VIDEO: Highlights Dustin Brown vs Rafael Nadal – Wimbledon 2015

Relive the moments of Dustin Brown’s upset win over No.10 seed Rafael Nadal in the second round at Wimbledon 2015.

Video: Wimbledon


  1. Rafa you played great my boy. Brown, however, at age 30 played the best game of his most unsuccessful Tennis career … like he had demons in him? As an old lady of nearly 80 years, I will bet London to a brick that the rest of the year will be a fantastic one for you. You are a Champion n a Gentleman n your family, friends n fans are all proud of you. I think John Mac. or the other commentator said … words to the effect “throw your racquet in frustration Rafa” n then John Mac said “but Rafa wouldn’t do that”. You are a Winner in every way Rafa. Been there, done that. Now let them play Catch Up, except for Roger who also is a Legend like you in your Era. Vamos Rafa. Have fun. Love your Aussie Abuela. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆxox

  2. Dear Rafael please stop sharing your heart and soul with the press who are vultures and just looking for a story at your expense. When they ask you about an opponent don’t build your opponent up by doing so you are allowing doubts to become a part of you. Words are spirit and life and what you are doing is speaking things into existence instead start speaking about yourself as geatness because that’s what you are. It now pride it’s building back what was torn down by of doubts. I love you and always will. Even though I only know you through you playing tennis you because of your character have taught me so much which I’m trying to instill in my three boys and my daughter. I must also commend your parents I think they have done a wonderful job with you don’t give up always with you rafa love and prayers

  3. I CAN’T believe that Rafa has lost again and against…whoever who probably will lose the next match. I hope that he gets his confidence soon, I know that his injuries and losses have effected him but come on!!!!! he could do better than he is doing, he just has to think how good he can play and just to win without to think on his past difficult times
    I hope the HC can brings him more happiness to him and to us,pleasssssse

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