Rafael Nadal receives the Gold Medal of Merit in Work [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal received the Gold Medal of Merit in Work today at a ceremony held in Madrid.

Rafael Nadal: “I never imagined getting a medal like this at such an important place for our country as this. I am very grateful. I always try to give all I have in everything I do. I think this has been one of the keys to my success in my sports career. This has been a time of highs and lows, lets hope that with the daily work I am doing I can recover my stability and the path to victory.”

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the medal was to honour Rafa’s “hard work, demanding standards, enthusiasm, balance, modesty, for having his feet on the ground.”

Congratulations Rafa!

Source: AFP/Yahoo, Video: MostlySport


  1. Congratulations! You are lucky men, because you work very hard and you will always be in our hearts.

  2. Great stuff. You are a great for the sport and we love you too. Best wishes for the rest of the season Rafa.

  3. Rafa I support you through the good times and the tough times. Good luck and God be with you and your special family and your beautiful girlfriend.

  4. Hurrah Rafa It could not have gone to a more deserving person, Very happy for you and all the very best of Luck in Madrid Vamos Rafa

  5. Ola dear Rafa : ) & massive Congratulations for this magnificent honor !!! wow….very special ….. You bring so much pride & goodness to Spain & to the Spanish people!!! : ) Pretty mighty impressive the way you brought Tennis regard & interest to Latin American Countries, and to be further honored for your good character & distinct work ethics is quite something!!! Vamos Rafa!!!! : ) Lovely photos of you w Spain Prime minister & his wife… Best wishes to you & your parents….they must be so mighty proud of you, their precious son!!!: ) Have a great time & enjoy!!!! : ) : )

  6. Congrats to Rafa ! He captured my attention to love tennis and will always admire and support him ! May god continue to bless him with health, strength and happiness !

  7. Rafa just always pulls at my heart strings. A well deserved honour for an honourable gentleman. Congrats Rafa.

  8. Me alegro muy mucho por el merecido reconocimiento a una extraordinaria labor de el/para y por el deporte que ha situado a nuestro País en el alto lugar desde el podio sobre el que en tantas ocasiones haz ascendido por propio merito. Desde Canarias a nuestro Campeón de talla Inter-Continental, con mi total admiración y afecto. C. Javier

  9. Congratulations Rafa. We the fans love you for what you are – a simple, humble, sporting and caring human being. You are the best in all sportsmanship. Vamos Rafa.

    • Thank you Diane . I have followed sport all my life and no other sports person has captured my support like Rafael Nadal. A beautiful person, sport reveals so much about a person, strengths and frailties. His innate niceness comes through. Warm regards to a fellow ” Raftan “

  10. Congratulations to wonderful Rafael . With this honour and the impending Doctorate, renewal of Kia sponsorship and new sponsorships this surely must give the strong message of support to him . Let it bring back fully the quality that has always been one of his strongest weapons; mental strength . All support to Rafael

  11. Well done Rafa! Congratulations! For the last 10 years you are the King and everyone can see that ,at any level,at any work! You are the same in our mind and heart!

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