Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shots against Andy Murray in Monte Carlo

Rafael Nadal produced some of the best tennis during his semi-final showdown against Andy Murray at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.

Videos: ATP World Tour


  1. your nearly there rafa,l new you could do it,all the very best for sunday ,will be watching vamos rafa glennis.

  2. Rafa is ready to win a slam and he had to feel Murray out in the first set he wore Murray out and Murray ran out of gas Rafa is a bull and a warrior on court wore his opponents down and then he get the better part of the game ! So much confidence and Rafa mixed his games so well Keep positive Rafa and Gael can be a tricky opponent too he play well and he’s very athletic ! Good Luck in the finals ! I’m not missing it at all !

  3. So so happy Rafa through to the final at MC and I am hoping so much that he can win tomorrow
    I hope he keeps on playing with confidence and aggression and just keeps on fighting
    For me the best tennis player ever an I will always remain a loyal fan of Rafa no matter what happens
    So Vamos Rafa Vamos go get this trophy
    Good luck for tomorrow

  4. Deep thinker you and those who speak in one voice (hmmm) slate Rafa when he loses but want to take the credit when he wins (hmmm) are you delusional or are you such a deep thinker because your head is buried up your own arse

  5. I couldn’t be happier!!!! This win for Rafa today may well be the impetus needed for him to, not only win Montecarlo, but to have the best winning, overall season he’s had in a while. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy–NUESTRO CAMPEON, RAFAEL NADAL!!!!

  6. Today Rafa not only used his cross court shots but also down the line shots. Rafa really surprised Andy and made he run too much in the last 2 sets. Whenever his forehand down the line is consistent, Rafa gets the best result.

    Hope he will mix the shots tomorrow to dominate his opponent ( i believe that could be Gael) and bite the trophy.

  7. so amazing how u set up that forehand and then the position u hit that forehand absolutely perfect ………..stress on this

    • Rava is playing the best tennis for 2016.. he is confedent @ feels it on the court .. u have to feel it ,, he is back after a long winter.. i see it in his eyes.. loves to play .. so humble @ respectful… thanks great match also andy played welll..

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