Rafa Roundup: Miguel Angel Nadal doesn’t believe Rafa will split from his coach Toni


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So which rivalry is most special to the 17-time Grand Slam champion?

“Which is more special? It’s hard to predict,” Federer said. “Maybe slightly Rafa just because he came before Novak. I’ve always enjoyed the matchup with Novak. I think it’s always very cool and athletic and straightforward, unlike Rafa where I feel like I have to change my game completely to compete with him.”

Ex-Spain footballer Miguel Angel expects his brother to remain in the legendary left hander’s corner in 2016.

“I don’t think so. It would be very weird for me to find out in press, about things happening at home,” the former Barcelona defender told Omnisport when asked if his nephew may appoint a new coach.

“I have this news available to me at home. Obviously it’s been a while and that’s exhausting for anyone working at the level they work, but both [Toni and Rafa] can be very pleased of what they have achieved over their careers.

“I think they are now where they want to be and fighting to be up there again.”

“Hello Manila,” said Nadal. “I am very excited to be playing in Manila this year for the IPTL. It will be my first time there, and I hope we are going to have a great time.”

Nadal is set to play in two match days in Manila, representing the Indian Aces alongside Agnieszka Radwanska, Sania Mirza, Gael Monfis, Rohan Bopanna, Fabrice Santoro, and Ivan Dodig.

Apart from Nadal, top-ranked Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) player Serena Williams is also confirmed to play in Manila.

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  1. If it were up to me (unfortunately it’s not), Rafa’s coaching team would consist of Andre Agassi, Larry Stefanki and Oscar Borras (serve only), with Uncle Toni on board STRICTLY as a confidant/companion for our favorite player. Rafa needs all the help he can get. And yes, I think he can afford it, notwithstanding Toni’s ridiculous assertion that he can’t.

    • It was in the news that Djokovic earned 21.6 million dollars from awards in 2015, followed by Federer by 8 million , Murray 6 million and Rafa 4 million somthing. There is 17 million difference in awards money between Djokovic and Rafa. It is a big loss. you should give it to Djokovic and his team for being smart.

    • Great find, Marylynn. More proof that Novak is the ultimate PROFESSIONAL who never stops looking for ways to improve his game and get an edge on his competition, while Rafa cries like a baby about his confidence and nerves.

      • Fantastic wits by Move in Rafa, I laughed and laughed until I actually forgot my name!!!!!!
        What more can we say about Novak, the Serbinator, the (in)human machine of the 21st century!
        While Novak believes that Tennis is life; our dear champion Rafa, on the other hand, believes that Family is life. Hence, the main reason Rafa will never replace or add to Uncle Toni…..

        Sad, very sad indeed. But, ofcourse, one’s foolishness is another man’s wisdom.
        Novak has now equalled Rafa in Head to Head (23:23), next for Novak to wipe off the Tennis radar is Rafa’s ”already huge achievement” of 14 Grand Slams.
        Novak will achieve this within the next 15 months – between Jan 2016 to March 2017. Maybe then, our dear champion Rafa will wake up to reality, except that age may then not be on his side.

      • “Great” Thinker? Lol, yeah…..we forgot that Novak has equalled Federer the H2H too. But…is he a lot younger than Rafa?…..LOL

    • He is using that machine since 2011 plus all the suggestions that the Doctor Igor gave him at that time and it seems to work well…..and this coach (Becker) who has so good reputation around……

    A bientôt 🙂

  3. If Rafa ever needs an additional voice to his magnificent team, the only one possible to help him reach new heights would be Andre Agassi. Vamos Rafa!

  4. To Rafa and Team, I also think that Paul Anacone (Pete Sampras’ former coach) would work nicely with Rafa and team. He is so very soft spoken and calm. He has a smart tennis I.Q. also. Marylynn.

  5. What a pity, i mean if it also means no additional coach (like roger, novak and andy did sucessfully).

  6. “And remember – my coach is more my uncle than my coach.” ~ Rafa (May 2015)

    Rafa’s words. Not mine. Essentially admitting that Toni is not a real coach. That he is a coach-in-name-only.

    Just like Serena Williams’ mom & dad were her coaches-in-name-only before she wised up and hired a real coach in mid-2012, after which she won 8 of the next 14 slams. By far the most successful stretch of her entire career. Despite being past her prime at 30-plus years of age.

    Perhaps – SOMEDAY – Rafa will show the same wisdom, maturity and professionalism that Serena showed by hiring a real coach.

    Hopefully, it won’t be too late.

  7. Toni will stay the coach of Rafa but maybe McEnroe or Agassi could support them a little bit! I would love it!

    Take rest and good luck for 2016! Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  8. I agree, if anyone is to help further with Rafa, John McEnroe would be good. Toni still his coach but with a different aspect and new ideas. Toni has been brilliant but new ideas at this level can only be an improvement even though Rafa is getting back to his former self, still so exciting to watch

  9. Rafael does not have to split with Uncle Toni. Toni has been instrumental in helping Rafa become the Legend that he is, but to achieve what Rafa has at such a young age, one has to be gifted. Rafael n Toni need to jointly appoint an assistant Coach to Toni and, in my opinion, this should NOT be Pat Cash. John MacInroe would be a better choice, but Rafa n Toni are the Professionals n would, therefore, know best. God bless you both n help you take the right decision. Always stay the way you are Rafael. Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abuela.

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