Rafa Roundup: No, Rafael Nadal didn’t refuse to play with Nick Kyrgios in NYC

Photo via Nike Court
Photo via Nike Court


“He’s done me a huge favor and I owe him one big time,” said McEnroe.  “He’s come here for nothing and it is very, very much appreciated.” In another exchange he added, “When you get to be stature of Rafael Nadal, you expect people to come up to you, even the older players, to pay respect to you. Rafael’s never been that type.”

“Nick Kyrgios is going to be playing doubles with me, along with my brother [Patrick] and Jonas Bjorkman,” McEnroe started. “I made a decision based on some of the ongoing stuff. While I want to be supportive of Nick and think he’s a tremendous talent…It would be better served for him at this particular time to maybe take a step back.”

Brad Gilbert: Obviously I root for the guy, I love the guy, but he’s struggled against the top 10 this year. I think he’s 2-7? Borna Coric isn’t an easy match to start with! Hopefully he gets through and gets to the second week but beating Coric isn’t going to be an easy task, he’s lost to him once before. At the French when Rafa and Djoker played in the quarter, you could see the showdown coming. Now, you just hope Rafa gets there.

At a cocktail party on Thursday at the New York Palace, Nadal told VF.com that when he’s in New York, heading to Broadway is one of his favorite things to do. He said he loves Phantom of the Opera so much that he’s seen it “like seven times.” Other shows on his must see list? “Les Misérables, Mamma Mia!, Lion King . . .”

“The year has been not ideal for me, but it’s not a disaster. It’s a little bit lower here, more ups and downs then the last 10 years probably. But I will work as hard as I can to come back and then in the right way,” he said.

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  1. PS: OLA Dear Rafa…. PLEASE…. PLEASE….. PLEASE….. SLEEP EXTRA EARLY TONIGHT & ALSO TAKE AN EXTRA NAP & actually sleep extra hour or two during the day tomorrow….. IT WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN RECHARGING YOUR GREAT POSITIVE ENERGY , FOCUS & WILL GIVE YOU EXTRA STRENGTH w EVERYTHING!!!!!! IT WILL BE INCREDIBLY INSTRUMENTAL HELPING EVERY ASPECT OF THE MATCH…… I am sure you know already but just wish to encourage you to do that since good solid Sleep is as basic as oxygen and the brain needs it as much as our muscles…….. I just read that your match will be the last one on Arthur Ash court……… scheduled for apx. 9 pm NYC TIME…………… as usual though, with all possible delays & possible extra sets of previous matches, your match is likely to begin much later than 9pm……..and so preparing w basic extra sleep will be so important!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PSS: Loved viewing the “Tommy X Nadal Infographics: Nadal by the numbers (via behance.net) ” …. AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!! : )
    Good night & sweet dreams!!!!!

  2. Knowing Rafael Nadal’s form he would never do anything like that, he was a guest at John McEnroe’s Foundation event. Glad that Jonh McEnroe clarified. How do the media get it so wrong? Facts should be established but journalism now is a lot about sensationalism! So pleased to see Rafael being such a hit in NYC. He has had a lot of fun and huge profile, a true global superstar but a grounded person. Wishing him loads of support and success in Flushing Meadows. Vamos Rafaaaaa

  3. After Kyrgios incident with Wawrinka, I personally called Mc Enroe’s Tennis Academy and spoke with a woman that answer the phone. I asked her if Mc Enroe could change the player playing with Rafa in the exhibition because Kyrgios is an unpleasant guy. The woman was very nice, took my name, and told me it was tool late. When I got there last Wednesday I was soooo please to see Lleyton Hewit!!! Of course it wasn’t Rafa, it must have been many people like me calling the Academy. Congrats to John, because he did the right thing. Salomonic decision.

    • Dear Rafa If you get to see Les Miserables you will love i.t one of the greatest theater performances ever been put on the stage a masterpiece Enjoy it Rafa

  4. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!! : ) : ) A pleasure to view all the clips from your NYC engagements & awesome promotions!!!!! Enjoy everything & have a fantastic time playing your first match tomorrow !!!!!! : ) VAMOS sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Looking forward to watching you on the court……..God bless you & have lots & lots of fun!!!!! : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why can’t the social media get it right? Journalists said Rafa refused to play doubles with Kyrgios they just love to start a FIRESTORM with Rafa in the middle. Even if Rafa did refuse, which he didn’t, well that would be his personal decision anyway. Rafa is one of the most logical, level headed, intelligent players on the tour. He is probably the best. They often drum up articles about Rafa that are either untrue, or totally out of context and only half true. VAMOS Rafa and Good Luck at the US Open during your first match with Borna Coric. God bless you. I love you. Marylynn

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