Where does Rafael Nadal play next? Rafa’s 2015 summer schedule!

Here is Rafael Nadal’s summer schedule:

1. Hamburg (Germany): July 27 – August 2

Photo: Roland Magunia: AFP
Photo: Roland Magunia/AFP

2. Rogers Cup, Montreal (Canada): August 8-16

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3. Western & Southern Open, Cincinnati (USA): August 16-23

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4. US Open, New York: August 31 – September 13

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Good luck and Vamos Rafa!


  1. Rafa , I am one of your biggest fan. Your excitment, passion and love of the game is awesome . I can’t wait to see you play again because that is when tennis is at its
    best for me.Best of luck for the rest of the season..

  2. Rafael, I have just been watching some of your interviews on video, n John McInroe has been your greatest fan n stated you were the best player ever. It is a pleasure watching John interviewing you. You are a true gentleman n always so gracious n calm. He has now openly said “Rafa has to get another Coach”. No slur on Uncle Tony as John Mac has given him his fair share of praise. The top four have all taken on new coaches to help them beat you, n they have been successful, although injuries n ill health set you back. Luck was on their side! I have great respect for Roger Federer n I think he is a legend, but so are you Rafa. I am an old lady Rafael n I so look forward to seeing you playing for many more years. God bless you. Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abeula. 😊😊😊

  3. So happy to learn about Rafa’s 2015 summer schedule! Can’t wait to see him compete.
    Miss his passion and magnetism on the courts. There’s only one Rafa!!!

    Also loved the photos of his vacation with his buddies. So glad he enjoyed himself participating in all those water sports.

    I will definitely buy a ticket to the 2015 US Open on the days Rafa is in competition.

    Best wishes to Rafa and his team and family. Love them all!!


  5. I’m so happy to have Rafa play againg.Without you tennis is not fun.or the seme,my good wishes to the King of clay.the only one.Rafa.your fans in Tx.love you.good luck.VAMOSSS

  6. Mucha entereza, entrenamiento, ánimo, adelante y aunque esté mal dicho, a la usanza de aquí: Eres Él más mejor Rafaaaaaaaaaaa, Un fuerte abrazo desde Telde querido en Nuestras Islas Canarias de: C. Javier

  7. Yes, tennis is dull without Rafa. Rafa, you are still young. I would improve the number of points on your first serve. Also, please review videos – 2013 US Open, the Wawrinka and Novak match at this year’s French Open, the Federer – Murray match at Wimbleton.

    Michael Jordan stretched a lot to avoid injuries, so obviously Novak does a lot of stretching.
    I believe your hard court performance is almost as good as your clay performance.

    Novak used to struuggle with his serves with too many double faults. Without resolving his serve issue, he would not be at the top.

    We admire your successes and humility, and know you can continue to play well.

    Vamos Rafa, VAMOS! And stay healthy.

  8. Good luck Rafa, really hope this a new start and you get back to your brilliant best. Looking forward to you playing again.

  9. Have you n Uncle Tony brought in some extra assistance into your team Rafael? Please excuse me for asking. I hope you enjoyed your short break, having fun n relaxing with your loved ones. I pray for your return to your old self in your tennis but with a few new tricks n a strong serve. Your body took a beating with knee trouble, blisters under your feet, bad stomach upset during a tournament, peritonitis, wrist sprain, n a back problem! All this set you back, but you were No.I, King of Clay, n won all the big ones at a young age, n you can n will make a spectacular comeback. I am an old lady Rafa n I so look forward to watching you play. I do hope Foxtel Television give us here in Australia a more extensive coverage of Tennis Tournaments n we are able to see all your games. I am so sorry Spain withdrew from the Davis Cup! God Bless, Good Luck n VAMOS Rafael. Your Aussie Abuela. 😊😊😊

  10. Muita sorte RAFA, sucesso Deus te p´roteja, vai dar tudo certo, sem você o tênis fica sem luz, “VAMOS RAFA”.

  11. All good wishes to Rafael. Tennis is so dull without his vibrant presence . Vamos Rafaaaaaa

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