VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Andrey Kuznetsov highlights (3rd round) – 2015 French Open

Rafael Nadal took on Andrey Kuznetsov in the third round of the French Open. Catch up with the pick of the action now.

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Let’s face it !
    Rafa lost the match against Djokovic.
    I will not offer pathetic wishes for better luck in the future.
    Rafa lost and he is deeply hurt.
    But let’s face what perhaps is by far more important:
    A lesson in proportions (Nadal keeps it real) : “I have to be prepared for what is coming,
    my life, my career and go on”.
    A lesson in modesty. (He was better than me, Nadal said. That’s it. It’s very simple.)
    A lesson of courage.”The grass season is more difficult for me but I have more time to prepare etc.”.
    A lesson in perseverance: Accept set-backs WITHOUT excuses BUT never give up.”I will try to take advantage of this second part of the year to add up more points…etc.”.
    How much more important an overall contribution it is.
    What an exceptional model, especially for young people to emulate.
    Beyond boundaries of age, gender, race, color of skin, religion, social, geographic, politic, cultural, financial, physical and/or mental abilities and whatever else that ARTIFICIALLY divide the human race, here, outstanding, is a man that should serve as a model to all.
    Tennis can act as the perfect active ingredient for promoting the mutual acceptance that brings people together.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Our TV service of French Open has been pretty awful, here in Winnipeg, Canada. I do wAtch at. 3am which is fair enough, that is the time difference. The selection of games is wierd, Very few top ten player matches have been show in their entirity. We just get very brief updates of concurrent matches and are totally at the mercy of the Sports Network feed to our local stations. However we have every faith in our Rafa here ….he will win.

  3. Very frustrating RG keeps removing the embedded videos. To make matters worse, my older Mac won’t play anything from the RG site this year. That said, I paid TC monthly charge to even get to see this great match by our Champ; well worth it!!! But still frustrating. Free streaming wasn’t working either . . .

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