VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal (Monte Carlo Masters, SFs)

Rafael Nadal reflects on his comeback victory over Andy Murray as he reached his 100th career ATP final and 10th in Monte-Carlo.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What did you change from the first set to the second set up to 3-All?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I think I increased little bit the speed of the ball. Played little bit longer. At the same time I think I played little bit more inside the court, no?

I didn’t play bad in the first set, but not enough deep and not enough inside the court. So Andy had the chance to have the control of the point too many times inside the court, hitting winners.

Something was not going well in that first set because he was playing too easy, in my opinion. Then I needed to change something. I think I did.

I think I played a great second set in terms of mentality. In the third set, I played aggressive. I played a great set, too. Very good points. Was a great match, I think.

Q. You must be very happy to be able to play like that again after maybe some months when you weren’t so confident. Today 28 times you went to the net. That is not so common in your game. You made 18 points out of 28. To play so aggressive, it’s also a matter of confidence or just while you were doing well? How can you explain that?
RAFAEL NADAL: If you go to the net, it is because you are hitting good the ball, and because you are in good positions. If you are not playing well or you are not hitting good the ball, you are not inside the court, you cannot go to the net. That’s an easy thing to understand.

The real thing is I have been playing well in Indian Wells, too. Then I was ready to play well in Miami, in my opinion, practicing so good. But happened what happened. Important for me to accumulate weeks in a row playing at this good level. 

It’s a very important week for me, being in a final here again in Monte-Carlo, winning against very tough opponents. That’s a lot of great confidence, good news for me. Let’s see if tomorrow I can playing at the same level.

Q. Did something happen with your eye?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, happened something in the Love-40. Something comes inside to my eye. Nothing important. But I didn’t want to stop. But every time was bothering me more and more and I was losing little bit of the vision so I had to go to the chair and put me some water. Still feeling something. I didn’t want to stop when Andy was serving because I think is not fair enough.

I called the physio during that game for the changeover, the physio can help. But the physio was not there yet during the changeover. I decided to continue. Went out.

Q. You had three convincing matches against three very good players in a row. Do you feel you’re back at the top of your game on clay now?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t want to talk every day about if I am back or I am not back. That’s the real thing, no? Is something that I don’t think about.

I am what I am today. I’m in the final of Monte-Carlo. That’s a great news. That’s a very important week for me, no?

Rafael Nadal of 2016 will not be the same of 2009 or 2008 again. Every year is different. Every feeling is different. I don’t want to compare myself or trying to analyze if I am the same like before or not.

I am trying my best every single day. I want to be today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today, and after tomorrow better than tomorrow. That’s it. That’s my work today, and that’s my motivation.

I don’t want to think about the past.

Q. It’s certain that you feel much better about your game, that you’re more satisfied about various aspects. Coming out of today’s match, what are you disappointed with? Perhaps you could have been more effective at the net? Do you have any conclusions from this match to take out?
RAFAEL NADAL: At the net?

Q. Yes.
RAFAEL NADAL: I won, but Ubaldo told my I won 18 of 28. Is not a bad percentage. Is a good percentage. I happy with that, too.

Q. Did you catch anything of what was going on between Andy and the umpire? He was complaining about the time taken between points or something.
RAFAEL NADAL: No, I don’t know nothing. Sorry. I don’t know anything. Sorry.

Q. Which part of your game are you most satisfied with?
RAFAEL NADAL: I hitting very well the backhand, I think. The forehand is every day better, hitting more winners. The movements are so important, no? If I am moving well is because I am relaxed playing, I am more confident, and that’s the important thing.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports, Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Well done Rafa you did what you needed to do and it worked,

    May you do soooooooooo well in final,

    love and God bless,


  2. Rafa Nadal made the correct adjustments after the first set an was able to change the out come, that is what I see as the main piece of his game that was absent in the previous games where he was maybe a little bit too unwilling to change his game,, Rafa looked like he was on a mission,, an so good hunting on the final with the Frenchman,,

  3. Rafa is just a very special player and person. I really hope that he can win tomorrow. Montfils is playing better than he has in long time, but I know Rafa will not take him for granted.

  4. J attendais ce retour à la victoire depuis longtemps! Très heureuse de cette performance qui remet les choses à leur place! : ))))

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