PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Loses To Novak Djokovic In Exhibition Tennis Match In Thailand

(AP) Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were playing a sold-out exhibition match dubbed ”Back to Thailand.” The event was organized by local authorities to boost confidence in the country’s safety after the bombing that left 20 people dead and more than 120 injured.

The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand, an organizer of the event, said the players would receive a total of 150 million baht ($4.1 million) for coming to Thailand.

Not bad for playing a match that lasted little more than an hour, with Djokovic winning 6-4, 6-2 in front of a full house at the 5,700-seat Hua Mark indoor stadium.


  1. As usual, I agree 100% with the comments by J Beer, Sosa Laforge & Ashish. Well said guys/gals. You all hit the nail right on the head. As for some of the other commenters here, I hate to break the news to you folks, but constructive criticism of Rafa is a GOOD thing; applauding his self-defeating mentality and attitude is a BAD thing. That is, if you are truly a fan of his, and not just an infatuated little school girl.

  2. All these negative posters lately are truly becoming tedious. They seem to relish coming on here, with their superior attitudes, and lording it over the fans on this site, who just love Rafa, and wish to support him through victory and disappointment, They are under the mistaken impression that because we do this, we are somehow naive imbeciles, who can’t see that Rafa has recently been playing below his usual level. I along with many other fans on this site know that, so don’t insult us by pretending that you are somehow the only ones privy to this information because you have no shame in coming on here and constantly ramming that fact down everyone’s throat. I know, and certainly they must know, that there are a myriad of tennis sites you can go on and discuss ad nauseam the deficits in Rafa’s game lately, as well as be the so-called authority on what he needs to do to improve it. They fact that they don’t only tells me that they get some kind of perverse pleasure on coming to this site, an unabashed Rafa fan site, and posting their unwelcome diatribes.

      • Explaining to you: Because, unlike you, I’m not an attention-seeking ass, first and foremost.

        Secondly, you and your ilks’ posts only seek to needle, provoke, and look down on, to paraphrase Move In Rafa or Move On “infatuated little school girl(s).” Now, you explain to me how that comment is not indicative of a superior, scornful attitude, (As if being an infatuated little school girl is somehow mutually exclusive from having an informed opinion about tennis.)

        If folks are “infatuated little school girls,” what’s it to you guys, anyway? If someone wants to come to a site called “RafaelNadalFans” and fangirl their asses off, it’s a more appropriate place for that than it is for dissing him continually (all in the name of claiming it is because you only care care about him, of course).

        Regardless, you missed my point – Don’t you think there are other sites where your continual criticism of Rafa would have better traction, and you could converse with more like-minded people until the cows come home about the sorry state of Rafa’s game and what he needs to do to improve it.

  3. Vamos Rafa! An exhibition match whereby both players were having fun. Rafa is improving and the process will still take sometime, therefore 2016 will be Rafa’s year!

  4. I was a little disapointed with this exibition match.
    Novak played like he wantd to prouvre he is the best… It was just an exibition match no need to show that much. Anyway, for me it was not interesting…

  5. This was just an exhibition. I’m sure all the fans were so delighted to see both Rafa
    and Novak in their house to spread good cheer and and boost everyone’s spirits which
    I am sure they did. Their presence is a joy in itself.

    Personally, I think it is more remarkable how Rafa is building a tennis academy right
    up the block from his home to solidify the growth of tennis locally and internationally.

    I always support and cheer for Rafa on the court or off the court. His dedication and devotion
    is always heartfelt. He’s a beautiful human being. He can’t be compared to anyone.
    He’s his own special person. Always with Rafa!!!

  6. ps: please let us Rafa fans keep it dignified & polite w grace & kind comments. Best to focus on Rafa’s evolving journey!!! He is an amazing gift to Tennis & his on going worldly success is a kind & incredible gift on many levels. He is current w his amazing Tennis & his creative game is relevant among top players. Thankfully, he is blessed w inner inspiration that keeps his bright motivation & actions moving forward. It is noble to see his priorities & achievements. He is constantly placing regard, time, effort & wealth giving back to the Sport!!! He is building a gigantic Academy, and devoting his generosity & aspiration to ensure future Tennis players have the optimal avenue to develop & strive forward. Rafa is worthy of praise and respect.

