Rafael Nadal seventh in the latest ATP Ranking List

Rafael Nadal during the match against Diego Schwartzman in the second round of US Open. - Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The post US Open rankings are up.

US Open winner Novak Djokovic remains top of the list ahead of beaten finalist Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

Rafael Nadal moves up one place to seventh.

French Open champion Stan Wawrinka, who like Federer qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals in London during his US Open run, is back into the top four after his run to the semi-finals in New York.

Tomas Berdych also climbs above Kei Nishikori, who drops to sixth following his first-round exit. 

Top 10 in the current ATP Rankings:

Ranking, Name, Nationality Points Week change Tourn Played
1 Djokovic, Novak (SRB) 16.145 0 18
2 Federer, Roger (SUI) 9.405 0 18
3 Murray, Andy (GBR) 8.660 0 23
4 Wawrinka, Stan (SUI) 6.000 1 22
5 Berdych, Tomas (CZE) 5.050 1 21
6 Nishikori, Kei (JPN) 5.015 -2 22
7 Nadal, Rafael (ESP) 3.770 1 22
8 Ferrer, David (ESP) 3.695 -1 21
9 Raonic, Milos (CAN) 2.790 1 22
10 Simon, Gilles (FRA) 2.560 1 24

Our champ is still 7th in the Race to London.

Source: sportinglife.com, ATP World Tour


  1. Look at Federer, how he got back from low ranking; Rafa is certainly more talented/ccomplished, and younger; it is the human fatigue that has gotten to him; I have all the confidence he will prove” the Pundits Wrong” soon !..
    ..Raman Venkata

  2. Rafa Nadal is a class act and has always been!!! I know he is the best tennis player of all time!!! Statisics don’t lie. His record would be true if he chose to stop playing tennis professionally today. He has won the Olympic Gold Medal in singles and Federer has not and will not and neither has Djokovic. He has won 9 French Open Grand slams in 10 years! No tennis player has ever done that and the current players have stated they don’t believe anyone else ever will! This is the first year in the past 10 years he hasn’t won a Grand Slam title which no one else can claim and the sports media failed to list until this year at the U.S. Open. And Nadal has won more Masters 1000 titles than anyone and has a winning record over all the top 20 players including Federer and Djokovic. Go Rafa!!!!! Win all the Grand Slams and another Olympic Gold Medal in 2016!!! Nadal is ALWAYS exciting to watch play because he plays with his heart as well as with AMAZING skill and talent!!! He has changed the sport of tennis in all positive ways and as no other player has done. What an OUTSTANDING athlete, person, and champion you are Rafa!!!

  3. #7 ranking is not bad at all for having the worst year in his career ! Rafa needs anew coach and then he can win slams next year ! If he continue to be stubborn and don’t take anew coach I’m sorry I don’t see anything new happening his game needs an overall of new strategies and tactics !

  4. With not many points to defend next year Rafa might turn out to be the darkhorse for all the grand slams to be played in the coming season with possibility of returning to his old dominating self and along with it the number one positon in the men’s atp ranking.

    • Agree w your inspiring message……..VAMOS !!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Everything is reachable & possible w Rafa’s AMAZING game & determination!!!!! : ) VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!! : ) : )

  5. Now he may be able to play in London at the end of the season! This is a goal of his!
    Rafa is getting better, I am happy for him. 🙂

  6. This is the worst season Rafa had since 2004(?), and he is still #7 in the world. I’m confident that he will come back strong next year (and he won’t have many points to defend). Go Rafa, always with you!

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