VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Talks About New Academy, His 2015 Season And The Best Players

Rafael Nadal is opening a £15m tennis academy, complete with 26 courts, a sports museum and accommodation for 140 students, just up the road from his house in Manacor, Mallorca.

Especially during the first six months I was feeling very tired – every time I was playing and practicing.

Being honest with you, I suffered this year, especially for those months, but the last couple of months I’m enjoying again and I’m not worried about my tennis level.

I have to change, yes. I have to change one very important thing – be the player I was one year ago.


  1. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) CONGRATULATIONS on your BEAUTIFUL Academy!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) …….. SPECTACULAR……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) The Academy grounds are surrounded by so much beauty & openness!!!!! VERY SPECIAL!!!!!! Loved your interview !!!!!!!!!!!!!: ) Loved seeing the fantastic site in progress & hearing of your amazing plans for the next tennis generation! 26 Tennis courts & 7 Football FIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Your Academy is both magnificent & beautiful!!!!!!!!! Best wishes sweetheart & God bless you DEAR RAFA for all your kind generosity & goodness!!!!!!! : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : )

  2. Saw the entire interview and as always impressed by Rafael. The Academy is such a marvellous project and I am confident that it will become a world renowned centre of excellence.
    Sky Sports News irritated me, by only showing the part of the interview where they focused on his performance in 2015. This man has won so much and this silly interviewer focused on one year. Talk about a lack of balance!!

  3. Still not saying it and still not seeing it: psychologic help needed and a new coach!

  4. A lovely interview Rafa,I have been starved for not seeing you at the tennis but now i know why … the Tennis Academy looks as if it will be great. what a wonderful thing to do for the kids in Mallorca which incidentally looks to be a lovely place.Well done Rafa, we ,(your fans love you so much)It,s true you do have a great team around you.All sports athletes have slumps but you will be better than ever in 2016…….Good luck and VAMOS RAFA

  5. You are so loved by people and is room for more love ! Who you are and what you’re doing is amazing ! Be happy cause you deserve and you’ll get back to who you were! And be proud of all the little and big steps that you take!
    Lots of love from Australia

  6. Congrats on this worthy venture Rafa.

    Your loyal fans await your return with unfailing love and affection.

    God speed my beloved Rafa.

  7. bonjour rafa , le complexe sportif ACADEMIE NADAL sera très beau je n’en doute pas et j’espère vraiment que nous pourrons venir le voir et surtout jouer avec toi ….

  8. We’ll if anyone is a type doubt as to why Rafa is loved sooooo much by people of all ages all around the world ,,,then they just need to watch this video ,listen to the honesty in this man ,a truly remarkable man .

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