WATCH: Interview with Rafael Nadal – Madrid Open 2015

Rafael Nadal, a four-time champion at the Mutua Madrid Open, looks ahead to a week in the Spanish capital.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Sorry, I ment my msg to be directed at Taiwo! But anyway, the important thing is that we ALL love the same man!!! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA …!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Janice, be “behind him” means that we are all there pushing him forward with all our VAMOSING and all our love! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA , VAAAMOOOSSS …VAAAMOOOSSS … VAAAMOOOSSS … VAAAMOOOSSS …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We are all behind you Rafa, just do your best, we will love you for ever, no matter what.

    • Janice Gray, you’re ever so wrong………. We are not behind Rafa; we are WITH him!

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