Rafael Nadal Awarded Great Vermeil Medal of the City of Paris

(EFE) Rafael Nadal has been termed “the most Parisian of the Mallorcans,” by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, upon receiving the Grand Vermeil, the highest honour the city can bestow.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said: “Nadal has marked and continues to mark the history of Paris. The history of Roland Garros cannot be written without Rafael Nadal.” Hidalgo added that Rafa has been “an exemplary champion who has always maintained his humility.”

Our champ thanked the city for the honour, describing Paris as the “most important city” in his career, and the one where he “came of age as a sportsman.”

Congrats Rafa!

Source: as.com


  1. I heartily agree with the other commentators in suggesting that Center Court be named the Rafael Nadal Court! Congratulations, Rafa, for having won this most deserved honor, and I wish you much success in winning your Tenth French Open!!! VAMOS, RAFA!

  2. Yo adoro a Rafa y no es que sea una jovencita , tengo 81años me gusta mucho el tenis . Rafa es un gran jugador , para my el mejor y como persona buenisimo , que tenga suerte y gane Paris el puede hacerlo tiene una inteligencia increible , que no gana no pasa nada ,lo sentiria por el pero yo le seguire queriendo igual

  3. A fitting honour for a man who has ruled in Roland Garros and demonstrated all that is best in dignity and sportsmanship.

  4. so well deserved , he is such a gentleman, and a good example to all sports people the world over , well done, Rafa, vamos!!

  5. We should pray for you to have excellent
    health to win the RG 10 TH TIME. ALL THE BEST RAFA .

  6. Congrats Rafa, people of Paris love you, just a few ones with very bad taste don’t . I’m sure you are ready for the 10, you just need to play like you know, that’s all

  7. Congrats Rafa. He looks so happy at the photos. Good luck for #10! You can do it! We are all behind you. Love you Rafa!

  8. Yes, Centre Court needs to be renamed Rafael Nadal Centre Court, officially and forever!

  9. Good, but the best Paris can give Rafael Nadal is to one of the tennis court at Roland Garros after him.

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