The love boat Rafael Nadal and girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello


  1. Maria Francisca & Rafael are such a gorgeous couple…she is a Spanish Beauty & he is hunk!
    Can you imagine how good looking their children will be? But I think because RAFAEL compartmentalizes everything…he won’t marry until he has finished his career…in the meantime it wouldn’t hurt to become engaged…will we see a ring on MF’s finger? Will have to wait & see : )
    Luv U Babe…can’t wait to see you on court in Montreal…Vamos!

  2. Sooo good to see Rafa with his girl friend having a lovely time together ,,,,,at this point ,,,who cares about tennis ,mad long as they are happy together,,,,,,
    On the other hand ,,,,I can’t wait to see Rafa back on court and his winning ways return ,

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