INTERVIEW: Rafael Nadal talks about his 2005 Roland Garros victory [VIDEO]

9 time French Open winner Rafael Nadal goes down memory lane at Roland Garros. Episode 1: his 2005 victory.

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Rafa you can do it ! you still have great passion and I pray that you can have good health and strength to pull through with this one ! Keep positive enjoy your game ! don’t worry about the opponent ! They know you are the beast and you roar the loudest on court ! Come on Rafa you are the best ! you can win this one ! Fight to the end ! I’ll be cheering you on from Toronto.

  2. Rafa’s mental and physical game will be suffucient enough to overcome all difficulties when he will turn 29 at 3rd of june because almost every tennis player who crown big trophies faced lean patch when they turns 28. So rafa’s play will most dangerous at 29.Beware of that.
    Vamos rafa!!

  3. A prophet (known for may accurate predictions) in Nigeria has predicted that Rafael Nadal will not triumph at this year’s French Open, which commences next week in Paris. The prophet, however, stopped short of predicting who will emerge as the winner. He only stressed that a new and unexpected champion will emerge!

    The prophet further stated that Rafa Nadal is destined to win Roland Garros next year and at least 2 more majors before calling it a day in Tennis.

    To all Rafa fans, I say, let’s rejoice, afterall Rafa will reclaim his title next year.

  4. I could never love Novak no matter how much he’s wiining these past months. My geart belongs to Rafa, win or lose. This man’s passion for tenn is beyond compare. When I watch him play, I get giddy like a teenager. When his tears fall on a victory, I’m already sobbing. Rafa owns my heart. Te amo, Rafael Vamos. May you raise that RG trophy for the 10th time again..

  5. You were you are and will be the best remembered tennis player of all time’s. I always believe in u and no matter what when u play excitement is always there. How dare this people, media etc. criticize you. Go and play see how far u go than judge others.
    God bless you Rafa you are the BEST!!!!?

  6. What a great mistake to make Rafael Nadal Fans!!! I hope you have predicted the future!!! Vamos Rafa!!!

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