VIDEO: Highlights from Rafael Nadal’s Barcelona Open 3R straight sets win against Albert Montanes

Rafael Nadal faced Albert Montanes in a heated third round match in Barcelona.

Vodeo: ATP World Tour


  1. Well, well,well, he has done it again. Congratulations to Rafa and good luck in the next match. Vamos

  2. Rafa appears to be growing in confidence and this is the main thing for any sports person I am so glad he has been loyal to uncle Toni and his team no new coach could do this for him he had to do it himself !
    So just concentrate on your tennis Rafa one match at a time it doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the net just keep your confidence and tennis to a high standard and you know you can win this
    It is so so great to see you play at a high level again for your own sake as well as for all your fans around the world Tennis without Rafa would just be so boring and if you feel great your fans feel great too !!
    So go Rafa win the next match we are sure you will do your best best to do so
    So best of luck against Foginii

    • So true Brlome, I have been saying this for some time now, confidence comes from the person, the team can only advise and support the player but when he/she in on court, it is up to them to put into practice. This is the case with any player but we are interested in Rafa and wish him all the very best as always

  3. Like Rafa, I never make predictions, but I really hope he continues to play well. I really have not seen any signs of nerves last week or this week. Rafa said that he needed matches to build his confidence. That certainly seems to be happening.
    Vamos Rafa!

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