  7. It is emberassing to see Nadal close to the Djoker nowadays. Boy, after that RG 14 final, Djoker took a liftoff and never looked back. Rafa has been acting as if that win was a tough loss that put him down (does he know he won, one might wonder). Last time the real Rafa showed his face – june 2014. 15 months later, rafa has lost to 20 different players and has not won any significant matches let alone tournaments. Nole grabbed 4 slams, a wtf and like 10 masters. Quitting seems not a bad option rafa. U dont want it anymore, so just quit. Tx for everything.

    • As usual your comments are really off base and offensive. You sit and count the players he’s lost to?
      There was nothing “embarrassing” about this exhibition match, did you watch it? I just did. Rafa looked sharp, was serving like the boring way you need to play on indoor hard court. It was a difference of a few points, only because Rafa was doing what he needs to do, play aggressive. He shouldn’t do this in an exhibition match?
      He’s had a bad year. He came back from surgery, which was more difficult than in the past after an injury. Surgery is not an injury.
      He’s working hard. But because you aren’t happy with his “numbers” he should just become something he isn’t, a quitter? Please quit rafaelnadalfans if quitting is so important to you.

      • To Debby: You can’t shut up any fan who is worried about the state of RAFA’s game. It is not about injury. It is about lack of a smart and technical coach and mental support. Every word coming out of the Rafa’s mouth is from uncle Toni. Uncle Toni has a huge ego and weird view about life. Rafa needs to be freed from the uncle Toni’s toxic influence.

    • J beer: right on spot. hate that stupid humbleness of Rafa. he’s turned into a timid loser. instead of kissing Djoker ass by saying it is hard to catch up with him, get a damn real coach and play like Djoker does. Anyone that has taken an introductory psychology course knows that Rafa is messed up in the head.

    • Hey, it was just an exhibition and I understood that Djoker wanted to win anyway, his ego is going to far, we’ll see what is going on the next tournaments. Nadal has had a couple of bad years but it doesn’t mean he is going to continue playing so bad, every single player goes through bad times, someone else will do too
      Don’t be so embarrassing, Novak had to hire two coaches and one mentalist/doctor to play better, Nadal just needs to clear his head and to get back his confidence, that’s all

  8. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!! : ) : ) It was beautiful to see you place decisive ACES!!!!! Your serve is awesome !!!!!: ) : ) You are amazing to have the gracious energy to fly such lengthy distance, be gracious socializing & interacting w all the official dignitaries & ball personal alike…. & then go on playing in an evening match………..that’s mighty impressive!!! It was lovely to see you on the court !!!! VAMOS !!!! : ) The entire Thailand exhibition tour was quiet elegant & most interesting!!!!! Their ways & manners are incredibly gracious!! : ) The dancing & music performances …. the lighting….the grace of the management & crowd….all lovely with joyful partying & great atmosphere!!!!! viewing all your video clips & photos, we deeply appreciate the enormous REGAL welcome you received from the moment of your arrival at the Airport and onward …..such classy customs & kind traditions. (loved the crispy White official wear & the colorful ladies’ casual outfits…..: ) The Thailand Tennis administration is honorable & have demonstrated top notch professional organization caring & hosting the event! The crowd was so wonderful…..cheerfully , respectful…. and it was a real treat to follow you & this amazing exhibition !!!! VAMOS sweetheart and have a great time playing your next match!!!!! : ) : )

  9. Just everyone seems to know what Rafa needs to do. I have been a strong fan of Rafa’s tennis and admired the way he treats fans and conducts himself. I admire Rafa enough to say he will do what he must one way or the other without my advice. In the meantime I wish him all the best

  10. Well said Debbie, Naruda is either insensitive or very foolish, maybe both. Rafael Nadal, a 14 times Majors winner, Olympic Gold, several Davis Cup and many Masters and those of us who support him should not tell him what to do. This was exhibition stuff and Novak won. So let us still support Rafael

    • Ah it is nice to see Deep Thinker and Naruda back again to spread the “love”.
      All either of you two do is come on here to slag off Rafa and talk about how you are never wrong. How did that Federer is going to win the US Open thing work out for you DT?
      That is what is sad, not Rafa.
      Rafa will figure it out, I have faith in his understanding of himself and what he needs to do, and I am happy to see that other here do too.

