Rafael Nadal: “I lost and I’m sad”

Photo: ESPN Tennis
Photo: ESPN Tennis

“It’s a sad day. I accept it, I’ll go home and I won’t be happy tomorrow or the day after, but I am still keen to keep working and I will keep working. Defeat is a different feeling. You always have to accept defeat well.”

“I am going to every tournament with the right motivation, working well. I think I made all the things well to prepare here this tournament. It’s obvious that 2012 and 2013 were not an issue. I was not competitive. Too much problems on my knees. Last year and this year, no problems at all with my knees. So I was ready to compete. I lost. I don’t know if I will be back to the level of 2008 or 2010 or 2007 or 2006 or ’11.”

“My motivation is try to be back to that level. But I’m going to keep working on that. I didn’t hit three balls in a row the same way. Then when you need to hit that ball, extra ball, you don’t have the confidence to do it.  So that’s what happened.”

Source: Wimbledon Live Blog


  1. Rafa, you need to be as streaky and unpredictable as players like Dustin Brown and Gael Monfils. Keep players like them guessing as much as they keep you guessing and not knowing where to expect your balls. That is what they do and it works a lot of the time. Just watch them and develop a few unpredictable techniques of your own. It will befuddle them and you will win. I guarantee it. Good luck, dear Rafa.

  2. Hi Rafa,
    I’m a proud supporter and i share your emotions as you left the Wimbledon Tournament so soon.

    I can give you the promising and uplifting lines everyone slings, “Rafa, don’t worry you’ll get back on your feet, back to your winning ways” but the harsh reality is..you may not.

    For the sake of Tennis and being a Grand Ambassador of the game, please change your style of play. In Poker if your apponent can read you well chances are you’ve lost.

    Predictability is the word you through in a tennis ball container write the word on it and when you train look at it. This will remind you have a fresh approach to your game. A mind-set, which will drive you to a new player a new and regenerated Nadal.

    Finish games quicker, stop the long rally’s by giving your apponent the opportunity to get back into the game.
    I know it’s your style of play, just refocus all your energy to develop a new style with a deadlier finish.

    Good luck out there, I hope to see that new player soon…

  3. Rafa you tried so hard and we all support you.Like the lady above,I have had hours and hours of enjoyment of watching you play,and collect all your awards.
    God willing I will be seeing you in Melbourne Australia,in january,Love,AlaineXX

  4. Please understand this, find a new coach or bring it ti your team, uncle toni ypu should ask Rafa for that ASAP, do it or end like this

  5. My dearest Rafa: No pretense, I am sad for you and I am crying with you. I know that you were prepared to compete and prepared to win — I KNOW that. Yes I do, just as I know that you will be fine, I know you will . I know in my heart and soul that you will bite another grand slam trophy – I’m guessing 3 more. And yes, I am disappointed that it will not be the 2015 Wimbledon trophy, But I know that it will happen. You are a true sportsman, a Great tennis player, and a fine, sensitive young man. You are truly a great human being and I couldn’t be more fond of you. Just keep your positive attitude and trust in yourself – believe in yourself. You have no reason to lack confidence. You played great today even though you did not win. He was not as good as it may seem. Good, yes, but very often he was very lucky in many situations. I am not saying it was all luck because that would be silly, I am simply saying that quite often he was lucky. Enjoy your summer Rafa, and continue to be healthy in body and mind. You are my favorite tennis player, always have been always will be. You are the reasons I love tennis. God Bless you Rafa. I love you. Marylynn

  6. Rafa, you lost and I am sad too but you will always be my champion. There is always next time and when that times comes you’ll be there – to win. Besides, you need not prove anything else for you had done them all and won them all.

  7. Tennis is not the same without Nadal. Such a class player and great character of what a real athlete should be. Wimbledon will be less of what it stands for without Nadal

  8. Rafa! You are so amazing, win or lose you stand for so much more in your personality, talent and yes many majors that you have won. I have been following you for 10 years now and I know that you will carry on!! You are in the history books already and so fill yourself with your family, friends and your gorgeous love! Time will heal you and you will be back!!

  9. Yo también lo siento mucho y estoy muy triste, pero tengo mucha fé en que muy pronto vas a darnos muchas alegrías con tus triunfos. Eres un guerrero, un trabajador incansable en tus entrenamientos, te entregas en tus partidos, eres un gran deportista y una excelente persona. Vuélve a coger la confianza que te tenías antes de lesionarte y ya está… Tenemos Rafa para muchos, muchos años más y tus seguidoras te acompañaremos siempre. Vamos mi Matador … Vamos Rafa!!!!!

  10. I am profoundly sad , not because Rafa lost but because I can’t understand why he’s losing against players who are far far behind his ranking . Something is defenitely wrong And for thé first time since 11 years as a most devoted fan I’m desperate and tremendously sad ! Wish I could help him but I’m sure he himself doesn’t have the answer how to get out of this dilemma! Love you my Matador nevertheless !

  11. Mi rey Rafa, solo una pequeña sugerencia. No repitas mas que perdiste la confianza, me parece no es positivo para ti. Quiero tambien decirte que seràs siempre nuestro rey, ganes o pierdas, arrrrrrriba ese animo, tu volveràs, VAAAAAAMOOOOOOS!1! HIP HIP RAAAAAAAA, RAFA, RAFA, RA, RA, RAAAAAAAAA!

  12. Hard at time to take. But it wil make you harder and determined to get back to your best and back to No1. We will be all behind you all the way.

  13. Dont worry Rafael and dont be sad I think you try to hard you practice to much and to hard even before a game Go to the gym do running instead early morning relax for the rest of the day You will be back Rafa stronger than ever I will wait for you <3

  14. I know your loss today was extremely difficult, but please know that I, and your millions of fans throughout the world, will never cease to wish you well in ALL your tennis matches, no matter the outcome. You have captured our respect, hearts and loyalty for as long as you choose to compete on the tennis courts of the world. You stand tall in your sport based on the record you have achieved by hard work, a natural talent and the respect you have for your opponents, your team, your family and your millions of fans. No one has done it better than you, and we will ALWAYS root for you with respect and admiration. As an 87-year old grandmother, you’ve given me/us many hours of joy watching you play and I/we look forward to seeing you in future tournaments. VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  15. You certainly adapted your game, with more aces than I can remember, and it was a totally different game to what you normally play. Not much running, no long ralleys and you tried the drop volleys with some success, but sadly not enough. Vamos Rafa

  16. Keep going Rafa..remember who you are and what you have acheived……don’t overthink it
    just go out there and play from your heart…….mucho suerte xx

  17. Go home and enjoy the summer Rafa ,be strong in mind and spirit ,,and remember your loved all over the world by fans that will never desert you ,,,,,god bless you Rafa ,

  18. I am sure it will come right – certain. Let’s all keep the faith. In the meantime Rafa just know that you are much loved x

  19. I am so sorry, Rafa. It means so much to you to get back on track. But no matter what, I am always behind you. Have a nice glass of vino rojo with your beautiful girlfriend.

  20. Yo tambien estory triste y muy triste mi querido Rafa. Ya no sera lo mismo sin ti en Wimblendon 2015. Descansa y lo major de lo major. Mexico te quiere y esta abuela mucho mas. Tu eres mi campeon hoy y siempre. Sonrie.

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