Finally, we now have an answer. 🙂

On Court: NikeCourt Challenger Rafa Premier Crew with Nike AeroReact technology. The responsive, lightweight bi-component yarn senses moisture vapor and opens its structure to maximize breathability.

Shoes: NikeCourt Lunar Ballistec 1.5 Legend

Off Court: NikeCourt Fleece Crew – This classic crew features a back panel constructed with the same spacer mesh used in Nike Tech Hypermesh garments.

Source: Nike News


  1. Vamos Rafa, LOVE your Blue outfit. You look great in blue and blue is a very calming color. God bless you, good health, and good luck. Love, Marylynn

  2. No matter what you wear, Rafa, you’ll look GREAT!!! HOWEVER, everyone agrees you look particularly fabulous in blue!! SO, GO OUT THERE AND WIN THE TENTH FRENCH OPEN!!! WE’RE ROOTING FOR YOU all the way!!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  3. From all your fans in South Africa, far and wide we are wishing you good luck for your 10th Franch Open title. We ALL know you can do it. Vamos. RAFA. 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  4. With a bod like his everything looks good..hoping for no 10..wouldn’t that be nice ..Vamos

  5. Yea, Rafa you look good. Try to win this FO, and please stop dumping such important forehands into the net, which happens even when you’re in a very good position too! Calm down and do what you do best: Win stuff. And you get to kiss your girlfriend when you win, don’t you like that? You horny toad you!

  6. Rafa, I said this before the Rome QF, “stop thinking n saying Novak is unbeatable”. The Cup was yours if you only kept your mind on the right track n controlled your nerves! You hadNovak frothing from the mouth in the first Set when the score was 4-2 in your favour, n then again in the 2nd Set when you were in front. From frothing to jumping up n down waving his arms to his follows n bowing down to them when he won. He knew he was lucky. Your opponents are apprehensive when playing you on Clay, hence you are one step ahead of them. You are the Champ Rafa, so win or lose the FO, you will be the King of Clay for a long, long time, but you can win it Rafa n I hope the draw is kind to you n also most importantly I hope you always win the Toss of the Coin!. Confidence grows when you win the first Set. Novak did it again – lost his cool when he was losing!! Andy was fine ’cause he was winning!!! At 80, I am so proud to be your Fan n can appropriately call you “Refined Rafa”. I will be praying for you to keep fit n be in form. God bless you Rafa. Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abuelah. 👑🏆😇😊🎈🎈

  7. Rafa looks pretty GREAT in whateveE he weArs, noticing that Andy Murray defeated Novak, and not so long ago RaFA DEFEATED aNDY SO rAFA GO rAFA gO AT rOLAND gARROS,



  8. I hope this outfit will bring you luck my great champion!! You look fantastic!😍😍😍

  9. Gorgeous as alway Rafa 😊❤️😘
    Great looking outfit, love the colours 😃💙👍
    All the best of luck at the FO Champ 🍀🎾💪👑🏆💗

  10. Yes, Rafa as always looks great. Nice contrasting blues. I hope this new line keeps him cool, calm, collected and straight to the winner’s stage at RG.
    A garment’s comfort and functionality are crucial in a sport like tennis. I hope he is happy with the choice and that he had a lot of input as far as materials used and design.


    • Yes,he looks gorgeous in blue, but I hope it will bring him luck too! ( Pink is absolutely no ,please! ).hahaha

  11. I love it , that said in a way I wish he had kept with the orange as he has played well wearing it ,call me superstious . Whatever he wears looks great ,I always find it a bit weird seeing some other players in the same outfits especially when they come up against each other. Nike always come up with great outfits for Rafa, Roger and Serena.

    • Guess I’m not the only one. I always think he looks magnificent in blue but for some reason I think the color doesn’t bring him much luck hah. I wish he could always wear the USO 2010 black outfit. If I faced a Nadal in that outfit I would forfeit the match before it even began haha. Silly superstition of mine.

  12. You look great in this light blue Nike outfit. But, in my opinion you’d look good in anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am praying, wishing, hoping you have a great run @ RGarros this year…..The game against Novak was like a final. You hung deep with him…..

    Wishing you success this year @ FO. Will be watching you play with added focus, better serve, better drop shot, better back and forehand. Your ready mentally to take the court and have a great run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your loyal, devoted fan, Buffy from Arkansas USA.

  13. Rafa would look good in a Gunnysack! Vamos Rafa … You go to RG and lift that beautiful trophy for historical 10 th time !!

  14. I like it, but then I think Rafa looks good in anything. I really hope Rafa can go deep at RG. I never predict wins in advance since there are always unexpected upsets. I can only hope!

    • blue is your lucky color for you this year according to Chinese zodiac ‘100% true

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