VIDEO: Rafael Nadal on his way to Hamburg

Earlier today, Rafael Nadal was seen at the airport in Mallorca. Before his flight to Hamburg, our champ gave an interview to local TV.

Best of luck in Germany! Vamos Rafa!

Video: IB3


  1. Me and my family is just returned from holliday in Mallorca. We saw Nadal training in Manacor + traveled on the same plane to Hamburg. Got pictures + autograf……

  2. I was wondering why I didn’t understand this, because I thought they spoke Spanish in Mallorca. I don’t speak Catalan; does anyone know what they said in this video? Gracias!

    Just found this on Wikipedia –

    Majorca’s own language is Catalan.[33] The two official languages of Majorca are Catalan and Spanish.[33] The local dialect of Catalan spoken in the island is mallorquí, with slightly different variants in most villages. Majorcan students are obliged to become bilingual in Catalan and Spanish, with some knowledge of English.

    In 2012, the governing party announced its intention to end preferential treatment for Catalan in the schools to bring parity to the two languages of the island. It is said that this could lead Majorcan Catalan to become extinct in the fairly near future, as it is being used currently in a situation of diglossia in favor of the Spanish language.[34]

  3. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!! : ) : ) We love your photos ….. thrilled you are playing in Germany!!! VAMOS & BEST WISHES…… have lots & lots of fun!!!! : ) God Bless you!!!:)

  4. Why do you look so tired n serious at the Airport when you were interviewed Rafa? I do hope you are in good health with no injuries. I pray for you Rafael n wish you all the luck in the world in your future quests. God bless you for the dear n good boy that you are. Vamoose Rafael in Hamburg. Your Aussie Abuela. 😊😊🎈🎈

  5. Wishing you all the best in Hamburg and it’s wonderful to see you back 🙂 VAMOS MY CHAMP for a successful tournament. Vamos Rafa!!

  6. Keep persevering Rafa, we all have to keep on keeping on,Love you and you can be very proud of yourself win or lose,you are a real gentleman.Love,Alaine Australia

  7. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing my beloved Rafa on the court again. Stay strong and always remember your fans are the most devoted and faithful.

    We all love you Rafa….unfailingly. Win this tournament; goodluck.

  8. Rafa may things turn around for you I am sure that they will and you will soon be at your best Good Luck and congratulations on your team Real Madrid on winning the European Championship against Manchester City in Melbourne Australia last night.
    No matter what you will always be champion to me and your many many fans

  9. VAMOSSSSSSSSSSS Rafa! I hope you win the tournament, love your tennis we miss you when you’re not in the groove!!
    Much success in the future, Rafa, the greatest ever! Suerte Cariño! Mi apoyo hasta siempre!!

  10. Great to see him back . Wishing him all. The best in Hamburg. Going next weekend so hoping to cheer for and support him there. Vamos Rafaaaaa

  11. Good to see, he is on his way back to competing, as I have said before he can only get better so the very best of luck to you Rafa and your tried and tested team. Vamos

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