Rafael Nadal: “I lost and I’m sad”

Photo: ESPN Tennis
Photo: ESPN Tennis

“It’s a sad day. I accept it, I’ll go home and I won’t be happy tomorrow or the day after, but I am still keen to keep working and I will keep working. Defeat is a different feeling. You always have to accept defeat well.”

“I am going to every tournament with the right motivation, working well. I think I made all the things well to prepare here this tournament. It’s obvious that 2012 and 2013 were not an issue. I was not competitive. Too much problems on my knees. Last year and this year, no problems at all with my knees. So I was ready to compete. I lost. I don’t know if I will be back to the level of 2008 or 2010 or 2007 or 2006 or ’11.”

“My motivation is try to be back to that level. But I’m going to keep working on that. I didn’t hit three balls in a row the same way. Then when you need to hit that ball, extra ball, you don’t have the confidence to do it.  So that’s what happened.”

Source: Wimbledon Live Blog


  1. Keep in mind Rafa did improve his game tremendously since he returned from injuries….including his serve, movement , speed of serving , fitness & over all play on grass! Keep positive inspiration & watch him move forward w his amazing skills & team!!!!
    VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!! : ) Enjoy your time off!!!!!!!!! : )

  2. I’m sad too…really really sad…i didn’t see Rafa improve his game since last year….As a fans …its really hard for me to accept Rafa loss early by qualyfier…I want to tell something to Rafa,uncle toni and Rafa’s team…please considered this….after 10 years Rafa is one of the best players in the world….every playershad been learned Rafa’s game, Rafa’s tactics and Rafa’s strategics and all about Rafa’s game…..and than they used ‘all of it’ to fight Rafa…and looked what hapened…: They did with quick and easilly…How terrible is…Sorry to say this but…….look Novak do…after to be one of top player , he realized soon that he must be improve his game with hired Borris Bekker without fired Marion Vajda,the man who bring him to the top of the world since he turn of tennis professional….and i think Rafa must do something like that…..if Rafa didn’t do it…i believe Rafa will be in trouble in his carreer….I’m so desperated…So wake and fight….Vamos Rafa.

  3. Todos estamos tristes, pero ahora buscar solusiones mi querido Rafa, eres increible, un verdadero champion, encuentrate a ti mismo y seria una magnifica solusion el Buscar a mas del Tio Tonny otro Coach. Te queremos

  4. My profoundest wish is that what I am about to write were not true–so sad, but true–Rafa is washed up.

  5. Rafa I have watched u play for years,such a excellent player, I am no expert in tennis playing,but mind u I have watched with your fans for these last months and something is now missing u aren’t playing with the love for the game ,maybe u need a new outlook someone besides your uncle tony to guide u forward,,look at Andy he is playing good tennis now ,best of luck to u,,luv ya rafa never give up,,,

  6. It is of course sad, but not the end. Praying really don’t helps but I do always for Rafa. He is my hero, great player and human being.

    Yesterday, I really wonder why Rafa seemed to be so not Rafa. The guy (brown) was playing furiously, great 1st & 2nd serve. He was not in a mood to have rallies but rather opted for drops and volleys which earned majority of his points. I guess why Rafa was standing so close to baseline while receiving serves ,which he doesn’t do often.
    Also the inside out forehand didn’t work when needed and he was broken so many times.

    I would really like to see Rafa on a winning rail once again. He has done it with uncle toni in the past. And am sure he will do and watch a greatest comeback ever in the history ..

    !Vamos Rafa!

  7. The Level the Tennis game is going currently doesn’t seems to favour particular person like Wawarinka won French Open while Djoker was favourit. Wawarinka toook persistence risk and sailed through.
    The trend is there are 2 level of play level 1 highest level of same persistence play and exploiting other player weakness example Nadal, Djokovic, Fedrer
    Level 2 play where a player take risk and plays an unimaginable game to surface above level 1 player example, Dustin Brow, Wawarinka etc.

