Rafael Nadal beats David Ferrer in 3 sets at ATP finals [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal made it three wins from as many ATP World Tour Finals group matches this afternoon courtesy of his 6-7(2), 6-3, 6-4 triumph over David Ferrer. Our champ will face Novak Djokovic in the last four on Saturday.

After the match, Rafa said:

It was very important for me to finish the season playing like this, playing against the best in the world, and a big game tomorrow with the chance to compete against the world’s number one.

It’s been a tough year for me. Some strange feelingas for me on court at times. But I always work hard and in the last five weeks I’m playing much better. (via Sky Sports)


  1. Tough physical match , both players covered a lot of ground. Ferrer was never going to make it easy ! Rafael could have let him win in 2 but the competitive spirit and professional that is Rafael, that was never going to happen. We want our champion fresh and rested to day . He will win . All supprt to the most captivating player in the game .

  2. Rafa I was so happy to look at your win today ! you are the best champion I’ve ever seen ! you fought the battle Ferrer was not backing down at all ! he was pounding those balls so hard and you stood up to him toe to toe ! I walked away from my TV so many times which I never did when Rafa is playing but I’ll always cheer you on ! You can beat Joker I can’t wait to see you play tmrw use the backhand slice , volleys, drop shot , get into the nets you are so good when you play these shots and stay close to the baseline. good luck !

  3. Great match by both players! Proud of Rafa! Good luck for tomoorow! Djokovic had an unbelivable year so that Rafa has nothing to lose tomorrow! Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanku rafa and david for producing such a good match so for in this tournament
    I mean i wants 2 see such matches
    Rafa congrats , u played so amazingly in 3 rd set. David played so well in the match yet u rise as winner.
    The forehand seems to be working on important points..i am sure it will be perfect as u like it to be before ao 16
    Now just remain to know opponent ball hitting side in the rally and to be consitent on hitting ball outside the service box area to be ready for all slams
    Tomorrow what ever happen will be so helpfull in puting further steps towards improvement
    I guess novak as like fo 15 will not engage in long rallies and use same stategy of drop shot and lobs and hitting hard on the short balls slice and readiness for drop shot and of course return of 1 st serves will be so helpfull

    Coming at the top of the group with 3 wins aginst really good opponents after having a bad seasons is so satisfying rafa

    U r real inspiration for all and a treat to watch

    Enjoy today and best luck for next match
    Vamos rafa vamos

  5. This was kind of a match! David Ferrer always plays like an bulldozer! And Nadal as always like a warrior on the court! Fantastic match >both players! but Nadal was too good for Ferrer today!

    Rafa, again BELIEVE in yourself and believe that you can beat anyone on court! Stay positive and confident! We are proud of you for your exceptional efforts on court! We love you!

  6. Keep the fire burning. Djoko can be beat. You can do this! Fight👊👊👊👊👊👊
    to win this one!

  7. Vamos Rafa! Tremendous match! Well done to the Spanish Terrior too, he played great as well! Rafa’s forehand was exceptional!

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