VIDEO: Highlights from Rafael Nadal’s three-set win over Nick Kyrgios in Rome

Nick Kyrgios battled seven-time champion Rafael Nadal in a tightly contested third round encounter on Thursday.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. I dont know what this ‘prophet’ is on about guys. A few days ago he prophesised and was adament that nick k would beat rafa in straight sets. Got that completely wrong. I would practise a bit more with that not so crystal ball if i were you. Plus why do feel the need to personally attack others on this site. It really is the lowest form of wit

  2. Dear Chris ”Omo Igbo” Mbakwe,

    You obviously must have eaten a lot of akpu and ogbono soup hence you’re just spitting out rubbish!!!

    I ‘ve always predicted exactly what is revealed to me and they’re always correct to the T.

    Well, didn;t Andy Murray defeat David Goffin 6.3, 7-5???????? So, …………what are we talking about here? I am the Nostradamus of our time! Take it or leave it.

  3. Mr fake prophet what user name are going to be next , you named some but you forgot Great thinker you haven’t used that one for awhile

  4. Chantelle I don’t think his losses are convincing , why on such big losses are there no tantrums , yet even when he’s winning on others and loses a point he goes mad , dosent make sense. He needed a rest before the FO as after last years shock defeat there’s no way he he is going to lose this year (his ego couldnt take ir)or heads will roll in his camp , bye bye Boris . It wouldn’t have looked good if he had chose not to play in Monte Carlo where he lives so he decided on an early exit, probably glued to the TV analysing every players game who he might encounter in Paris.And to think last year when he lost the FO I actually felt sorry for him(for 5 mins)

  5. Yes he smashed his raquet into the ground and got a warning, then went to his seat and smashed it against the side of the chair and a strip broke off. I can only imagine what he’s like at home! Arrogant and sneery. Do u really believe he lost in mc on purpose? I suppose it makes sense – he only lives down the road so not far to travel for his rest. How disingenuous! Wouldnt catch rafa doing anything like that

  6. Chantelle, no l am not a fan of Novaks nd never will be , didn’t watch the match but kept switching channels to see score, did he brake a racket in the match today if so then why didn’t he do it yesterday when 6-0 down , why because he lost on purpose knowing he could pull it back in the next 2 sets against that opponent something he couldnt do against Rafa. And why no tantrums when he got knocked out of Monte Carlo because again he lost on purpose so he could have a rest before the French Open . I can’t stand the way he snorts like he has a bad smell under his nose ( something the French minister could look into) just joking . Andy has been playing great this week and I believe if he is in the final against Novak he can beat him , failing that lets hope when Novak slides he might do the splits a little to much and do himself an injury

  7. Maria i like your anti novak attitude. Thought i was bad! Lol. I cant bear him. I was at wimbledon in 2011 and on no.1 court. I saw roger live – very graceful and i could hear rafa on the centre court which made me happy. Then novak came on and he was so bloody boring i left to go to the shop. Cant stand the 2 faced bad tempered bandy legged fool. And he smashed his raquet – call yourself a sportsman. There is something vile about the man – reminds me of a serpent! On a positive note – ive not seen rafa play so well for a while. He’s getting his mojo back and the devil spawn knows it

  8. I❤️U Rafa 😘😍
    You’re the King of Tennis 4-ever 🎾💪👑

    VAMOS sweetheart 💖🌞
    All the best of luck in the world at the FO 🍀⭐️🏆

    • Well said! Onward and upward Rafa!! You played great today and the score doesn’t show the real winner. Good Sportsmanship, entertaining and an all around crowd pleaser! That’s you!! Thank you for the good example you always show. Best of luck at the French. Remember, you have nothing to prove, so enjoy it and ignore the naysayers.

  9. A very tough loss. I guess that the admin is still sad right now like all of us.

    But i still don’t get it with the “mental issue”. I don’t know. Uncle Toni might need to consider adding a real professional not only to work on his shaky service game but also his mind.
    Rafa is so easy to get broken in like 2 years. His serve is too easy to get predicted. And it doesn’t seem to be improved much by Toni.
    Also Rafa ‘s ROS is very easy for Novak to take a step in the court. The chance is there but he always returns poorly with the second serve.

    I don’t know about Roland Garros. Rafa might meet that arrogant player early. But i just know that it’s painful to watch that guy has his first FO title.

    So please anyone and Rafa! Stop him!!! AT ANY COST!

    • Hmmmmmmm….too late, me dear! Too late!!

      The great Deep Thinker, the incredible MIROMO and the peerless J. Beer – these guys all shouted in unison from the roof top (that Rafa needs to overhaul) his entire anachronistic game, but they were all scorned, laughed at and abused.

      The site owner eventually had to ban them from this site!!! And I ask: how can you ban the truth?

      Now see what has become of our dear Rafa – a whipping boy in the hands of the Serbian machine called Novak Djokovic.

      Too late, me dear! Too late! Rafa is the architect of his own downfall.

      Murray cannot stop Djokovic! Like I predicted some weeks back, Djokovic will win Madrid, Rome and the French Open.

      Anew face, currently btw No 90 – 120 will emerge by the later part of this year and it is he who will finally stop Djokovic’s indomitable reign of terror.

