Rafael Nadal practices at Madrid Open [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

A few photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice today.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa is the fans favourite wherever he goes look at this video and many others everyone wants to see him and get autographs ! Love him and every player wants to be where Rafa is so everyone will try their utmost best to beat him in a game ! Rafa needs a new coach Uncle Tony has nothing new for Rafa to surprise his opponents they all learnt his game and it’s easy to beat him now. I love and will always support Rafa ! Good Luck Rafa !

  2. Although Novak is not playing in this one, there are still players that can hurt Nadal.

    Nadal needs to watch out for the following ”dark horse” players – Nick Kyrgios, Fabio Fognini, Martin Klitzan, Feliciano Lopez & Fernando Verdasco.

    Other real challengers are Andy Murray and Roger Federer.

  3. A certain someone may be #1 by one standard, but it is obvious who is #1 where it really matters.

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