  11. seriously rafa is so honest but still i hve one doubt after watching todays match is he have some problem he is hiding .. his 90 % of ball landing in service area box, he is not able to push the ball beyond service box area and not getting balls close to baseline and this problems continue from 4 to 6 months just watch a rally when he pushes the ball beyond the service box area, 95% he won that rally………..

    rafa please do something i am sure once u start pushing ball beyond the service box area more consistently no one can stop u

  12. seriously rafa is so honest but still i hve one doubt after watching todays match is he have some problem he is hiding .. his ball 90 % of ball landing in service area box, he is not able to push the ball beyond the area and not getting balls close baseline and this problems continue from 4 to 6 months just watch a rally when he pushes the ball beyond the service area 95% he wan that rally………..

    rafa please do something i am sure once u start push that ball beyond the service box area more consistently no one can stop u

    • He does not give his all! He hit the balls half court. Doing whatever it takes would be: 1 go to a f€%&ing shrink 2) train like a beast with a really new goid coach. But no, Rafa goes around doing a lot of commercial stuff, charities, holidays and will go down as a guy once considered potentially tennis greatest who was nothing anymore after turning 28. He does what it takes to get everybody used to the new rafa – a player of the level of carlos costa. Hanging around place 8, 9, 10. Nobody is helping by applauding cause he took 6 games if the Djoker. Talent wasting, that’s what this is. A black page in tennis history – stubborn rafa throwing it all away.

  13. I am, and ALWAYS will be, extremely proud of everything Rafa does. His record as a tennis player will not soon be matched, if ever. His good sportsmanship, respect for others, and unfailing good manners in ALL situations elevate him head and shoulders above others Win or lose, NO ONE can take these attributes/traits away from him. He will always be RAFAEL NADAL, a Champion for the ages.

  14. Rafa is so far away from Djokovic at the moment:( keep hard working Rafa, you will come back 2016! We are all with you. For always! Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  15. Rafael Nadal loses again!! I am a fan of Rafa but I seriously think he either should quit playing or get another coach! The way he lost to Djokovic shows he will not have any chance of winning any more tournaments on any surface. Just quit and go enjoy your millions. You are done!!

    • Not sure why you think you should decide when one of the best players of all time should quit. Let me know where you work, and I’ll email you when I think you should leave your job.

      Believe it or not, for people of integrity, it’s not all “about the money.” Some people do something for the love of it.

      He’s had a bad year. He’s working hard to be at his best. Sorry YOU have a problem with this. Feel free not to watch.

    • That’s what I really think. It is very sad to watch him play these days. short balls all the time. He lost depth and has not recovered it, i do not know why. The serve is another point. A very sad end to a great career.

    • You always hit the nail on the head, Neruda. We are the only ones people like Lizzy, Debby, G. Johnson and the rest of the gang love to hate because we always tell the truth. I predicted before this match that Rafa will lose and it has surely come to pass.

      Personally and truthfully, I don’t see Rafa coming back. This decline is terminal from all available evidence. And it is not a coaching issue – the problem is Rafa himself.

      Another issue that we should not lose sight of is Rafa’s conditioning – he sweats too much that even the cameras can vividly and graphically capture his sweats! Even the sweats can obscure his vision. Rafa is the only player on tour that sweats that much – something is wrong here! It was never like this before.

      Like Neruda said, Rafa should honorably retire now to protect his record, his enduring legacy and avoid further humiliation. from the likes of Nick Kyrgios, Fabio Fognini, Alex ”the dog” Dolpogolov, Borna Coric and ofcourse, Dustin Brown.


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