Rafael Nadal beats Stan Wawrinka to reach Monte Carlo Masters semifinals

(AP) Rafael Nadal beat Stan Wawrinka 6-1, 6-4 on Friday to reach the Monte Carlo Masters semifinals, where he will face Andy Murray again.

In a one-sided contest between former champions, our champ broke Wawrinka four times, and made the semis for the 11th time.

Rafa improved to 15-3 in career matches against Wawrinka, the French Open champion who began as a winner in three of their last five contests.

Having saved 15 of 17 break points in the third round against Dominic Thiem, Rafa conceded only one chance this time. Wawrinka drew jeers from the crowd in the fifth game of the first set when he broke his racket, angrily bending it around his thigh.

In the second set, the Swiss player continued to struggle and was taken either to deuce or broken in every service game.Wawrinka saved two match points but netted a forehand on Rafa’s next opportunity.

Source: AP


  1. Rafa I am so happy and pleased for you.I pray that you do VERY well against Murray,
    God bless,love,Alaine

  2. He is getting better and better and the confidence growing with each win. Love to see him taking the trophy AGAIN……. Will be on the edge of my seat tonight.

  3. Could not watch this one but this win is worth a vamos rafa. Win this title, turn things around!

    • jbeer, what is seldom is wonderful!! A compliment from you for our champion. Well done

    • I echo Elizabeth too, well done Jason, that praise didn’t hurt one bit did it? Also well done Rafa for getting to the final

  4. Help I’m having kittens! I so desperately want him to win to get his mojo back. Rafa is the real gentleman of the sport not the media created and publicised Federer based on the fact he speaks good English and wears cardigans.

  5. Stan never ceases to amaze me, since he beat RAFA in Australian Open he has become ‘too big for his boots. Don’t get me wrong, as we have seen on any given day Stan is the man, but for the other days he is horrible/terrible. He THINKS because he is ranked fourth that he is part of the ‘Big 4’, the media has really pumped him up and discredited RAFA in the process.

    They ask him about his loss today and he says something about he cannot explain right now and he hopes Roger wins the tournament.
    I mean, a sore loser to the bone. Whenever he loses its about him not a better opponent.

    I have no respect for the guy. The ‘Big 4′ members can never be replaced, no matter how much shuffling goes on in the ranking.
    I do like the other 3 guys because I respect them, their hard work and dedication.

    They are like good cake but only RAFA comes with frosting and ice cream.

    RAFA fan forever.

    Look out for Stans’ presser.

    • I am a Rafa fan. I don’t Stan thinks he’s part of the “big 4.” (Nole, Andy, Roger, Rafa) I never saw a quote from Stan as such. If Stan really said he hopes Roger wins, well….that’s just disrespectful of the other players and immature on his part. I hope you didn’t take what he said out of context because when Rafa has been eliminated from a tournament I then cheer for Stan. Let’s face it, Rafa is not only the king of clay but also the king of gentlemen.

  6. dont see andy raonic match but scoreline suggest andy played great

    So rafa pratice well and keep calm

    Btw today defence was solid from rafa


    • Andy did play great, but Milos pulled a muscle late in his last match. He could barely move and it hurt when he served. He is a big server, but did not have one ace.

  7. Congrats rafa for a good and convincing win

    Maintain that attitude and get that backhand down the line perfectly ….it is one good shot for u

    Now just enjoy tommorow’s match ..

    Remeber to work on generating that high shoulder/chest spinning bounce …..
    And most importantly to get the right position to hit the forehand

    Your inside out forehands was so great to watch today

    Just one thing when u find urself up in a set or a game just go for attacking the 2nd serve ….u where hitting that 2 nd serve …..and it will be particulary one big thing against murray

    Vamos rafa….
    best luck for match

    Its pitty that i wont be able to see the next match

  8. all the way nadal ,am a fan from nigeria and i have always watched your match , andy will not be a match for u all the way

    • Mbonu, son of Ugochukwu,

      Kedu Kodi!

      Rafa will do well not underestimate Andy ….he has the weapons to cage Rafa.

      However, I can see clearly that Rafa will win in straight sets – 7-5, 7-6

      • I’ll be checking this out tomorrow:) I really hope you are right!!! I’m not a betting woman but am tempted:)

  9. Rafa deserved to win today! He played a good match, was very calm and stayed very professional! You can’t say that about Stan>be a role model for the youngsters!
    Rafa came more at the net today>he is a good net player, he must not forget that, and sometimes he surprises Stan! Rafa is and showed the world that he is still the KING of clay! Vamos campeon! Love from Aruba!!!!!

  10. Fantastic! Rafa back to his best. Thrilled! Hope he wins tomorrow and on Sunday!
    Vamos Rafa! All the very best. You deserve it.

  11. Yes!! Rafa is almost back to his vintage self. Onto beating Murray to avenge madrid loss last year!!
    Do u guys know why he & Verdasco retired in dubs?

  12. Fantastic result; feeling the win and enjoying the moment. Keep the momentum
    and passion on fire! 👑🏆👑🏆👑🏆👑🏆👑🏆❤️

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