    Though level 1 dominates more but trophies in future will go to level 2 player.

    Hence next level of play will be combo of level 1 & 2.

    Rafa, you have improved a lot in service game, now the only thing you require to master is innovation and innovation in new style mixed with old style…. Keep moving

  8. Marilyn, Dee, Mara n Arlene’s comments have said what is in my 79 yr old heart. I watched your game alone n I prayed so hard for you. I thought I was going to have a heart attack n I cried for you Rafa my dear boy at the end. Wimbledon is dull without you, n I think Wimbledon loves you as much as you love Wimbledon Rafa. I have followed your career for the last 13 yrs n I say once again I bet London to a brick you will make a fantastic comeback n win many more Masters. I ask God to grant you good health n save you from further injuries. I hope your publicity team show you your fan mail which will help you considerably right now when you are feeling so sad n down. Vamos Rafa. Love n God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela (I hope this is the right word for grandmother in Spanish?). 😀😄 🎈🎈🎈xox

  9. this morning I awoke and my firstst thought was for you do not be sad darling,.i think you have been given a horrible draw ,these apponennts. just do not play the game youdid god bless ou xx

  10. sorry you lost so early,but Dustin was relaxed, one reason he won,I feel you are too uptight and need some help from a motivational coach,.We love Uncle Tony as much as you but maybe he’s out of ideas in that field. ?
    Good luck for the rest of your career.

    • Mi querido Rafa. He estado muy triste este dia y me imagino como te sientes tu, perdiendo con el numero 110. No se que paso porque no soy una experta, pero creo que debes buscar a otra persona mas en tu coaching. Tu tio ha hecho buen trabajo, pero no te ha ido muy bien ultimamente. Lo vi en las filas y no emotion. Piensalo, tu y tu carrera estan antes que tu coach. TE QUIERO, RESPETO Y TODO EL DIA HE ESTADO SUPER TRISTE. PARA MI WIMBLEDON ACABO AYER. NO ME IMPORTA QUIEN GANE ESTA VEZ. Tu siempre has sido mi favorito desde hace muchos anicos y me siento mucho muy triste. Animo campeon. Todos te queremos por tu carisma, sencillez y para mi siempre seras mejor. Tu abuela postiza que te quiere mucho y Mexico tambien. Piensa lo que te digo.

    • Nadal is tense and uptight during his matches cuz he’s not bringing anything new to his game, which no longer works. Get a new coach man!

  11. If Roger Federer done it you can and he is a few years older than you are. Chin up and look around you; you have been the greatest and will always be.So no sadness young Rafa! Finance motivates some people for that once because it is a necessity but then its not important for everyone. Vamos Rafa.

  12. I cannot agree more on what Marylynn, time:4:14am wrote (from her heart) this morning! I feel exactly like her, Rafa. You are such a special young man. You have to believe in yourself again. We know you can do it. You have it all in you! Never stop believing in yourself!! We are looking forward to many more performances from you. You make us love to watch tennis! Look after your body.

  13. Rafa.. a sad day indeed.. not for the loss but the way u r loosing… time for an honest introspection on technique n fitness.. sure u will comeback much stronger to be the all time greatest champion of Tennis…

  14. Dear Rafa Im ur dieheart fan(P.Srinivasulu).If you don’t mind,please work on your concentration level,confidence level.Ur the champion of all time but this year is most miserable for u and ur fans.We r hurting alot our champ is not performing upto the mark
    but is very painful to you as well.Rafa please enhance the spirit of game & passion
    towards towards within you.Im observing that for the past one year ur not into the
    game with intense passion.Please you could surpass Federer ‘s record 17 major if
    u work it out properly.There is no player like you with character and talent,you should be
    physically and mental fit then u will achieve rest of the things Rafa………………………
    Please come to US Open 2015 with new spirited Rafa…………….All the Best………….

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