      Rafael Nadal’s job is done; the same for Federer.

      The clock has ticked and left Nadal far behind.

      He who refuses to change will surely be swept away by the wind of change. Take it or leave it! I speak only nothing, but the TRUTH.

      • The Amala and Ewedu clogged up imbecile that calls himself a prophet lmao

        What happened to your Oduduwa neck breaking inspired prophecy? 7-5 6-3 the Babalawo imbecile predicted lol

        You are shaking in your boots as usual

        Vamos Rafa

  10. Rafa why u loose to joker(Djoker). But still a fair score (7-5,7-6) than previous meetings. Improve by French open and take back your THRONE for 10th time. Plllzzzzz defeat that joker in future meetings.

    • Please learn to manage your expectations, Sandy. Rafa to win La decimal??????????????

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..But we’ll see………

  11. Betty the answer is simple anybody with a brain doesn’t . And here we go again let’s sign my name with a big heart to get the crowd to like me also not forgetting to learn a few phrases of the language where I’m playing so it looks like I’m making the effort YUK Novak you are FALSE

    • Pretty Maria, Novak doesn;t care a hoot whether you like him or not! Dig that?

      All he cares about is to get the job done.

      It;s that simple. As Rafa will say. ”Tennis is simple. Life is simple”

  12. What bollocks we can’t seriously believe that Novak being knocked out the other week and his bagel in the first set yesterday was real , when he wins Rafa today when Rafa played great . Novak is a snake and should not be trusted

  13. Djokavic is the Donald Trump of tennis–arrogant, spoiled childish behavior. I’ll take Rafa’s sportsmanship even losing to djokavic winning any day. Why do we support the Donalds and Novaks of the world?

  14. Just checked the score 5_4 to Novak I’m sorry but Novak is as false as they come their is no way low ranked players can take a set from him yet when playing Rafa or Andy they don’t manage to do it ,He’s playing games with them There’s nothing genuine about him

    • You’re getting it all wrong Maria,
      Now let me explain it all to you (hoping ofcourse you’d understand).

      Recall what happened when Djokovic lost the 2013 FO to Nadal. He made a remark which has never been lost on me till today. He said and I quote:”….this is not where I’m supposed to be with Nadal”

      What does that tell you?

      The truth is that Djokovic had long benchmarked his game against Nadal since 2011. And because of gthis, he was able to beat Nadal 7 times in a eow. However, our champion soon figured him out and started beating Djokovic again.

      What did Djokovic now do after the 2013 FO loss? He brought in Boris Becker to achieve a complete dominance of Nadal.

      The summary of all this is that every serious athlete (chasing history) must always do competitor analysis, that is, benchmarking your game against the very best of the time. Benchmarking means anybody else can beat me, but not the champion. So, Novak benchmarked against Nadal meaning: If everybody is beating me, it will certainly not be Nadal.

      That is the secret of Djokovic’s success against Nadal and the secret of his continuous dominance of men’s tennis. Meanwhile, Nadal continues to pray and hope that Djokovic’s form will drop one day and he’d capitalise on it. Nope, that ain’t going to happen because Djokovic has benchmarked him game against Nadal!!! Djokovic does not mind being bagelled by anybody as long as it is not Nadal.

      Instead of Nadal to do likewise and mobilise all resources at his disposal to ensure he continues to dominate men’s tennis, he prefers to sleep on his laurels. No competitor analysis, no request for fresh input of ideas by engaging a professional coach, no nothing.

      Success does not come by chance. It has to be strategically planned for.

      • Well,I am a huge Rafa fan,but I totally agreed with your comment above. That were my thoughts too. I am very frustrated of Rafa not changing anything and expecting different results. That’s not going to happen!
        I am happy he is playing better than lasts year when he was shadow of himself, but that’s not enough to beat Djokovich!

  15. Give it your all Rafa, can’t watch but will keep checking the score and when Rafa wins (pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee) I will sit down and enjoy it . Not happy that Andy said the clay is being blown off the court and so it’s playing like a hard court , that can only work to Novak’s (Mr Bean) advantage. COME ON RAFA

  16. The hour is almost at hand now….Djokovic vs Nadal the 49th episode of the epic rivalry(?)

    The only way Rafa can win is for him to be ready to ‘DIE’ on the Court today.
    He has to take the game to Djokovic from the get go, that is, right from the very 1st game. He MUST win the 1st game and the 1st set. Then he MUST also lead Djokovic in the 2nd set hitting the ground running by 2-0.

    That is the only way to frustrate Djokovic and you’d then see him breaking up his rackets and bullying the ball boys, shouting and raving to himself!

    Go, Nadal, you can do it!!!!

      • Ha Abu Parker…’re still around ain’t you?

        I thought I put you away from this site long ago.

        Anyway, I’m reliably informed that you’re a product of same sex parents hence your ill-manners and rudeness at everybody.

        Poor, demented soui.

        I’d remember you in my prayers for sure..

    • Had the all possible chances but could not make out. So sad for all us Rafa fans. Had lead in both sets but so sorry for rafa who once again was seen underpressure in crucial games. On the other side djoker was throwing it all out to comeback and did so.

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