Rafael Nadal loses in Argentina Open semis [PHOTOS]

On Saturday afternoon in Buenos Aires, top seed and defending champion Rafael Nadal slumped out of the Argentina Open, losing his semi-final to Dominic Thiem in three sets.

Thiem won 6-4, 4-6, 7-6(4) to advance to a Sunday final against the winner of the match between fellow Spaniards Nicolas Almagro and David Ferrer.

Rafa dropped serve in the ninth game of the opener to allow the 22-year-old Austrian to serve out for a one-set lead.

Our champ fought off a break point in the seventh game of the second as the big-hitting Thiem threatened to run away with the contest.

But the 14-time major winner made the most of his lifeline to break in the 10th game to level the semi-final.

Thiem, who once trained for his matches by carrying tree trunks on his back to beef up his physique, nipped ahead for 2-0 in the decider.

But back came Rafa to level at 2-2 before Thiem saved a match point in the 10th game.

In the tiebreak, however, it was Thiem who proved the stronger, stretching to a 6/1 lead.

Rafa saved three match points but the Austrian held his nerve to give himself a shot at a fourth career title on Sunday.

Source: AFP


  1. Ola & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Have lots & lots of fun playing at RIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) You are playing BEAUTIFULLY & we admire your matches SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Enjoy everything & please give our best to Uncle Toni & the greatest TEAM & keep doing exactly to what you are doing…….your Tennis is strong & powerful & your court coverage is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) God bless you and enjoy your day ! : ) Lots of love & happiness to you & your group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  2. And last time I checked, Francisco Roig is NOT a blood relative of Rafa. So that “family loyalty” excuse for not making any changes to his coaching team is pure bull crap.

  3. Very happy to see that so many Rafa fans are finally coming around to agree with J Beer, Deep Thinker, Sosa LaForge and myself about THE ROOT CAUSE of Rafa’s 2-year-plus downward spiral: his unprofessional, stubborn, childish refusal to make any changes to his coaching team. Rafa clings to his uncle like a baby clings to its mother. He needs to man up and grow up – PRONTO!!! – if he intends to ever win another slam or any other big tournament again.

    • Listen idiot it’s nothing to do with being “childish ” it’s misplaced family loyalty …he thinks it would be unfair to his uncle …and we real fans are not “agreeing with you” I for one know he needs fresh ideas and new coaching…if Rafa won’t upset his uncle then Tony needs to step in and fast …you lot are not fans you just want to pull him to pieces about everything from his hair to the fact he still lives with his parents and doesn’t want to get married yet…so what!!!! whats that to do with his tennis!!!! Sad sad trolls!!!! None of you can have much of a life you haunt this site ready to pounce on every post …prob no nothing about tennis just want to piss people off sad idiots !!!!

      • I’m “pissed off” about Rafa’s self-defeating attitude and “idiot trolls” like you defending it.

    • Wrong, we disagree with all of you concerning about his coach who has helped him so much for years, the problem is RAFA and his lack of motivation, otherwise he would have already resolved all these mess and not losing against anyone like he is still doing

      • Agree with you that Rafa himself has a problem besides being loyal to his uncle & team. He’s stubborn to change. If he doesn’t change (as so many of his fans advised him to bring on an extra coach and change his style/tactics of his game) that Djoker will definitely catch up with 14GS and may surpass Roger’s 17GS. Hope some other plays can kock out that arrogant joker.

  4. it’s clear that Rafa is more involved in other business than tennis. His attitud and resignation after every loss is unreal from a Champion like he is. He says that he is trying, he has played well, he just was a little tired, etc etc. Come on Rafa, maybe you should smash the racket and use more the body language (like others players do for every point they loss) TRY to get back yor super game, courage and mentality and then you will win!

  5. I feel very sad for Rafa,watching him lose match after match,whatever uncle Toni is doing isn’t working anymore,everyone is saying it.
    Things change,other players who have struggled have changed coaches,diets,whatever it takes,have come back.
    Rafa should make the decision to change or add coach’s or retire.
    after all, his physical condition is so much better, so much stronger than a lot of players,its not his strength,its his technique that is at fault
    Time is running out, if Rafa doesn’t do something this year to change his training/technique,it will be the last year for him.
    And thats a sad waste of a great talent,one of the most talented in the tennis world ever .
    A wise man changes his mind,a fool never.
    I cant believe Rafa’s a fool.

    • Well said..i am a die hard fan of Rafa it makes me sad to watch him struggle ..each loss will chip away at his confidence …he needs new direction add another coach and fast …working hard is not enough ITS NOT WORKING RAFA…you are too great a Champion to let it all slip away too soon…please listen to your fans…Novak Andy and Roger have made changes for the better …look where Novak is now..please do it tennis without you would be unthinkable yet…Vamos for Rio


  7. Well well,,, what next for rafa nadal,, if he does. Not get a new coach soon like now,,, he will be written off,, we the fans are always behind him,,, but he is doing nothing to help the situation,, SEE A PHILOLOGIST,,GET SOME BLOOd TEST,, GET A NEW COACH,, GET UP.ND DO SOMETHING,, GET MARRIED,,, WE CAN SEE U ARE STRUGGLING,, OR GET UP ND HAND UP YOUR TENNIS RACKET.,, why are u always tired,, change your diet,,,please please please,, do something,,,,,, we . The fans are so sad to see,, youbl

    • It’s only a game one will win and one will loose.Rafa makes so much monie , he only attend the sports to entertain the crowd around the world.No need to be Nasty????.

  8. Well, yesterday a so-called fan Elizabeth Howard labeled me about my negativity.
    Was i so negative? Nope, i was just telling the truth.
    You can blame all the condititions you want to avoid the truth: the extreme weather, Dominic Thiem played so well like Djokovic, etc. But if you watched that match yesterday, you would see a few technique points.

    Rafa’s topspin forehand didn’t cause much trouble to a one-handed bachkand guy like Dominic Thiem. In his prime, he really bullied Federer with that shot but now it seems like his topspin no longer has much “spin”, it turned out to be favour for a good flat shot. Thiem, Fognini, Dustin Brown, Rosol just takes advantage. Rafa footwork is much slower now. But that’s not his fault cuz he is going to be 30 soon. I won’t spam but uncle Toni really needs to walk away. He had about 2-3 months working with that new racquet but that ‘s completely not the root of the problem.

    I admire Rafa for his hardwork but i wonder if he is on the wrong track.

  9. I feel that the lower-ranked players who never won a grand slam or a ton of titles
    are luckier than Rafa because they remain completely under the radar all the time.
    Whenever they lose a match they just move on to the next tournament without a word
    or peep from the media. It’s no big deal for them. I know the bar is set so much higher for
    Rafa but I wish the media would just cut him some slack and just let him move quietly to the next
    tournament. Too bad Rafa can’t be under the radar for a change.

    Whenever Rafa loses a match, he just can’t escape the public scrutiny from the media.
    After a while, it just becomes a lot of noise and over-analysis of his game, his every point, etc.
    He has plenty of game left in him. The match today wasn’t a blow-out, but a tight 3-setter.
    Congrats to Thiem. I still enjoyed the match today. You can’t always win. Almagro finally
    beat Ferrer after 15 attempts. Congrats to Almagro as well! There’s enough tournaments and opportunities for everybody.

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